Halo Infinite finally gets Match Composer support and brings back one big, fan-favorite mode

Halo Infinite Tenrai IV Juggernaut
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What you need to know

  • The latest content update for Halo Infinite is available now across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC. 
  • Halo Infinite's long-awaited Match Composer is now here, allowing players to fine-tune what modes they want to play in a particular playlist. 
  • Halo Infinite has also brought back the iconic Juggernaut mode, which was first introduced all the way back in Halo 2. 
  • Juggernaut pits one player against all the rest with some advantages, but if the Juggernaut is killed, the killer becomes the new Juggernaut.

There's a new juggernaut in town. 

The latest content update for Halo Infinite is now live across all platforms, bringing the newest 20-tier Operation Pass, Tenrai IV, as well as some other long-awaited additions. 

As detailed by developer 343 Industries on Halo Waypoint, Halo Infinite's match composer is finally available for everyone, giving players the the ability to fine-tune modes when selecting a particular playlist. If you feel like playing Land Grab and King of the Hill, but not Slayer, you can set your choices accordingly. This content update also sees another big add-on in the form of a fan-favorite mode: Juggernaut.

When was Juggernaut mode introduced in Halo?

Juggernaut was first introduced to the Halo franchise with 2004's Halo 2. It quickly became a popular mode and series mainstay, with one player empowered in unique ways while they tried to take out everyone else in a match, with ownership of the Juggernaut title and abilities passing to whoever killed the Juggernaut.

Halo Infinite's official version of Juggernaut sees one player gain a speed boost, damage increase, stronger shields, a gravity hammer and a Quantum Translocator. Halo Infinite also includes the variant mode, Ninjanaut, which sees the Juggernaut equipped with an Active Camo, infinite plasma grenades, and a Grappleshot. The Active Camo runs out over time, but is recharged through kills. 

Analysis: A cool mode that took long enough

Juggernaut is another mode that, frankly, shouldn't have taken this long to officially be added to Halo Infinite, though I'm aware enterprising modders had recreated it already through the ever-amazing Forge mode. Still, I'm glad it's here, and I'll definitely be hopping into these playlists with my friends and family once the weekend showcase madness is over. 

I'm also really happy to see the Match Composer finally added. It's a great way of increasing your enjoyment if you're just frustrated with one particular mode at a certain time. I think anyone who has ever played a multiplayer game has run into the feeling of "How am I playing this mode on this map again already?" and that should be easy to alleviate now. 

Halo Infinite is one of the best Xbox games available, and the multiplayer is currently available as a free-to-play game across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC, while the campaign is paid and included in Xbox Game Pass.

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