Is this new Cyber Monday deal the best Xbox Series S discount yet?

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If you go to Amazon's Xbox Series S page you can find the gaming console discounted to $239.99, which is already a great price. But now, if you buy it and use the code XBOX during checkout, you'll ALSO get a $40 Amazon credit attached to your account. That's an Xbox Series S essentially for just $200, which is insane.

The credit can't be applied to your already purchased console, but you could use it to buy a new game or get an Xbox gift card to use towards a Game Pass subscription, or just buy yourself a Christmas sweater. We've also seen a lot of great deals on Xbox controllers, too. The $40 credit is as good as cash for anyone that shops regularly on Amazon. 

Essentially, get an Xbox Series S for just $200!

Xbox Series S $300 $239.99 + $40 credit at Amazon

Xbox Series S $300 $239.99 + $40 credit at Amazon

You have to use the code XBOX during checkout or hit Redeem on this page after you make your purchase to get the credit. It will be applied to your account and is basically as good as cash. 

So, a few days ago Microsoft dropped the price of the Xbox Series S from $300 to $250. Since then, retailers have been going insane trying to get your attention. Never mind that it's also Black Friday/Cyber Monday, they want you to buy your Xbox Series S with them. We've seen big incentives and even some direct price drops, the biggest of which is still live on Woot where you can get the console for $219.99. Given that's an actual direct discount that doesn't require anything else from you, you could make the argument that's the best Xbox Series S deal around, but recently Amazon added a little incentive of its own.

There are a few other good console deals on the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X, including discounted Xbox All Access from Verizon. I'd argue though for the average online shopper who probably uses Amazon quite often, this deal is the best. 

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