Frostpunk is an awesome strategy game available on both Xbox and PC. Frostpunk takes place in a new ice age, which has plummeted humanity back to steam industrial-era technology. You're forced to make agonizing decisions about who lives and who dies, as supplies dwindle, and the everwinter gets increasingly colder.

Recently, developer 11 bit studios (Children of Morta, This War of Mine) revealed three new expansions for Frostpunk. These include The Rift, which adds endless maps, bridges, and new ways to expand your settlements. On The Edge will add a new scenario, new tech, new settlements, mechanics, with optimizations for gamepads. The Last Autumn is described as the "biggest" expansion yet, complete with new laws and technologies, set in the final age before the great frost.

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To celebrate the new additions, we've teamed up with 11 bit studios to give away 10 keys for Xbox and 10 keys for PC, with multiple entry opportunities outlined below (you may need to disable ad blockers to see the widget).

Windows Central Gaming is giving away 10 codes for Frostpunk!

Frostpunk has provided me with hundreds of hours of fun across both Xbox and PC, and even if you don't land a key in the giveaway, it's well worth picking up. Few strategy games are as gut-wrenchingly emotional as this, and the game's robust post-launch support has kept the content refrigerator-fresh several years after the fact.

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Frostpunk is grabbing several new expansions over the coming months, adding all new buildings, features, scenarios, tech, and much more. The game is currently on sale on Steam, and is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

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