Over half of Windows Central readers want a foldable PC, but most of them plan to wait

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold (Gen2)
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What you need to know

  • ASUS and Lenovo recently announced foldable PCs.
  • Over 65% of our polled readers plan to purchase a foldable PC, but most of them will wait over a year before they get one.
  • Over a third of polled participants never plan to purchase a foldable PC.

The foldable PC market will only expand over the next few years. As more companies enter the space and display technology improves, we're bound to see a wide variety of foldables. But just because they're on the way doesn't mean people are interested in them. Over the weekend, we ran a poll to see if and when our readers plan to buy a foldable PC.

Just a hair under half of polled participants plan to get one eventually but will wait for at least one year. Foldables are still relatively new and may take some time to find their footing. Smartphones with folding displays, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 remained relatively niche products for the first couple of generations. There's a good chance we'll see a similar trend with folding PCs.

34.22% of readers that voted said that they'll never purchase a foldable PC.

Only 16.56% of polled participants plan to buy a foldable PC within a year.

Two foldable computers were announced last week, the ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold. ASUS' laptop is the company's first entry in the foldable space, while Lenovo is on its second generation.

We asked people in our official Discord server if they plan to buy a foldable PC. Discord user bazdon said, "yes, I would as soon as it's affordable. It's just so cool and futuristic being able to turn a laptop into [a] larger screen all in one PC."

A.I. Booty plans to get a foldable PC due to their experience with folding smartphones. "I bought a foldable phone and [I'm] loving it so far. So I'm definitely open for more foldable devices."

Discord user Roy fell on the other side, stating, "not at this point. I prefer having just 1 screen. It looks very awkward."

Luckily, options aren't going anywhere. Traditional clamshell laptops, convertible 2-in-1s, folding PCs, and several other form factors are all here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

Sean Endicott
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