The Elder Scrolls Online: Endless Archive is now available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles

The Elder Scrolls Online Endless Archive goblins
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What you need to know

  • The Endless Archive is a free addition to The Elder Scrolls Online. 
  • This roguelike mode was added to the Windows PC and Mac versions of the game on Oct. 30, 2023. 
  • The Endless Archive is now available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. 
  • The Endless Archive is accompanied by Update 40, which adds a Group and Activity Finder and more. 

The latest addition for The Elder Scrolls Online is now available everywhere.

The Endless Archive is the fourth content drop of the year for The Elder Scrolls Online, and the final addition for the year-long Shadow over Morrowind adventure. While the Endless Archive has been available for players on Windows PC and Mac for a couple of weeks, it's now available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. 

Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online Studios shared a gameplay trailer for the new mode to commemorate its launch across all platforms. You can take a look at the gameplay trailer below:

What is the Endless Archive?

Grab a friend.  (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

Unlike most of the usual end-of-year additions for The Elder Scrolls Online, the Endless Archive is not story-focused. It's also not a paid DLC, instead being entirely free for all players who either own the base game or are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass

The Endless Archive adds a roguelike mode that players can go through by themselves or in co-op with someone else. Players fight randomized enemies, including various bosses that have been pulled from throughout the history of this MMORPG. 

In our pre-launch preview of the Endless Archive, I wrote that "The flow of combat and feedback loop the team has implemented seems compelling, and it's fantastic to see an update like this be entirely free for all players."

Update 40 is also available

Update 40, the latest update for the game, is also now available across all platforms. This update brings a number of widely-requested features, including a Group and Activity Finder tool with extensive options for sorting by player type. 

The update also includes some refinements crafting through the addition of Grandmaster Crafting Stations, which will allow players to save a huge amount of space in their apartments. 

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