Grab Watch Dogs: Legion for just $30 with free Xbox Series X, PS5 upgrade

Watch Dogs Legion
Watch Dogs Legion (Image credit: Ubisoft)

You can already grab one of the hottest new releases, Watch Dogs: Legion, at 50% off with a limited-time discount now live at Best Buy. Ubisoft's latest entry in its hacking thriller, this time set in a dystopian near-future London, made its debut on October 29 with overall strong reviews. That comes with its dense open-world capturing the heart of Britain, coupled with some inventive new mechanics that shake up the action.

Watch Dogs: Legion also launches as a visual showcase, among the first next-generation titles on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 while also pushing the best from their predecessors. Best Buy has now cut Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, including free upgrades to their respective Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 copies. All you need is a free My Best Buy account — slicing the asking price to just $30.

It's unusual to see titles discounted so heavily with just three weeks on the market, making this an ideal opportunity to snag an early Black Friday deal. As detailed in our Watch Dogs: Legion review, it introduces various new gameplay advancements this time around, headlined by a progressive "play-as-anyone" system. It allows you to recruit and commandeer almost any person walking throughout its virtual metropolis, whether a salesman, construction worker, or elderly woman, opening a ton of possibilities.

Watch Dogs: Legion also looks stunning, especially on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, where the title pushes 4K HDR visuals, with ray tracing for advanced lighting and reflections. It's also future-proofed with a free upgrade for existing Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions if you're yet to snag a next-generation system.

Best Buy appears to be the only retailer offering such a discount, and you can head over to Best Buy right now to secure the half-price offer. You'll only need a My Best Buy account to see that pricing, which takes only a few seconds to open.

Matt Brown

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