Nice. Meet Lovander — Palworld's 69th entry is a pal that is "seeking a night of love" 😳

Pal number 69 Lovander
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What you need to know

  • Lovander is the 69th entry in the Palworld deck with a highly suggestive character description.
  • It only comes out at night, to seek love and shows interest in humans.
  • The number for this Pal was suggested by a member of the community and later implemented by the developers.
  • Palworld is a recently released multiplayer survival game that combines survival crafting elements with that of monster-catcher games like Pokémon. 

Palworld, the game everyone is coining as 'Pokemon with guns,' launched yesterday on Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass. It's taken the gaming world by storm, and while we don't know the Xbox numbers, it hit over 734k concurrent players this morning on Steam alone. The Palworld phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down.

Amidst the giggles and gunshots, there's a cheeky Pal that has more than battles on its mind. Lovander, the 69th entry in the Paldeck, is perpetually in search of a companion for a night of passion. Yes, you read that right – just take a look at its Paldeck entry:

"Seeking a night of love" (Image credit: Pocket Pair Inc)

"Seeking a night of love, it is always chasing someone around. At first it only showed interest in other Pals, but in recent years even humans have become the target of it's debauchery."

What makes Lovander even more intriguing is its community-driven numbering in the Paldeck. Originally at number 49, a December teaser led to a sassy comment from a player that caught the developers' attention, resulting in the Pal's repositioning.

(Image credit: Pocket Pair)

Where can I find Lovander in Palword? For... reasons.

You don't catch Lovander; Lovander catches you. Just kidding. Well, kind of. You can either catch one or wait for a daring raid on your base. While none of us at Windows Central have successfully acquired one of these passionate Pals yet, insider info suggests they roam the desert areas of the Palworld map, appearing only under the cover of darkness.

And no, you won't need to dress provocatively – just craft some high-level Pal spheres to increase your chances. Once you've snagged your amorous companion, they'll bestow upon you the 'Heart Drain' ability, absorbing damage and restoring HP in battle. Lovander, it seems, is more than just a source of laughter.

Check out this video showcasing Lovander before its cheeky renumbering in the Deck.

Grab Palworld at the discounted price of $29.99 during its pre-release phase or play for free with Xbox Game Pass. Happy Pal-hunting!



Set forth to uncover the mysteries of a harsh land and make friends with cute Pals in Palworld. Explore the wild and hunt poachers alone or bring your friends along in online multiplayer so you can trade Pals with them.

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