All the new Xbox One games revealed at The Game Awards 2017

The Game Awards
The Game Awards (Image credit: The Game Awards)

The Game Awards 2017 recently wrapped up in Los Angeles, not only honoring developers for their creations but announcing more to come. Throughout the event, a fair number of reveals were made - many expected to release on Xbox One. If you missed any of the reveals, we've wrapped up everything you need to know about Xbox One games right here.

World War Z

World War Z is a new shooter that's coming to Xbox One, and other platforms, soon. While the visuals may not be that hugely impressive, the game stands out for the volume of zombies on-screen. The game is expected to be a four-player co-op experience inspired by the film franchise.

In the Valley of Gods

In the Valley of Gods is a new single-player adventure from the creators of Firewatch. It looks like an intriguing experience which tasks you with exploring Egyptian tombs and documenting your journey. It's unclear what the plot of the title will be, but the visuals are breathtaking, to say the least. You play as an explorer and filmmaker who, along with your old partner, has traveled to the middle of the desert in the hopes of making a seemingly-impossible discovery. Campo Santo confirmed that the game was coming to PC but they haven't ruled out a console release. Considering that Firewatch eventually made its way to Xbox One, there's hope.


The creators of the Dark Souls franchise teased a new game they're working on. It's unclear what genre the title is in except that it's going to be gory judging from the blood-soaked weapon. Hopefully, it'll be a multiplatform experience like Dark Souls.

Fade to Silence

Fade to Silence is an adventure game which takes place in a frozen wasteland. It's coming to PC and current-generation consoles possibly next year.

Soulcalibur VI

A few days ago there were rumors floating around that Soulcalibur VI was close to a reveal, as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Luckily, that's not the case and it's coming to Xbox One and PC too in 2018. Fans have been waiting for the return of this legendary fighting franchise for a while now, so here's hoping this latest entry doesn't disappoint.


Fortnite recently got a battle royale mode but today Epic Games announced a new 50 vs. 50 mode. The last team standing wins!

Sea of Thieves

The day many gamers have been waiting for is finally here, Sea of Thieves will launch on March 20, 2018.

A Way Out

A Way Out was announced during E3 2017 and features co-op gameplay featuring two prisoners. It's from the creators of the deeply moving "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons." Luckily, we won't have wait too long to play it as it launches on March 23, 2018.


If you loved The Vanishing of Ethan Carter or are on the lookout for a new first-person shooter, you're in for a real treat with Witchfire. Witchfire is still expected to be far from release, but there's a chance it may come to Xbox One eventually.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' new desert map was revealed during the event. The title launches on Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview starting December 12, 2017, following its success on PC.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is a post-apocalyptic shooter that takes place in Russia, now on track for fall 2018.

That's it from The Game Awards 2017. Which announcements were you excited for? Let us know in comments! Many great games are coming to Xbox One in the coming months despite the fact that titles like The Crew 2 and Far Cry 5 have been delayed. As far as accolades go, Cuphead and Forza Motorsport 7 won awards at the event. Those of you who watched it on Mixer will get Goat Simulator, a Halo Wars 2 Leader, a Forza Driver Suit, and Warframe add-ons for free.

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