Here is how Microsoft can push OS updates to Windows 10 Mobile without carriers now (and forever)

The reason for the excitement yesterday was the release of Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.29 to the Lumia 550, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL including on AT&T, which came as a surprise.

Interestingly, the update itself is rather ho-hum with no new features, but a few important under the hood fixes. Most users are reporting better standby battery life, improved Bluetooth compatibility and a more enjoyable Edge experience. But let's be clear: there is nothing dramatic, dire, or security-related about this update that would require an emergency release. No, this is a standard cumulative update released on Patch Tuesday just like it was for the Windows 10 desktop.

Interestingly, both desktop and mobile were updated and are now on the same build. That is also another seminal moment as Windows 10 is truly just one operating system.

So why did carriers not hold up the update? Microsoft has been a bit coy on the process and carrier involvement. The only statement they have on the matter is one from earlier in the year:

"Microsoft is working closely with mobile operators to leverage their testing and our flighting to meet and exceed current quality bars. We will use their input but will decide when to send the updates out based on input from mobile operators and our Windows Insiders."

The standard reading of that is Microsoft can bypass carriers although those same carriers do have a seat at the table too. However, that statement didn't go so far as to sideline them completely either.

The other part of this is whether or not this was a one-time exception for AT&T or will we see a regular cadence of updates.

What's different in Windows 10 Mobile

Yesterday, Windows and Devices Executive Vice President Terry Myerson also Tweeted this bit:

"Big day, first update worldwide (and more to come) to all phones running #Windows10 - same build as PC!"

The "more to come" is the important part, but it is not the crux of why things are now different with Windows 10 Mobile. Here is why this OS is dissimilar from Windows Phone 8.1.

A few people knowledgeable about the matter tell me that the radio stack is basically "blackboxed" in Windows 10 Mobile. As one person explained it:

"…the non-radio stack has been almost completely isolated from the radio stack (before the BSP contained a lot more "system" components); carriers need to test and certify updates that touch the radio stack, but MS can do the rest without their involvement."

Another person also mentioned how BlackBerry's BB10 OS was the first to do this, but now Windows 10 Mobile also shares the same OS architecture.

On the face of it, this all makes sense. If you are making 'one OS to rule them all' you want to develop all overlapping components for phone and PC, but keep the radio stack separate as it plays no part. Carving out the differences between the phone and PC builds lets Microsoft co-develop more of the OS, streamlining the process.

Taking this into account and things become a lot clearer. Windows 10 Mobile and Windows as a Service (WaaS) can go forward because the OS can be updated without any changes to the radio stack.

Carriers –especially in the US – claim to fear that a "rogue" update to phones could cause network instability. Of course, to my knowledge, this has never happened. Regardless, this is one of the reasons why carriers exert control over OS updates in the first place. If something is touching their network, they want to test that it meets their standards. With Windows 10 Mobile, once the phone is approved for the network by the carrier Microsoft can keep rolling out 'patch' updates to the OS and not get permission each time.

But what about...

Assuming this new architecture is accurate - and we believe it is - there are a few questions and caveats that remain, including:

