Ziggurat Interactive brings its classic hack-and-slash back to Xbox with upgrades

A screenshot from the upcoming console release of Enclave HD, the remake of the classic hack and slash title from Ziggurat Interactive.
A screenshot from the upcoming console release of Enclave HD, the remake of the classic hack and slash title from Ziggurat Interactive. (Image credit: Ziggurat Interactive)

What you need to know

  • Ziggurat Interactive will bring Enclave HD back to consoles with an Xbox release on June 29
  • Initially developed in 2002 for Xbox with a 2003 PC release, HD versions followed in 2012 on Windows, but it took another ten years to return to Xbox.
  • The popular retro hack & slash title will feature two campaigns comprising more than 25 missions and multiple endings.

Everything old is new again, and it's time for the nostalgia factory for early 2000s-era gaming to get fired up. Released in 2002 for the original Xbox system, Enclave was a well-received 3D hack-and-slash from Starbreeze Studios. The game garnered enough of a cult following to rack up millions of sales when the HD version was eventually released to PC in 2012 by publishers TopWare Interactive. Ten years after that successful run Enclave HD is finally returning home to Xbox on June 29

(Image credit: Ziggurat Interactive)

Ziggurat Interactive, with licensing from TopWare Interactive, is responsible for the effort to bring Enclave HD full circle back to the console space, and the studio has even worked to bring additional features to the game. Players can expect to take their pick of 12 diverse characters that can be unlocked through a massive campaign consisting of more than 25 unique missions across two distinct stories with the potential for alternate endings, hailed as one of the best Xbox games during its time on the millennium-era console.

“Fans have been eager to dive back into the action of Enclave™, and we’re thrilled to be able to open the Rift for console players this month,”

Dirk P. Hassinger, TopWare Interactive

Kate Woods, Vice President at Ziggurat Interactive, adds, "We've worked hard to ensure that the HD upgrade will present the game on modern consoles stunningly, and introduce even more updated and new things for players to enjoy."

Enclave HD's campaign puts players in the shoes of a soldier of the Light who must hack and slash their way through the kingdom of Celenheim to defeat forces of darkness before facing off against a brutal demon king. However, the path of righteousness is not for everybody, and players can choose to defect to the darkness to take down the Enclave they previously tried so hard to protect from the inside. 

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