Get Amazon's Echo smart speaker and a Bluetooth smart bulb on sale for $60 total

Echo 4th Gen Life
Echo 4th Gen Life

The Amazon Echo 4th-gen smart speaker has dropped to $59.99 through Amazon and today you can get it with a Sengled Bluetooth smart bulb added on for free. That's $40 off the Echo's regular price and the lowest we've ever seen, but the drop to $60 has been around since the start of Black Friday. It was just one of Amazon's many amazing price drops for the holidays. It has continued ever since, but the addition of the Bluetooth smart bulb is new. That adds another $10 or so in value to the deal.

Amazon Echo 4th-gen smart speaker | Free Smart Bulb

Amazon Echo 4th-gen smart speaker | Free Smart Bulb

The price is already super low, Amazon's holiday pricing at work, but then you throw in a free Bluetooth smart bulb, too? Icing on the smart home cake.

While the Echo Dot has always been the more budget-friendly option (and it's also discounted for the holidays at Amazon, the Echo is the flagship of Amazon's Echo lineup. It is the original speaker after all.

With the Echo you get rich, detailed sound. The speaker can automatically adapt to the room its in, and it has support for lossless HD audio with some streaming services like Amazon Music HD. You can even sync your music across multiple rooms and multiple speakers. If you have a Fire TV, you can sync it with the Echo for a new sort of home audio experience.

Beyond the music, it's also an advanced smart speaker. With Alexa built in, you can control your entire home, get the news or weather, or even find answers to questions that come up in conversation. Control the device from your phone, set up routines and schedules, and do so much more.

The Sengled bulb has a simple plug-and-play setup that doesn't require a whole lot from you to get going. It can automatically link to your Alexa account, too, so you'll be able to start controlling it with your new Echo right away. Use voice control or your phone to turn the light on and off, adjust the brightness, set up a schedule, and more.

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