Get into some better habits this year with $100 off the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 standing desk

It's a new year, and a new decade, so what better time to start working on eliminating bad habits and getting into some healthier routines? One thing you may do an awful lot without realizing is sitting. It's not good for you to be sedentary for extended periods of time and often that's exactly what people with office jobs do a ton (myself included).

An easy fix is to invest in a standing desk, and Autonomous has an enticing offer on its SmartDesk 2 that could be just the ticket. With $100 off its regular price, the SmartDesk 2 is down to just $379 for a limited time. That's even $20 lower than it went in the last Autonomous sale during the holiday season. If you're not sure whether one of these desks is right for your home or office, each one comes with a 30-day trial allowing you to try it out and send it back within that time frame. Autonomous is even offering free shipping.

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Standing Desk

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Standing Desk

The Home Office version of the SmartDesk 2 features a dual-motor system that can lift up to 300 pounds and has a button you can press which raises its height. It takes just 20 seconds to reach its highest position. Other models are on sale too.

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Home Office is equipped with a dual-motor frame that's capable of lifting up to 300 pounds. With the press of a button, the desk will rise up or lower and can reach its highest position within just 20 seconds. It moves smoothly and quietly so as not to disturb anyone else you're working near. The discount applies to all colors of frame and top so you can choose the sleek design that suits you best. You could even select a warm walnut or elegant bamboo top to customize its look for your room, though some finishes are priced differently. Autonomous includes a five-year warranty with your purchase.

You can also save on the Business Office version of the SmartDesk 2 as well as the L-Shaped model, and more. You could also hook yourself up with a more ergonomic chair in the sale.

Autonomous even offers monthly financing plans which let you pay off these items over time if you don't want to shell out the full purchase price today. Many of the options come with a multi-year warranty and free shipping, though you can find specifics on each item's product page if you want to learn more.

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