XDefiant Season One is on the way, and it looks bangin'

A new consmetic skin from Season 1 of XDefiant depicting a man covered in lava-based scars.
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

What you need to know

  • XDefiant is Ubisoft's free-to-play competitive arcade FPS.
  • Based around different Ubisoft IPs, each faction has unique abilities which fit the theme of said game universe.
  • Season 1 has been introduced, featuring new weapons, maps, game modes, and a faction.

XDefiant, Ubisoft's latest free-to-play competitive arcade FPS, has been ramping up. Brought to gamers by the former Executive Producer at Infinity Ward, Mark Rubin, XDefiant has seen a mixed take of reviews. Even here at Windows Central, one of us loves it, the other finds it lacking

I've been having fun gradually introducing my friend group to the game. It seems about once a week, I have an old Call of Duty friend ask, "Hey, how's XDefiant?" I end up asking them to play with me, which always ends in me being the first one to get off for bed. Days later, they're still playing!

Ubisoft just announced another reason for players to continue grinding the competition, as they've introduced season 1! The new update will feature new maps, new weapons, and, more excitingly, a new faction. Get ready to level up some more weapons and find new ways to dominate the competition.

What's coming:

  • Three new weapons
    • L115
    • Sawed-off shotgun
    • LVOA-C
  • The details of how to unlock the new mastery camo are unknown.
  • New Faction, the GSK from Rainbow Six
    • Their Ultimate ability appears to be the riot shield with flash capability.
    • The skill for the class appears to be electrified wire of some sort, based on Rainbow Six Siege. Will confirm when we can.
  • One new map per month for a total of three maps
    • Clubhouse
    • Daytona
    • Rockefeller
  • New mode
    • Capture the Flag
  • New ranked progression system.
  • New cosmetic skins and a battle pass.

More updates on the way

Hold onto your double XP tokens! (Image credit: Ubisoft)

These are only some of the changes coming, too. Other new modes, like Search and Destroy and Team Deathmatch, are said to be on the way. As demonstrated by the trailer, there will be at least one new grenade that seems to be some sort of electrical device. 

More balance changes are on the way as well, as Mark Rubin has mentioned the need to balance both snipers and the player's ability to bunny-hop. Moreover, I'm sure we'll see some buffs to under-utilized weapons such as the MDAR. It's a gun available in the pre-season battle pass but mostly goes unused as it's far weaker compared to other assault rifles in the game.

A complete look at what's to come will be shown on July 1, hours before the launch of the new season. Let us know what you'd like to see changed or added in the upcoming patch! I'm personally not totally thrilled to deal with more shield users, but I can't wait to slide-cancel my way around them and make them look silly!

Season 1 of XDefiant launches on July 1, 2024. It is free to play and available on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and PlayStation 5.

Michael Hoglund

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