Will Starfield on Xbox have mods?

Nicholas Cage's glorious face beamed by a torch in Starfield
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Starfield has had a successful launch in early access on Xbox and PC, and with it about to hit Xbox Game Pass for it's full release, many are asking if the console edition players will get to have as much fun with mods as the PC players are having. My personal favorite so far being the Nicolas Cage Flashlight Mod, which as you can guess, beams the Hollywood stars face from your torch in-game. What's not to love? 

Mods will come to Xbox for Starfield, but there's a catch

Bethesda titles like Fallout 4 and Skyrim have enjoyed insane longevity and replayability thanks to their thriving modding communities, however Skyrim on Xbox didn't get mod support until 2016, five years after the release of the game.

Hopefully, we won't have to wait that long for mod support for Starfield on Xbox, as Bethesda has already confirmed via an interview with Pete Hines that it's coming.

"You'll be able to use mods both on PC and Xbox" said Hines, and while no timeline has been given for this, it's likely as the legwork has already been done in Skyrim that it shouldn't take quite as long.

That being said, we probably won't get to have quite as much fun with mods on Xbox as the PC community is enjoying currently. Third-party mods have been in the works since before the release of the game on PC, but the selection on Xbox, like with Skyrim, is likely to be more limited and restricted depending on the size and content.

"Look what they did to my boy" Vasco gets a Hentai makeover thanks to Nexus mods (Image credit: Nexus Mods)

Will I be able to earn achievements on Xbox if I use mods?

There is no official word on this, but using mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim on Xbox consoles does mean that you have to concede earning any achievements in the game. Some mods will give an unfair advantage in the game, so it's a fair trade-off and will likely also be implemented with Starfield on Xbox when mods are finally introduced. Once you've played through Starfield once though, mods may enhance another playthrough and you may be less inclined to care about achievements.

One savvy modder has already created an 'Achievement Enabler' that switches the achievements back on in the game, touche, but we doubt this will be downloadable on the Xbox version.

Mods for Starfield on PC currently range from the divine, such as adding Nvidia DLSS upscaling to the game, to the ridiculous like giving poor Vasco a hentai paint job, and we can't wait to get experimenting on Xbox. 

Starfield is now available to play on Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC, as well as being available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to play.

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  • fjtorres5591
    Yes, STARFIELD will have mods on XBOX. No reason not to, since SKYRIM and FALLOUT 4 both do and remain active games a decade after launch and more.

    The real $64M question is "Will the *mod creator* run on XBOX?" Say in developer mode. With STARFIELD a play anywhere game XBOX-focused gamers modders won't have to buy a second copy to start modding but we'll still need a STARFIELD-capable PC to create.

    Alternately, MS might offer up a custom version of Windows 365 with the Creator (charging, of course) for modders without a gaming PC. It would open up modding to a larger community without requiring an XBOX version of the creator.

    My interest is I want to take up asteroid mining by without having to blow them up and "dock" with them. I suck at docking. (sigh)