Xbox Series X|S Storage Expansion Card gets biggest-ever discount for Prime Day

Xbox Series X|S Seagate Storage Expansion Card
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While Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles deliver best-in-class gaming experiences, game downloads continue to grow, causing issues with their limited storage capacities. Leveraging high-end SSD tech, speedy yet notoriously costly, it’s also expensive to upgrade your Xbox storage. Expanding your Xbox just got insanely cheaper this Amazon Prime Day — with the official Xbox and Seagate Storage Expansion Card down to £165 in the UK.

While the Xbox Storage Expansion Card launched at a prohibitively high price, recent deals have seen significant cuts to the 1TB model. While often available for £220 in the UK, Prime Day cuts that investment to £160 for a limited time. Though expected to wrap by July 13, scoop up this saving while stock lasts.

Expand your Xbox for less this Prime Day

Seagate Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S (1 TB) | £254.99 Now £164.99

Seagate Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S (1 TB) | £254.99 Now £164.99

Microsoft and Seagate offer the only seamless storage expansion for new Xbox consoles, matching the same SSD tech inside Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This hassle-free drive just received a 35% reduction, making this lightning-fast expansion considerably more affordable in the UK.

This isn’t the first Xbox Storage Expansion Card discount we’ve seen, but it’s undoubtedly the cheapest, besting a previous deal at £180.

The Xbox Seagate Storage Expansion Card is the only hassle-free expansion for Xbox Series X|S, uniquely meeting the console’s demands. The card utilizes the same lightning-fast SSD tech found inside both boxes, supporting all latest-generation games with shorter load times in games. The 1TB card offers a seamless extension of your console, doubling Xbox Series X storage and tripling what’s included with Xbox Series S.

While USB drives are still supported, they don’t support Xbox Series X|S games and drag out load times on older games. It makes these older drives a constant bottleneck, requiring new Xbox games to be shuttled back and forth between the internal SSD and your storage expansion.

The common complaint with the Xbox Storage Expansion Card is the price — an unfortunate downside to demanding the best in gaming hardware. “I can't say the Seagate Storage Expansion Card is a great deal, yet I still wholeheartedly recommend it to those on the fence,” we stated in our Xbox Expansion Card review. Prime Day presents a unique opportunity to slash the upfront cost, doubling as a worthwhile investment for years of gaming.

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