Palworld Dungeons and where to find them

Dungeons in Palworld
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Palworld dungeons are ripe for looting, all 135 of them. Yes really. Palworld dungeons seem very much a work in progress at the moment, all following a similar pattern and content, but as would be expected of an Early Access title, we're sure they will be built upon in future updates.  

That doesn't mean they aren't worth exploring though, there's still treasure to be found and powerful Pals waiting for you at every dungeon's end. To capture and bludgeon? Your choice. Here's your guide to locating all the Palworld dungeons, along with recommended levels and practical tips gathered from my journey.

Palworld: Dungeons level 1-20

Windswept Hills, Marsh Island and Eastern Wild Island

From left to right: Windswept Hills, Marsh Island and Eastern Wild Island. (Image credit:

The areas indicated above are recommended for levels 1-20 in your Palworld journey. Players starting from the Plateau of Beginnings will already be familiar with the Windswept Hills, but you can also safely explore to the right and left of this starting area for additional dungeon-hunting opportunities.

You can also explore the Sea Breeze Reef and Beach at the Southern part of the map for dungeons at the indicated markers.

Forgotten Island and Ice Wind Island 

Forgotten Island and Ice Wind Island (Image credit:

While playing solo, you will always start at the Plateau of Beginnings, if you're joining another player's server or reviving from death, you can choose to spawn anywhere on the map. That's how some players have discovered another low-level area to explore. Both the Forgotten Island and Ice Wind Island are located on the West of the map. Ice Wind Island may sound chilly, but warm clothes are only necessary in specific regions.

Palworld: Dungeons level 21-40

Mountain Central Forests

The centre of the map should be safe for levels 21-40 (Image credit:

The heart of the map, rich in resources and shrouded in forests, harbors dungeons and Pals ranging from levels 21-40.

Palworld: Dungeons level 40+

Northern Snowy and Desert areas

(Image credit:

You're in the endgame now, only brave these dungeons if you're level 40 and above, well-equipped, and appropriately attired.

Volcano (Mount Obsidian)

Volcanic area in Palworld is recommended over level 40 only so these dungeons will be tough (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

It's Mount Doom, its Caelid, it's the place the shadow falls. Basically, these dungeons will give you a run for your money, so ensure you're well-prepared before venturing into this challenging region.

Palworld: Dungeon tips

I'm still early on in my Palworld journey and have only done a handful of dungeons, but they all seem very similar in map layout and enemy density so far (which is thin), this may change as I get closer to the higher-level areas but right now, it seems that the Dungeon system is something that will be built upon more as we move through the stages of Early Access with the game.

If you haven't tried a dungeon yet because you are worried about losing your equipment, don't worry, if you die inside your loot will drop outside the door for you to come back and collect.

Here are some other tips I've picked up so far:

Be level aware

Each dungeon you come across on the map will have a clear indication at the entrance of what level of enemies you should expect to encounter inside. To test this, at level 7 I entered a level 13 dungeon, and while I could easily mow through the first few areas of enemies I ultimately couldn't beat or capture the final Pal Boss. 


There are 3 paths and you will want to explore the left and right first in the Palworld dungeon. (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

When entering the dungeon, you'll generally first encounter an open area with some lower-level mobs. In my case, this level 13 dungeon had some level 8 thugs near the entrance that were easy to 'despatch'. After that initial area you'll come to a circular room with 3 paths to take. If you go forwards you'll be heading towards the exit, so you'll want to fully explore the rooms to the left and right (green arrows) first for potential treasure chests and Pals to capture. You can then return to this room to head for the red arrow.

The final door will have a room to explore on the left, and the right will be the Boss and exit from the Palworld dungeon (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

Once you've explored those paths and head under the archway you'll face a fork in the cave. Do not head right first as this is the exit, explore the left.

Once you return to this fork you can take the right path and meet the Dungeon boss.

Keep your eyes peeled for treasure

Palworld dungeon treasure (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

The dungeons are pretty bare bones right now, but there are a few treasure chests littered around the rooms and it's easy to miss them amongst the glowing mushrooms and coral. Keep those beady eyes open.

The final dungeon boss

The final Palworld Dungeon boss will be a powerful Pal (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

So far in my experience, the final boss has been a jumbo Pal with minions to fight. In this example, I'm fighting a giant Pengullet and some more reasonable sized Pengullets. You can capture the dungeon boss so you might want to concentrate on the minions first, then beat the boss down (remembering to put your Pal away before they deal the final blow.) Once you've beaten or captured this boss, you'll be able to leave. A teleport will greet you at the exit and two treasure chests. 

Make the most of third party tools and websites

I couldn't have got the map images for this guide without the amazing work done over at This interactive map shows Respawn Points, Fast Travel points, Lifmunk Effigies and more on one huge webpage. While I've broke it down into levelling appropriate areas, you may want to see the map and zoom in and out as required so head there or check out our Where to find specific Pals guide for more third-party tools.

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