I love tech that makes my life easier, so here's 9 Prime Day deals that can

I'm not looking to spend my rent money on a new computer or go broke for a new TV, but I am looking for Prime Day deals on the accessories and items that are practical to me. I'm talking about items I know I'm going to replace eventually anyway, items I just need more of, or even those inexpensive gadgets I know could last me for years if I just go for them while they're discounted.

A lot of these deals are going to be familiar purchases. Most of them are going to be items you can put to immediate use, and they will be things you use quite frequently. The fact that nothing on the list is more than $55 is just icing on the technology cake. We can even start with a couple of freebies you can start using before you're done reading the list (but, you know, come back and finish).

For me, a good deal always starts with the product. Price is great, and on days like today a lower price is even better, but the cost doesn't mean much to me if the product is a dud. 

The best bang for your buck

Amazon Music Unlimited 3 month trial | Free

Amazon Music Unlimited 3 month trial | Free

You get 90 days of full access to Amazon's music library, which is normally a premium service that costs $8.99 a month. Pick your favorite songs to listen to and do it ad free. There's no real downside here since you can cancel at anytime before the trial is up if you decide you don't want to keep going. 

Audible 3-month trial | Free

Audible 3-month trial | Free

I've been really getting into audiobooks and podcasts over the last couple years. I find as life gets busier, I have less time to just sit and read. This trial covers what would normally cost $45 in monthly subscriptions, and you can cancel anytime.

OontZ Angle Solo Bluetooth speaker | $25

OontZ Angle Solo Bluetooth speaker | $25 $15.99

I've written about these OontZ speakers before. They are powerful little devices, and if you want something that'll let you jam out just about anywhere, won't get ruined by a little splash at the pool or sweat athe gym, and can connect from up to 100 feet away, this is a great option.

PDP Wired Game Controller | $30

PDP Wired Game Controller | $30 $19.99

I just bought one of these over the holidays when I was visiting family and needed to school one of my nephews who thought he was better at Halo than me. It might not be as great as the Core controller, but it'll do in a pinch and makes for a great backup.

Anker 6-foot 2-pack USB-C charging cables | $24

Anker 6-foot 2-pack USB-C charging cables | $24 $16.79

You can also get a sale on a 2-pack of 10-feet USB-C to Lightning if you use an iPhone. Either way, you can't go wrong with a few extra charging cables around the house. Replace some frayed ones or just add these to a new spot so you can keep topped off everywhere.

Govee RGBIC LED light strip | $40

Govee RGBIC LED light strip | $40 $23.49

Light strips like these might seem like a luxury at first, but there's a lot you can do with them including bias lighting for monitors and TV so you don't strain your eyes. As a dad, I use a similar strip in my son's room and it serves as an unobtrusive night light and a way to get his attention since Alexa can change the colors.

Roku Express 4K+ media player | $40

Roku Express 4K+ media player | $40 $24.99

Whether you just want access to the exclusive content in Roku's library, want to spruce up a dumb TV, or want to stream from a smart platform on your monitor, there's plenty of reasons to grab one of these Roku devices.

Logitech G502 Hero wired gaming mouse | $45

Logitech G502 Hero wired gaming mouse | $45 $33.24

I feel like a good deal on a good mouse sort of speaks for itself, but here we are. The G502 Hero has a high-performance 25K sensor, RGB lighting, and it's fully adjustable down the 11 programmable buttons or even the weight of the mouse itself. It's good enough to be your primary and durable enough to be a backup when you need it.

Amazon Echo Show 8 smart display | $110

Amazon Echo Show 8 smart display | $110 $54.99

This is the 1st-gen Echo Show 8, but if you've got another $20 you can also upgrade to the latest version, which is down to just $74.99 for Prime Day instead of its usual $130. Either way, these displays are really helpful for controlling your smart home. Plus they work with Audible and Amazon Music, which should both be free for you if you've made it this far down the list.

John Levite
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