Take $50 off Thrustmaster's T248X racing wheel before this sale crosses the finish line

Thrustmaster racing wheel
(Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

You can get the Thrustmaster T248X racing wheel on sale for just $349.99 at Amazon right now, and that's a great deal considering it rarely drops from that $400 MSRP. In fact, it has only dropped from its regular price twice in its lifetime. 

This deal is actually just a price match on Amazon. It is part of a larger End of Summer sale happening through the Thrustmaster website that includes a variety of other gaming accessories, including the PlayStation version of the T248 wheel for the same price. The sale is set to end on August 28, which will probably be when this deal expires if it doesn't sell out sooner than that.

Thrustmaster T248X racing wheel $400 $349.99 at Amazon

Thrustmaster T248X racing wheel $400 $349.99 at Amazon

This version of the T248 racing wheel that's designed to be similar to Xbox and compatible with both Xbox and PC is relatively new. It does not go on sale much, so today's price is a nice bargain if you're into racing games.

Ben Wilson gave the T248X racing wheel 4.5 stars out of 5 in his review you can read here. He said it "is a fantastic choice for practically anyone looking to pick up a replacement racing wheel or enter the scene for the first time." He also liked how easy it was to set up with a wheel clamp that can adhere to the surface of your desk. 

Obviously you get a racing wheel here, but you also get up to 25 action buttons with two dual-position encoders. You can make everything happen no matter what game you happen to be playing. Plus there's an interactive racing dashboard with 20 different displays to choose from. The Force Feedback lets you feel every turn and skid and bump along the road and can also be adjusted. 

The included pedal set has four pressure modes for the brake and allows for instant responsiveness, really letting you immerse yourself in your favorite games.

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