This Synology deal is the only cheap NAS you need to buy right now

Synology DS223J
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There's still time to get yourself a cheap NAS on October's Amazon Prime Day, Big Deal Days, or however you want to refer to the event. And if you're hunting for a killer NAS for a killer price, this is the one to get. Especially if you're just starting out. 

Synology is probably a name you've heard of if you're looking at getting a NAS. Arguably the best in the space, with impressive hardware and software, this deal is too good to ignore. But it won't be around for long!

Synology DS223J 2-bay NAS enclosure$189.99now $154.99 at Amazon

Synology DS223J 2-bay NAS enclosure | was $189.99 now $154.99 at Amazon

This is the best budget NAS you can get right now, and at this price it's simply impossible to ignore. It's efficient, quiet, and thanks to Synology's excellent software, easy to use for hosting your files and media. It also makes a brilliant Plex server.

The DS223J is already our pick as the best budget NAS, but with $45 chopped off its asking price for Prime Day, it enters the "no-brainer" territory. For more advanced users, this hardware probably isn't going to meet your needs, but for beginners and home users, it'll be perfect. 

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Instead of an Intel CPU, the DS223J uses an ARM chip, so it's efficient, it runs quietly, but it's still powerful enough to act as something like a Plex Media Server. The RAM isn't upgradeable, but 1GB is ample in a beginner NAS such as this. 

The reason to go with this over the competition is the software. Synology's DSM is incredibly powerful but easy to use, even if you want to access it from outside the home. 

This deal is only around until the end of the day, so don't miss out!

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