Palworld: Digitoise locations and how to catch

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Most of the top-tier worker Pals in Pocketpair's new Ark: Survival Evolved-like survival game Palworld aren't feasibly obtainable until the late-game, but one notable exception to this rule is the Ground-type turtle Digtoise. Despite having exceptional endgame-level Mining capabilities with Level 3 in that work skill as well as a fantastic active ability that'll help you quickly collect Ore while exploring the open world, it's a Pal you can easily acquire right at the start of the mid-game. However, it only spawns in a few specific spots, and can be hard to capture if you're not adequately prepared.

Trying to nab a few Digtoise for yourself? In this guide, I go over everything you'll need to know so you can get them without too much trouble. That includes Digtoise's spawn locations on the Palworld map, as well as how you can effectively catch this Pal.

Palworld: Digitoise locations and where to find

You'll find Digtoise in the two desert areas within the red circles in the image above. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The easiest place to find Digtoise is in the small desert region at coordinates (-140, -100). The Digtoise here are Level 19-22, making them a Pal you can catch very early on in your Palworld adventure. Just make sure you avoid the Level 47 Anubis Alpha Pal miniboss in the center of the area, as you'll have no chance against it until much later.

You can also find Digtoise in the large desert continent in the northeastern section of the map, at (400, 300). These Digtoise (and other Pals in the area, too) will be Level 36-39 or so, so you'll be in for a tougher fight and will likely need Hyper or Ultra-level Pal Spheres to capture them.

Note that in both of these areas, you'll need heat-resistant clothing to ensure you won't take damage from the scorching hot sun. Heat-resistant versions of every piece of body armor in the game exist, and can be made with Flame Organs along with all the materials you'd need to craft the standard ones. Flame Organs can drop from Fire-type Pals when they're caught or killed, or can be farmed by assigning a Fire-type Pal to a Ranch.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in both of the locations where Digtoise spawns, it's a rare sight, so you might be looking for several minutes or more. I recommend getting on a flying mount so you can quickly and efficiently search the sand dunes; if you're on foot, you might be wandering around for a long time.

Palworld: How to catch Digtoise

Digtoise mainly attacks by hiding inside its spiked shell and charging at you while spinning rapidly. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Compared to many other high-tier Pals, Digtoise isn't too difficult to fight. With that said, it's very tanky, and one of its two attacks, while easy to dodge, hits like an absolute truck if you get caught by it.

Here's how I recommend preparing for the battle to capture Digtoise, as well as how I like to go about doing it. Follow these tips, suggestions, and strategies, and Digtoise will be yours in no time.

  • Bring along a Grass-type Pal. Ground-types like Digtoise take more damage from Grass attacks and their Ground moves deal less damage against Grass-types, so take advantage of that. Dinossom and Caprity are both excellent early game Grass Pals.
  • Use a Bow or Crossbow, and stick to medium range. Digtoise's attacks are only threatening if you're close to it.
  • Aim for Digtoise's body under its shell, and not at the shell itself. You'll do significantly less damage if you hit the shell, essentially wasting your ammo.
  • Dodge to the side to avoid Digtoise's shotgun-like rock sling attack. From mid-range, most of these won't hit anyway, but you should still dodge to avoid the few that will.
  • When Digtoise goes into its shell and starts spinning towards you, strafe or dodge to the side, then go behind it. This attack hits extremely hard, but is easy to avoid, and also gives you an opportunity to flank it for a bonus to your capture chance.
  • Throw your Pal Sphere at it when it's at low health, and ideally when you're behind it. You should have a very good chance of catching it at this point, especially if you're using a Mega Sphere (or more advanced ones, for high-level Digtoise). Keep throwing Pal Spheres if necessary until you capture it.

Follow these guidelines, and you'll have yourself some hard-working Digtoise miners. I strongly recommend putting them in the Palworld bases you've got set up at the best Ore locations, as they'll mine through all of it very quickly as it respawns. Having one at your main base to mine tons of Stone from your Stone Pit isn't a bad idea, either.

Palworld is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, and Windows PC via either the Microsoft Store or Steam. It's quickly become one of the best Xbox games and best PC games of 2024 so far, and it's also playable through Xbox Game Pass.

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