Microsoft's Xbox Series S is down to its lowest price ever, again

Image of the Xbox Series S.
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The whirlwind of Black Friday deals has ended, but some deals are still going strong into December. If you're yet to pick up a new-gen console, then the Xbox Series S is still going for a $60 discount on Amazon right now. We've already waxed lyrical about why the Xbox Series S is the best gaming gift for 2022, and it was only beaten by the Nintendo Switch for popularity in the Black Friday sales. We're surprised it's still on sale at such a discount, but this could potentially last in the run-up to the holidays with it being such a fantastic gift option. 

Xbox Series S 

Xbox Series S $299 $240 at Amazon

Festively named 'The Holiday Console' the Xbox Series S is a fantastic entry point into current-gen gaming, and at this price certainly, the cheapest way to access the entire library of Xbox Game Pass games.

Also available for $240 at Xbox Store

The Xbox Series S still represents the most affordable access point to next-generation games, and 2023 will be a more significant year than ever for game releases only built for next-gen hardware, Starfield and Redfall to name a few. Also, despite the RRP on launch being significantly cheaper, the Xbox Series S is a marked upgrade from the Xbox One X. Targeting 1440p at 60 FPS and coming in at 60% smaller than the chunky Xbox Series X, the speedy and nimble Xbox Series S is the pocket rocket of gaming hardware.

From a personal point of view, despite my family having a Series X in the house, the Series S has been a tremendous addition to a house full of gamers. Its remarkable portability means we have been able to pack up and take away on short breaks, and for playing multiplatform games as a family, it's just not financially viable to have a house full of top-spec consoles.

The Xbox Series S is a lot more readily available and at a lower cost than its big beefier sibling, mainly due to the lack of a disc drive and lower specs — if you're still on the fence about which console to go for, check out our guide comparing the Xbox Series X vs Series S

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