Halo Infinite Audio Log locations: All UNSC, Banished, and Spartan

Halo Infinite Master Chief The Weapon Custom
Halo Infinite Master Chief The Weapon Custom (Image credit: Windows Central)

Halo Infinite's campaign is here, setting players loose on Zeta Halo as the Master Chief works to fight the Banished. While there are 14 traditional missions to go through, there are also plenty of side objectives and collectibles. In addition to the iconic gameplay-altering Halo Skulls, there are a lot of Audio Logs to find. These Audio Logs are divided into UNSC, Banished, and Spartan logs, providing numerous stories for you to learn about across the months that Master Chief was drifting in space.

We've shared the list of Audio Logs we've found so far, and we'll be updating this as we find any others. Halo Infinite is one of the best Xbox games available right now, and it's also the longest campaign of the franchise, by far.

Halo Infinite: General tips for finding Audio Logs

Before going section by section, there are a few general tips for finding the Audio Logs. First, Audio Logs don't show up on your map. The game will give you a tally of how you've found per location and how many remain, but even if you find one, the location doesn't appear marked on your map. Next, Audio Logs do show up as a glowing item whenever you scan. By default, scanning is bound to down on the D-pad. Audio Logs also emit a constant beeping sound that grows louder as you get get closer.

It's also worth noting that Banished Audio Logs have a distinct orange glow, while UNSC and Spartan Audio Logs glow green. UNSC and Spartan Audio Logs are also bundled together in the maps and menus, but are counted separately for Achievements and in the Audio Log replay section.

Finally, if you're missing any UNSC or Spartan audio logs, be sure to check the FOBs. Every single FOB has one audio log which will be on the platform itself, so that's an easy way to grab a handful of audio logs.

Halo Infinite: List of all Audio Logs

A handful of Audio Logs are found specifically within certain missions and can be missed. The majority are found in the open world, so you can come back and grab them at any time. We've put the Audio Logs in a general order of unlock here.

Halo Infinite Audio Logs: UNSC

  • Recovered Files #1: The Plan — Automatically unlocked on Warship Gbraakon.
  • Recovered Files #2: The Mission — Automatically unlocked on Foundations.
  • The Prisoner #1: - Found next to a Power Seed on a long bridge in Foundations.

Halo Infinite Audio Logs: Spartan

  • Evacuation #1 — Found on Warship Gbraakon after exiting an elevator; it'll be right in front of you.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Halo Infinite Audio Logs: Banished

  • Escharum's Testimony #1 — Found on Warship Gbraakon after entering the control room; it's on the upper floor to the right.
  • Escharum's Testimony #2 - Found on Foundations right in front of a door under a beam of blue light.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)
  • Outpost Intel #1 - Found at Outpost Tremonius near the base of the cliff that leads up to the Pelican.

More to come

Halo Infinite has a sprawling, open-world campaign, and it appears that future expansions will build on this initial foundation. Other updates are also already confirmed, including support for playing the Halo Infinite campaign in co-op. We'll have to wait and see just how 343 Industries chooses to continue the story here.

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