  • Firmware - It is not yet clear what role firmware updates play in the Windows as a Service model for Windows 10 Mobile. So far, Windows Phones seem to be doing quite well without the need for special updates to the firmware. In fact, it looks like Microsoft offloaded a lot from the firmware into the OS component, which is why they can deliver new features through the OS in the first place. However, there is a firmware element, and it is not yet clear if carriers will need to approve those. Then again, considering how rare firmware updates are these days, this may be less of a big deal.
  • 8.1 upgrades to Windows 10 Mobile - Interestingly, once a phone is on Windows 10 Mobile it appears to be a hands-off experience for carriers. But the process to get an 8.1 phone to Windows 10 Mobile does not appear to be so easy as just updating an in-situ Windows 10 Mobile OS. Here we are presuming that the radio components are changed with this update, expected to start this month, and carriers need to approve that initial step just like before. This process is why "upgrades" to Windows 10 Mobile are less definite carriers still play the gatekeeper role. (Obviously, unlocked phones do not fall into this quandary).
  • Why no Verizon, etc.? - What is also not clear is what role, if any, did any of this play in getting the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL on certain carriers. I have speculated in the past that Microsoft may have gone with AT&T due to the carrier agreeing to let them have more free reign with updates. However, the model described above dilutes that argument a bit since presumably carriers perceive a lower risk. On the other hand, carriers could still not oppose such an upgrade system if they are stringent on testing. Whether WaaS and Windows 10 Mobile played a part in any of this is still unclear, but it cannot be ruled out either. I think Microsoft does not want any Lumia "left behind" with Windows 10 Mobile making it a non-negotiable demand to carriers. Plausible alternative argument: Carriers just don't care about Windows Phones and passed.

The question to the firmware update should be answered in the coming months as the Lumia 550, Lumia 950, and Lumia 950 XL being to mature. Luckily, if you have been a part of the Insider program, you may have noticed that Microsoft can do a lot just through OS updates and no firmware including bringing back Hey Cortana for supported hardware.

A big step forward

While there has been speculation and careful readings of what Microsoft has stated about OS updates the proof is what happened yesterday with a global rollout of a cumulative update to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. This vision by Microsoft has been talked about, but it many ways December 8, 2015, was the moment where it all came together.

I do agree that we'll have to see just how often these updates are pushed to mobile to really prove the model, but, at least, Myerson's "more to come" suggests this is not a one-off. Indeed, many Windows Phone users are skeptical of AT&T who has blocked Lumia updates in the past, so the burden is on them. If the AT&T Lumia 950 continues to get updates and it keeps in sync with its non-carrier version then things are truly different.

That is not to say there have not been issues either, as we reported some Lumia 950's were unable to get yesterday's update (or even on the Insider program). There is no doubt that Microsoft will be collecting and dissecting a lot of analytics over this and other updates to improve the process going forward.

