Dress up your Xbox Series X|S for Forza Motorsport with this hot new dynamic background

Forza Motorsport dynamic background for Xbox Series X|S
(Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has added a new Forza Motorsport themed dynamic background to the Xbox Series X|S consoles to celebrate the launch of the rebooted racer.
  • Anyone can apply it, you don't need to have the game. 
  • Forza Motorsport joins Xbox Game Pass on October 10 following a five-day early access period for Premium Edition buyers. 

It's almost time to start playing Forza Motorsport, but just before the first virtual racers get behind the wheel, there's a new dynamic background you might want to apply to your Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. 

It joins the ever expanding catalog of dynamic backgrounds for the Series consoles, with recent featured games including Diablo 4, Starfield and Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. 

The Forza Motorsport background doesn't go crazy on the dynamic part, with subtle changes in the lights on the cars the main highlight. It features both cover cars from the game, with the yellow-fronted 2023 Cadillac Racing V-Series.R the main focal point. 

Forza Motorsport dynamic background for the Xbox Series X|S consoles (Image credit: Windows Central)

To apply it on your console, follow these steps: 

1. Open Settings.
2. Select General.
3. Choose Personalization.
4. Select My background.
5. Select Dynamic backgrounds.

The Forza Motorsport background will be the first one on the list. Just select it and back out to your home screen to enjoy it. 

In our review of Forza Motorsport, Zachary Boddy summed it up as: 

Forza Motorsport (2023) isn't just a new beginning for the legendary simulation racing franchise, it also represents a previously unreached peak for the series. Turn 10 Studios have done an incredible job delivering one of the best core driving experiences of any game, but not everything has been properly rebuilt from the ground up.

It's definitely not just Forza 8, it truly is a complete reboot for the series, and as far as circuit racers go, it's easily the best experience on Xbox. Premium Edition buyers can play from midnight October 5 in their region, while everyone else, including Xbox Game Pass players, can jump in from October 10.

Richard Devine
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