Leaked renders reveal refreshed Surface Keyboard and Surface Pen accessories for upcoming Surface Studio 3

Surface Studio
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What you need to know

  • An update to the Surface app has revealed new accessories coming soon.
  • The accessories are updated versions of the Surface Keyboard and Surface Pen.
  • It's likely these are being refreshed in time for the Surface Studio 3 this fall.

It's been a long while since Microsoft updated its desktop-class Surface Keyboard, Mouse, and Pen accessories. Originally created to ship alongside the Surface Studio, the Surface Keyboard and Mouse feature contemporary designs in the classic "platinum" colorway, but they've not been updated since they were first announced in 2016.

That looks to be changing this year, as official renders have revealed refreshed versions of these accessories which will likely be launching this fall alongside the upcoming Surface Studio 3. The renders were found hidden in a recent update to the Surface app for Windows.

Up first is the Surface Keyboard, which looks to be getting the most notable design changes. It features new iconography that matches Windows 11's fluent icons along the function row, the new Windows 11 Start button logo, and a lighter color tone on the keys. It also has a new dedicated emoji key and widgets key.

Then we have the Surface Mouse, which appears to be identical to the old one in everything but color. Finally, we have an updated classic Surface Pen, which brings back the old-school pen clip that was found on the original Surface Pen design. 

Not ground-breaking stuff, but it does lend credence to the rumor that Microsoft is planning to ship an updated Surface Studio this fall. I mentioned back in January that the company was planning to ship a Surface Studio 3 this fall, and it looks like that's still the case. I suspect these accessories will be what's found bundled inside the Surface Studio 3's box.

Microsoft is expected to be holding a Surface event in the next handful of weeks, where I'm told the company is planning to announce new versions of the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Studio. When asked for comment, a Microsoft spokesperson had nothing to share.

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