The bottom line is that Windows 10 Mobile and regular OS updates now appears to be a real thing. Yesterday was but one step in that direction, and we'll be watching closely in the following months to see if what we described here is the strategy going forward. For Microsoft fans, however, this looks to be the hallelujah moment we have all been waiting for.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Looks promising:)
  • Yeah. I want MS to push the updates themselves then waiting for carriers to do it like will take forever!
  • Things stepping in right direction.!! Windows 10 surely a changer.!! Better late than never .! This thing is great just like apple has control over the updates .! Microsoft can now too !! :)
  • I just got my boss to accept a new mobile for me! I'm gonna be back on wp on a 950 xl and I can't wait.. This has been said before, but the unity of windows 10 across devices is what has to be done and I will do everything in my power (buy wp) to let this happen!
    I love the whole windows 10 mindzet.. Go Microsoft!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Except for Verizon. I agree that "WaaS and Windows 10 Mobile played a part in" the problems with Verizon. But I also believe that MS can get around this.
  • Blame that Verizon thing.
  • But playing hard ball may be part of getting around that. The fact that they kept this generation off Verizon might show that they're serious and won't budge, and Verizon might be willing to make a deal next year.
  • LOL
  • Ya..
  • Need help: How to update my L1320 using windows device recovery tool from xxx.11 to xxx.29?
    installing via OTA isn't happening because of less internal memory. WDRC says I've the latest software version but it's not..
  • Try running the Insiders preview app again. Delete any map data and move as many apps etc to an SD card to free up space. You may need to delete some apps still to free up space but you can always reinstall them again after the update. Hope this helps
  • Thanks..
    I've done everything I could.
  • Then buy a new phone with more internal memory ;)
  • Lesson learnt. My next one will have more internal memory..
  • Absolutely promising! This is been a dream long time ago, to make phones updatable without carriers intervention. The only problem left is that some carriers that are purposely not supporting the platform, which is another story. Looks like Microsoft joins the bandwagon of Apple to make supported phones updatable without delays (or significant delays). Great for Windows phone users! The only left Microsoft to do now is to keep polishing W10M until it reached or surpassed WP8 in terms of polish and reliability.
  • So the question is, should I update my 925 to Win10Mobile? If so, how? I'm assuming if production phones are getting updates than it's ready for primetime -- but how can I do this? I'm an unlocked Lumia 925 on T-Mobile running Cyan currently. 
  • Insider program? It's the same OS, same build.
  • More to come??
  • What about specific device drivers? Is there an issue now after the merger?
  • And if you're worried about potential instability from preview builds then now is the perfect time because the preview build is the same as in the wild. You can upgrade and then opt out of the Insider program immediately after; you'll keep the update but won't get any new ones until the official Lumia 925 build comes out for your device.
  • @Daniel Rubino ..
    Pls provide a link for that wallpaper..
  • Even I want that wallpaper
  • Can I update though the inside program without doing a hard reset? I've got a lot of music that I'd like to keep and not re-download. It's the only thing stopping me from updating to 10.
  • Yes, but it's not 100% guaranteed to work (a few builds back had a bug that corrupted SD cards for some). In addition, performance might take a hit (but this is up for debate, and hopefully shouldn't be an issue when it goes public). Can you backup the files to a computer or SD card?
  • All the music is on an SD card, it's a mixture of my music which is backed-up and xbox music pass. I just don't want to go though getting it all back on my phone. I'm think I'm going to wait until the carrier release, or until I just get bored and update anyway.
  • Just unplug it?
  • I didn't do a hard reset and it works fine. L930.
  • Same - 930
  • Great article! Take that Paul! I was with your theory all the way yesterday and it looks like this is proof you were right!
  • I know. He has been such a negative nancy recently.
  • Are you asking him or telling him? ;P
  • Is it really 100% the same? Look at the version numbers in Insider app > About. The performance is likely not the same considering insiders are sharing more info with MS.
  • Does this mean that the recovery tools will have Windows 10 Mobile images instead of having to go back to 8.1?
  • Lock screen wallpaper pls...? :)
