Extensive ROG Ally Q&A covers concerns about sticky buttons, low TDP performance, upgrading SSD, and more

What you need to know

  • ASUS recently held a lengthy Q&A that focused on the ROG Ally.
  • The video covers new features that will be added before launch, ASUS fixing faults found by reviewers, and future support for the handheld gaming console.
  • The ASUS ROG Ally is available for preorder now and will start shipping on June 13, 2023.

The ROG Ally is a highly anticipated handheld gaming console from ASUS. The portable PC is available for preorder now and will launch on June 13, 2023. While the ROG Ally has impressive specs, including an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, a 120Hz 1080p display, and support for a large library of games, initial reviews of the device raised questions.

Battery life of the ROG Ally was not impressive. Some reviewers ran into buttons sticking as well. ASUS appears to have heard feedback from reviewers and addressed several concerns. The latest episode of ROG Pulse focuses on the ROG Ally for almost an hour.

Hosts Jake Kulinski and Whitson Gordon run through how ASUS will support the ROG Ally going forward and which features will be added to the device before it ships to consumers. They also cover the button sticking seen by reviewers as well as issues seen by some when the ROG Ally was running at low TDP.

Reddit user weforgot made a handy summary of highlights from the video:

  • Game optimization with help from game developers
  • Game to game settings through Armory Crate
  • New features that are getting added before launch
  • Asus watching all the reviews and adding and fixing features
  • Button sticking will be fixed on release models and reviews will get new ones
  • The system has gyro for games that support it
  • Fixing the weirdness at low TDP that some people found
  • Being committed to keeping the system tuned.
  • Upgradable SSD is easy
  • They want to do a live teardown on a stream before launch

The video seems to have quelled concerns from some who want to preorder the ROG Ally.

"Honestly the sticking buttons was the only thing I was concerned about. I figured if they mentioned that prior to the release that it would be fixed for retail versions anyway, but it’s good to have clarification," said Reddit user topherware92.

"Everything else is software related that can be fixed with updates. I’m excited to get my hands on one."

ANewErra added in a comment, "very happy with the live stream. If they keep true to this and keep the support and updates coming WHILE listening to our feedback this could have some awesome potential. ( Well it already has awesome potential but you catch my drift 😎) June 13th can't come sooner dude!!"

We'll keep a close eye on ROG Ally developments to see how ASUS improves the console leading up to and after its launch.

ROG Ally Gaming Handheld

ROG Ally Gaming Handheld

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