Add immersive colors with Govee's Dreamview light bars on sale for $105

Govee Dreamview TV backlighting
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Best Buy's latest series of daily deals includes the Govee Dreamview TV light bars on sale for $104.99. The Dreamview from Govee normally sells for around $150 including similar versions found on Amazon. This is one of the best prices we've seen, but this is part of Best Buy's Deals of the Day so the drop is temporary. Grab it soon and either get free shipping or just go pick it up at a local Best Buy and have it within a couple hours.

Govee Dreamview TV light bars $150 $104.99 at Best Buy

Govee Dreamview TV light bars $150 $104.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy's top deal of the day today, and a great addition to your living room if you need some bias lighting that adds a bunch of immersion and works with your smart home voice assistant. 

We have reviewed a similar system, the Govee Dreamview T1 Pro. Daniel Rubino gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 and said, "I was impressed with the Govee DreamView system. It is easy to set up and affordable, and it has a robust ecosystem that I am now very likely to buy into."

The Dreamview TV includes TV backlighting and two smart light bars that can create atmospheric lighting that responds to and syncs with whatever you are watching. Basically this lighting is going to elevate your home theater, creating a better experience while binge watching movies or playing video games. 

In addition to the lights themselves, this system includes a 1080p Colorsense camera and a control box. The camera helps the lights react to the environment. 

Beyond the way the lights work automatically, you can also control them individually thanks to embedded independent control chips. Sync your new light bars with your smart home and you can control the lights with your voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also use the Govee Home app on your smartphone for even more customization.

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