  • Daniel, I own the Lumia 950, and this latest update became available to download.  However, it never does and eventually tells me that I am low on storage.  It is using less than 6GB, of the 29GB available.  I don't understand.  In addition there are 4 other downloads, for Groove, etc, that will not download either.  In addition, my phone gets steadily warmer while sitting idle to the point that I turn it off to let it cool down.  The three times I have restarted it, the low storage message shows, and when I cancel it, and let the phone sit, it gets warmer and warmer again. I am taking it back to ATT in the morning.  Is there anthing you can advise me to correct the issue.  I would be grateful if I could hear from you, or anyone else that may have a solution for me. Thank you. It has been a fantastic phone!!    
  • hmmm, someone just experienced the same (a lot of space but download won't start and stays at zero) and i adviced him to use storage sense and transfer all native apps to the sd card. he didn't reset and started the update once more and luckily it just went through and finish. don't know what happened but something in there triggered or updated the mass memory to accept data  downloads once more. didn't experience this on mine though.  
  • emma0, thank you.  However, I went back to storage and when I try to move everything that will go to an SD card, I get error 0x80073d0b.  At least I was able to charge the phone this morning without it heating up.  Everytime I tried last night it got warmer than I have been used to.  I now have 7 apps in the que to download, also, that won't download, giving me error 0x80246016.  It is interseting that last night I WAS able to move apps to the SD card.  It is ridiculous that I have over 23GB of storage availableand getting this error.  I sure hope ATT can help me!!  Perhaps .29 ceases trting to update, and that is why my phone temperature is back to normal.
  • I had the same problem where it would sit on 0% download, get hot and show that low storage warning. It did not show that warning until I tried to download the update, also got very hot while it was sitting there for the update. I did try to do the download over 4G instead of wireless, when I got home I rebooted my 950, went to the update page and left the app open. After awhile it began to download and install. The update completed sucessfully and I no longer recieved the low storage message and my 950 no longer got hot. Hope this help.
  • Thanks gumbedamit. Unfortunately after an ATT person played with for awhile, the update become not available for some reason.  when checking for update, it says I am up to date, but I am on 0, no.29.  So I'm resetting my phone . . .bummer. Also, the ATT guy went to his demo, and started the download.  I bet he will be sorry he did that, because it did the same thing and was getting hot,  I left the store before I saw waht he was going to do.
  • An update to my issue last evening.  This morning I was able to charge my 950 without overheating.  However, when I go the store there are now 7 apps that have error messages. 0x80246016.  If I go to phone update again, I am afraid it wll again try to update.29, tell me I am low on storage, and overheat my phone.  Please,somebody help me.  Thank you.
  • I had the exact same issue. So I reset my device (via About > Reset) and then didn't restore from a backup. I updated straight away to build 10586.29. No low storage issues at all, or warnings. Then reset my phone again and restored from backup.  Without the update the 950Xl is a frustrating device to use. Following the update it's much much improved.
  • Bigsro, thank you. I actually did a reset just to todays date.  That way worked too, apps redownloaded at the same time .29 was downloading and installing.  I guess the pain and time involved could've been worse.
  • You can try updating through the insider program. The insider builds are very stable at this point. I'm running 10586 on a Lumia 735 without any problems, and I have a Classmate running the same build on his Lumia 925 daily driver. Hence, I think you can do take this route without any problems.
  • I've updated my T-Mobile 925 to Win10Mobile and - other than a bit of lag and battery drain - there's really no issue.  And those two problems have been reported on a large number of handsets.  The latest update to x.29 has really helped.
  • Yeah, updated my 925 two updates ago and same things, lag and battery drain. But otherwise I've had no issues at all. I was hesitant to do it until they got closer to their "release" build, but you won't regret it because you'll be able to take advantage of all these universal apps coming out. I had to roll back to 8.1 during the upgrade process at one point and it went fine. Give it a shot!
  • I am running my 925 enrolled in Fast Ring and it is very stable as of the last build prior to yesterday's release. At this point I would feel confident using it as a primary device.
