Need more Mad Max after watching Furiosa? Grab this underrated PC gem for less than $4

The fifth installment of the Mad Max movie franchise, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, has recently hit theatres to much critical acclaim and fan praise. If you're looking to experience more Mad Max after watching the movie, then Avalanche Studios' Mad Max (2015) is for you and the PC version is on special offer at CDKeys.

Normally this game is sold at an MSRP of $20.49 but with CDKeys' deal, you will only have to pay $3.79 for the PC version of Mad Max (2015), which is an absolute steal of a bargain.

Mad Max (2015) | was $20.49now $3.79 at CDKeys

Mad Max (2015) | was $20.49 now $3.79 at CDKeys

Drive across a post-apocalyptic wasteland and fend off psychotic raiders to find the Plains of Silence to finally achieve solace in Mad Max (2015).

💰Price check: $15.99 at GreenManGaming (Steam) | $19.59 at Walmart (Xbox)

Perfect for: Fans of the Mad Max movies and open-world action-adventure games with fun vehicular combat

Avoid if: You prefer more linear action games instead of open-world ones, and if you are not a fan of post-apocalyptic settings.

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Why should you buy Mad Max (2015) in 2024?

While it may rough around the edges, Mad Max (2015) has some excellent qualities hidden underneath for Mad Max fans (Image credit: Warner Bros. Games)

Back in 2015, Avalanche Studios made Mad Max (2015), a video game adaptation of the Mad Max movie franchise that came out in the wake of the critically acclaimed movie, Mad Max: Fury Road.

The game has you play as the titular main character, Max as he continues struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and searching for the legendary Plains of Silence, hoping it will finally bring him inner peace. This is easier said than done, as the player will need to scavenge for supplies to keep their car running and defend themselves from bloodthirsty bandits looking to pillage them.

We reviewed Mad Max (2015) back in 2018 and noted out while this open-world action-adventure game has a lot of flaws, it has exceptional qualities that help it shine as one of the better video game movie adaptions. 

For instance, this game nails the setting of the Mad Max movies. The world is an immersive and cruel, barren wasteland littered with the scrapped remains of human civilization and wracked with terrifying and unpredictable sandstorms that will reward players with loot should they be brave enough to drive through it.

Upgrade the Magnum Opus car to became an instrument of mass destruction. (Image credit: Warner Bros. Games)

Another amazing feature of Mad Max (2015) is the vehicular combat. Taking on gangs of bandits using your heavily armed car (nicknamed the Magnum Opus) is incredibly fun, especially when you start upgrading with weapons that will unleash explosive destruction.

Unfortunately, the high points of this game come with major caveats. The story is somewhat shallow, the game has an unintuitive control scheme, and the side-quests get repetitive after a short while. Even the game's Batman: Arkham Asylum-inspired melee combat gets repetitious, despite how brutally satisfying it is to break your opponent's bones. 

It may not be one of the best PC games or best Xbox games, but there is still plenty of fun to be had in Mad Max (2015) if you can look past its flaws, especially if you're a fan of the Mad Max movies.

It's also the best time to buy Mad Max (2015) as the PC version is on sale thanks to this sweet 81% discount deal from CDKeys that has reduced its MSRP from $20.49 to $3.79. However, this deal won't last long, so hop into your Magnum Opus and drive on to take advantage of this deal before raiders loot it first.

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