Gotham Knights delayed to 2022

Gotham Knights Screenshot Nightwing
Gotham Knights Screenshot Nightwing (Image credit: WB Games)

What you need to know

  • Gotham Knights is delayed to 2022.
  • The game was previously aimed to release at an unknown point in 2021.
  • It focuses on the Bat-family in the wake of Batman's apparent death.

WB Games' upcoming Bat-family adventure is being pushed further out. As of today, Gotham Knights is delayed to 2022. The delay is meant to give players the "best possible experience" and the team will be sharing more in the months ahead.

First revealed in 2020 at DC Fandome, Gotham Knights is being developed by WB Montreal and can be played in single-player or in co-op, allowing players to choose different combinations of characters or even play as the same character. The game focuses on four members of the Bat-family — Robin, Nightwing, Jason Todd and Batgirl — taking on the Court of Owls after the apparent death of Batman. Other iconic villains also show up, like Mr. Freeze. Gotham Knights is currently being developed for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC.

Another big WB Games title, Hogwarts Legacy, was also delayed into 2022 earlier this year, while Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is currently aimed to release in 2022 as well. Interestingly enough, the Suicide Squad game takes place in the same universe as the Rocksteady Batman games, while Gotham Knights does not.

We're seeing a lot of games delayed this year, with a long list of delayed titles that is only more likely to grow as time goes on.

Samuel Tolbert
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