  • If you haven't done it already, then I'm assuming you aren't looking to be a beta tester so I would say no, **** no (edit: "he ll" is tha naughty of a word WC?).  It is very slow and buggy as **** still.   Home page will seem fine but once you start using it, you will notice the slowlness, the constant app crashes, regular failure of things like the camera, trying to share images to text, etc etc etc etc.  Then there is Outlook and the rest of the Window Phone/Android split personality that is Windows 10 phone.   That of ocurse is what it is but the stability and speed on 925 is still really bad at this point.
  • If you haven't done it already, then I'm assuming you aren't looking to be a beta tester so I would say no, **** now.  It is very slow and buggy as **** still.   Home page will seem fine but once you start using it, you will notice the slowlness, the constant app crashes, regular failure of things like the camera, trying to share images to text, etc etc etc etc.  Then there is Outlook and the rest of the Window Phone/Android split personality that is Windows 10 phone.   That of course is what it is but the stability and speed on 925 is still really bad at this point.
  • If you haven't done it already, then I'm assuming you aren't looking to be a beta tester so I would say no, **** no.  It is very slow and buggy as **** still.   Home page will seem fine but once you start using it, you will notice the slowlness, the constant app crashes, regular failure of things like the camera, trying to share images to text, etc etc etc etc.  Then there is Outlook and the rest of the Window Phone/Android split personality that is Windows 10 phone.   That of course is what it is but the stability and speed on 925 is still really bad at this point.
  • Can't wait to get some W10M love on my 1520!
  • Do it, already have it on mine thru the insider app, and works fine, just not in par with wp8.1 in terms of performance but really close
  • India never had any Carrier issues... Still it was delayed during 8.1 cyan n denim .. Haven't revived update 2 yet .. Happy to see that .. Hope 1 red launch button will be global for same devices...
  • Totally forgot about update 2!What happened?
  • Some devices like 640, blu and htc m8 got it. It was never supposed to released for older Lumia phones.
  • The delay was due to firmware for country variants. Cyan, Denim, etc. are firmware releases. This article talks about OS updates, since firmware updates are now very rare, and mostly unnecessary now.
  • The x20 generation NEEDs a firmware update because it's really bad to go all the way to Cyan when you have to restore your phone. I want to restore the phone directly to W10M.
  • @WesleyBPeres, once the rom is available via the recovery tool you will be able to do just that.
  • I still can't get the update on my 950XL. Apparently a fix is in the works.
  • I have a Lumia 735 in the UK (as my main phone)... Is it worth jumping on the Insider Program to upgrade to W10m or should I wait until it is officially released?
  • My doubt exactly. When's the eta on w10m update for wp8.1 devices? Should I just enroll in the insider preview as Daniel says its the same os same build anyways to all w10m devices officially?
  • Insider program is running same version as desktop. That means insider is very stable. So yes
  • My next question would be, if I decide to upgrade... Should I treat it as if the OS will wipe and format my phone? Or will it be a 'safe' upgrade like Windows 10 is from 8...
  • Safe upgrade
  • Thanks.
  • As a 735 owner, you'll be getting Windows 10 officially through Microsoft, I believe even in the first wave of models to receive it OTA. As a general consumer myself, I personally would just wait for that as you know you'll be getting it anyway. Up to you, though, at the end of the day.
  • I assure you can get this build ( 10586.29 ) as the OS for your main phone..
    I'm using Windows 10 as an Insider from 1st Build on my Lumia 730 Dual Sim Mobile ..
    & At present I'm not experiencing any major issues with this build..
  • Fortunately it appears easy to update, because it is in need of lots of updates yet. I just reverted all 7 of my phones back to 8.1 and will wait until it matures a bit more. My guess is that many carriers will do the same.
  • You have 7 Windows phones?! This man here is the biggest Windows fan. Kudos to you, sir.
  • I was waiting, but became impatient and stuck W10M on my UK CV Lumia 640. Everything working perfectly. Don't delete any apps if you can help it, because some of those apps may not be available on W10M. I deleted O2 priority app, which you can't get on W10M store just yet.... ******!
  • Well I have decided to take the plunge and it is currently installing... Fingers crossed all goes well...
  • Using W10m on a Lumia 735 in the UK on O2. Would highly recommend it. Only complaint I`ve had is with Edge, but this has been fixed with the latest update.
  • This made me not configure my new Lumia 950 XL for Insider Builds because of initial concerns with update frequency with carriers involved. It is very encouraging that the mobile OS is essentially going to be just like Windows Update on the desktop, Patch Tuesday and all.
  • Seems faster... W10 has been surprisingly stable on my HTC OneM8!
  • MUCH SLOWER on my Lumia 1020. Very unstable.
