Get a four-year subscription to Droplr Pro for 90 percent off!

You and your staff are always on the lookout for the next big thing that's going to improve productivity and keep everyone on the same page, but you've hit the limit. Everyone's inboxes are full to the brim every day; how many versions of those images have been passed around via email this month alone? Everyone's maxed out the capabilities of Google Docs, and a handful of the staff don't even use Gmail, so that's been a constant snag. It would be nice to actually see the correct branding on the correct documents, but somehow those templates get lost in the mix and you're constantly emailing new ones out.

Get a 4-year subscription to Droplr Pro for just $39.99!

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Your entire team needs to get on board with a system that takes all the best features of Dropbox and Google Docs and makes them work across just about every platform you use. You and your team need Droplr Pro, and once you've started working with it, you're going to wonder how anything ever got done before.

Right now, you can get a lifetime license for Droplr Pro for 98 percent off! You'd normally pay $400 for it, but today you can buy it for only $39.99! Droplr Pro isn't complicated software that's going to require hours of training; it's as simple as dragging and dropping files to a desktop icon, and just like that, everyone can access it. No more huge files bombarding your inbox, no excuses. With this four-year subscription, you get:

  • Secure sharing within your team and password protection
  • Themes and branding across multiple documents
  • Collections of multiple file types that can be shared virtually anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited sharing
  • The ability to view documents without downloading; imagine the free hard drive space!
  • Integrations that comply with Microsoft Office, Cisco Spark, Adobe, Slack, and many more

It's time to up your productivity and eliminate your frustrations. File sharing has never been so simple and straightforward. Get your four-year subscription to Droplr Pro for only $39.99 today!

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Marc Lagace