The latest Hitman game has been launching episodically since March 11th, 2016. To celebrate the release of the final episode, set in Japan, we've teamed up with Square Enix to give away a Hitman Collector's Edition.

Hitman is best described as an open-world, stealth puzzle game, where players control the iconic Agent 47 through a series of complex, open-ended assassinations. Due to the game's on-going development, it has received numerous updates over time, adding new assassination targets, all-new ways to play and much, much more.

In our previous reviews of the game's episodes, we've praised IO Interactive for returning to the non-linear format that has made Hitman such an important franchise. The latest installment continues that tradition across six ridiculously complex open-world maps, teeming with all sorts of emergent gameplay, lethal opportunities to exploit, and often punishingly rewarding difficulty.

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Hitman is a game stealth and assassination gameplay fans everywhere needs to try, and with our giveaway, this is your chance to jump into Hitman's World of Assassination.

To enter, simply follow the entry conditions in the widget below! The contest will run until November 8th, and we'll contact the winner by email!

Hitman Collector's Edition

The Hitman Collector's Edition comes with the following goodies:

  • A high-quality 10" statue of Agent 47 (looking ever-badass).
  • A digital download of Hitman's complete experience, including all 6 episodes.
  • A 60-page hardcover art book - A full-size replica of Agent 47's iconic tie and tie clip

We've got the Hitman Collector's Edition Xbox One to give away! Enter now!

Let us know what you think of the new Hitman in the comments section below!

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