  • Really? Like what?
  • Like running on a dual-core CPU from 2013 kind of slow.
  • What this dual-core nonsense has to do with OS performance, especially if supported with 2GB of RAM. Sure there are some processor hungry apps that will use advantage of more cores or higher freq. but OS itself???
  • The photos app for example. In WP8.1 the photos app is instant. In Windows 10 Mobile it takes a long time to open and when you try to pinch to zoom in a photo, it will freeze for 15 seconds.
  • Keeping finger crossed to get the windows 10 update today on my Lumia 830 :)
  • I'm going back to att if they step back. They have awesome service. Phone issues have been my only issues with them in the past (though borking IS on my 1020 is pretty offensive). T-Mobile service isn't there yet sad to say.
  • Just a friendly reminder that you don't have to use AT&T phones to have AT&T service. Just buy the phone unlocked and stick in your AT&T sim. Buying your phones off contract works out cheaper in the grand scheme of things. And if you'd prefer to pay in portions, my crystal ball tells me that there's a 99% chance of you getting a 0% interest offer amongst your daily junk mail soon. :D
  • Great but can't update still as its not showing...
  • How does apple do? N why doesn't unlocked phone update not spoil their so called network??
  • This is an old question that has been answered for many, many, many, many years. Apple got special deals with carriers to have full control. End of story.
  • And unlocked phone not messing the network??
  • That whole messing with the network thing is just their lame excuse. GSM technology eliminates the need for network specific tailoring. That's why you can take any GSM phone and put your SIM card in and their network doesn't implode.   CDMA is a bit of an exception, and Verizon originally denied the iPhone because of that, but they later caved when they realized how well it took off.   Usually the carriers are subtly adding other tweaks while they "test." For example, on Windows Phone, one of the early behind the scenes things that AT&T added was configuring the phone to auto-connect to open wifi hotspots. Another common enhancement is to detect the use of unauthorized tethering by silently changing the APN info used when internet sharing is enabled. Part of the reason why carriers were a lot more eager to approve WP8.1 over the other updates is that Microsoft baked in many of these tweaks at the OS level. So they were more eager to approve this.
  • Try telling that to the dimwits at bce wireless they still want you to register imei off contract phones
  • Lol there have been times its just the isheep collective downplay it on multiplatform tech media sites
  • Can we have a 'Hallelujah'?!
  • Sure, indeed!
  • They cry for flagships. Then, they buy carrier locked phones. And then, they cry for the quick updates. Story of America.
  • North America*
  • Yeah. By America I Meant North.
  • Because not many people can afford dropping $600+ on a "flagship" phone.  But thanks for bringing your anti America bs into it.. .dirtbag 
  • And, yet, you're paying that and more when you buy through the carrier. Why not just save up? Oh, yeah, most most people now require instant gratification. Smh...
  • By the time people would save up the phone would be outdated.
  • Perhaps maybe take a step back, identity your additional expenses. Reduce those, put the money saved into a pot. It's not that difficult to save 5 or 10 dollars a week. Since most flagships are on a yearly cycle, you either pay the premium or pay less.
  • It's easier just to buy a 640 and unlock it. You'll get your return on investment after the first month.
  • That's a lame argument. Say you want a MS flagship and you can't afford $600 now. Buy the 640 for cheap and then save up and get the next one. THe idea that you HAVE to have what you want right now even if you can't afford it is what has screwed this countries economy. People here need to get their financial prioraties straight and grow up.
  • If you wait to buy a flagship phone, it will no longer be a flagship phone.  
  • I said "Save up and get the NEXT one" Most people really have 0 need for the latest and greatest. Someone can wait and save up for the next latest and greatest, be it a 960 iPhone7 or S7. 
  • In the not so distant past it was actually more expensive to buy off contract, given that your service rate was no different regardless of where you got the phone. So you could buy a $500 phone off contract and pay something like $70 / mo. for service, or you could sign a two-year contract and pay less for the same phone with the same $70 / mo. service. Once your contract is up, you don't get a discount on service - you were given the opportunity to upgrade to a new phone for cheap with another 2 year contract. Regardless of what you did, your service rate still reflected the hidden subsidy. You were still paying the same rate for your service. Whatever portion of the service price that subsidized the phone just went in their pockets if you hung on to your old phone or bought a new one outright. Effectively, you were getting ripped if you didn't upgrade, and it is one way carriers encouraged new phone sales. It became standard business practice in the industry in the US. So you see, it's not as simple as saying it's about instant gratification. We've really only begun to have more options of late. Now you can choose cheaper plans that itemize the phone subsidy if you choose, or you can buy a phone outright and still have the cheaper plan. The old way lingers as a matter of consumer habit.
