The latest World of Warcraft: Dragonflight update gets a release date

World of Warcraft:Dragonflight Fractures in Time update reveal
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What you need to know

  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is an MMORPG from Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Patch 10.1.5, titled Fractures in Time, will bring about plenty of new features and changes to the game.
  • Players can expect the new patch to go live on July 11

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players have plenty to look forward to as Blizzard announces update 10.1.5, titled Fractures in Time. The new patch will launch on July 11 and bring big changes like new class specializations, a brand-new Mega-Dungeon, and much-needed class balances to the game. 

According to Blizzard, players can expect to see a continued assault on the Scalecommander Sarkareth by the Champions of Azeroth in the once-secret laboratory of Aberrus in the Zaralek Cavern beneath the Dragon Isles. Fractures of Time is expected to unleash an all-new threat from the Infinite Dragonflight into the game. 

The Infinite Dragonflight has worked tirelessly to trigger the transformation of Nozdormu, The Aspect of Time, into Murozond. It is up to players to tackle the brand-new 8-boss Mythic-only mega-dungeon to travel across the timeways and stop the Infinite Dragonflight from succeeding. Their travels will also bring them face-to-face with the Iridikron for the first time.

To help with the new mega-dungeon, players can also expect an all-new class specialization. Augmentation Evoker is a brand-new damage Evoker specialization that will focus the powers of the Bronze Dragonflight and the Black Dragonflight to aid their allies by serving as a damage booster for their group with various buffs that can be sustained by dealing additional damage. The Augmentation Evoker has the special privilege of being the first "support" specialization within WoW. 

Of course, with a new class specialization and the update comes the need for class balancing and tuning. Players can expect all classes to undergo some changes. At the same time, Warlocks, in particular, will be expanded as a class for all remaining non-Dracthyr races, including Night Elves, Draenaei, Pandaren, and Tauren.  

Players will also be able to spend their time with Dragonflight carrying out new daily activities, such as the Whelp Daycare which will allow you to lend a hand at the whelpling nursery in Valdrakken. By carrying out certain tasks, including dragonriding, players will help to raise different whelps which will earn additional pets for the players' collection. Time Rifts will also appear in Thaldraszus where players will need to fight back invaders from other timelines to earn rewards, including alt catch-up gear, mounts, transmogs and more.

More information and updates to the PTR for Fractures in Time will be posted on the Blizzard in Development forums as well as the World of Warcraft website

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is published by Blizzard, part of Activision Blizzard King, which Microsoft is currently trying to purchase for a record-setting $68.7 billion. The deal is currently trapped in the US legal system due to FTC scrutiny and was completely rejected by the UK's CMA regulatory body, while other countries, including the EU and Brazil, have already given it the green light to close.

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