Overwatch 2: How to get Competitive Points, and how to spend them

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There are multiple different currencies available to earn and use in Overwatch 2, with one of them being Competitive Points. These are needed in order to purchase some specific types of rewards, but for new Overwatch players, it's not immediately clear how you can earn them or what you can spend them on.

In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about Competitive Points in Overwatch 2, including how you can earn them, what they're for, and how you can spend them once you've acquired them.

How to get Competitive Points in Overwatch 2

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As you may have guessed by their name, Competitive Points are a currency that can only be obtained while playing Overwatch 2's ranked Competitive play mode. While playing Competitive, you'll earn 15 Competitive Points for every game you win and five Competitive points for every match you draw. You'll earn no Competitive Points for losses, encouraging players to try their hardest and do their best.

You'll also earn large amounts of Competitive Points at the end of each Competitive season, with the amount of currency awarded dependent on the rank you ended the season in. Below, you'll find a list that goes over how many Competitive Points players in each rank will get.

  • Bronze: 65 Competitive Points
  • Silver: 125 Competitive Points
  • Gold: 250 Competitive Points
  • Platinum: 500 Competitive Points
  • Diamond: 750 Competitive Points
  • Master: 1,200 Competitive Points
  • Grandmaster: 1,750 Competitive Points

Overwatch 2: How to spend Competitive Points

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While both Overwatch Coins and Legacy Credits can be spent on a variety of cosmetics like skins, emotes, weapon charms, and more, Competitive Points are unique in that they're only used to unlock golden weapons for each hero. These weapons don't offer any advantages in gameplay, but their shiny gold finish allows players to show off their Competitive experience.

Every golden weapon in Overwatch 2 costs 3,000 Competitive Points, meaning that it will take a fairly long time to earn enough Competitive Points to get every golden weapon available. Players that play often and rank highly will be able to earn Competitive Points significantly faster than those that don't, though.

Once you have enough Competitive Points to purchase a golden weapon, you can do so by going to the Hero Gallery, selecting the hero you want a golden weapon for, selecting the Weapons tab, and then unlocking the golden weapon from the menu. Note that golden weapon purchases can't be refunded or undone, so think carefully about the hero you choose to get one for.

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