  • Sorry, but this has been your truth. Don't be a sensitive ***. Take it sportive.
  • What country are you from, so I can insult it in it's entirety?  
  • Really? You wanna start a war, poppy? Lol. Patriotism is a good thing. But not worth it to fight over american carriers' BS. ;)
  • I really don't want to.  Apparently you're totally missing the point I'm trying to make.  It's the same thing as race labeling.  Are you going to tell me all *insert race here* smells like cabbage?  
  • Credit card?
  • & how long has euro been in the dark ages? Sadly without contracts they dont get the needed funding to make network upgrades i.e. LTE
  • 1 problem solved. 2nd: Apps need to be solved for win10 to be a success
  • Tell the developers that Windows 10 has now more than 110 million devices (phones, PC, Xbox, HoloLens, and eben Surface Hub). It's now on par with Apple (and even surpasses them? I hope that).
  • It is no where near Apple. There are a billion plus iOS users. Desktop users don't need apps and as such they will not drive app development. Like Balmer said, universal apps won't help. Windows 8 hs hundreds of millions of users and that didn't create demand for apps at all. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • IOS users maybe, but not OSX users.  That's where Microsoft is winning, on desktops only.
  • Isn't that a dying breed, soon to be a niche segment? Sales are down every quarter and mobile is still climbing in market share and especially usage. You don't need a big rig to commute to Starbucks. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yep they missed the boat dropping rt. As for the crybabies whining about how astoria is the end of native apps well you do understand devs that have any gp integration be it ads or maps still have to tweak that kind of stuff to make it useable.
  • What!? A BILLION plus iOS users? They don't even have half of that. There are little over a billion Android devices and contrary to what Apple try to make people believe Google owns 80% of the market. iOS is somewhere around 16% thanks to strong iPhone 6 sales. Are you suggesting that every human being on earth has a smartphone? That's only way your assertion would make sense.
  • Imo I need apps. I use apps on my desktop all the time. I never go to YouTube website, I use tubecast or mytube. I use iheart radio, amazon, and weather channel apps all the time. I would use a app before going to a website. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer apps!!
  • And also Astoria project won't help. Remember the case of OS/2 and BB10 about compatibility with rival platform? They got dead shortly. If Windows 10 go thru that way, too, it surely will be dead, especially on W10M. So, what I think of Nadella's state of Universal Apps is great. He combined every single idea like Continuum,
  • And also Astoria project won't help. Remember the case of OS/2 and BB10 about compatibility with rival platform? They got dead shortly. If Windows 10 go thru that way, too, it surely will be dead, especially on W10M. So, what I think of Nadella's state of Universal Apps is great. He combined every single idea like Continuum, Universal App Platform, and the others, packing them into one OS that covers them all across devices. That's why I want to count Windows 10 not just only desktop nor phones, but all devices running Windows 10 in it. And that is also why I think MS will surpass them not just in desktop, but also mobile platform and IoT as well.
  • It's no where near Apple Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No update for me...950xl
  • me too no updates for L950.... as i heard there is problem with L950 only but not for the XL... weird
  • If this is the case, woudn't it make more sense now for all Microsofts apps to be welded within the operating system instead of separate apps so they can run faster and smoother?
  • Not really. Updating an app to fix problems is a Wolfe lot easier than updating an OS just to fix minor things and potentially break others.
  • No as you would need a full OS update for each app update as they would all be in the build - very bad idea - having them as apps means the teams can work on them and get updates out more frequently
  • I'm not sure Windows should be crowing about the roll out yesterday.  It had massive issues on the 950 series.  Even the rollout felt like a "beta test" of rollouts.  Again, like so much of the Windows OS, it is better in theory and conceptually then in real life.  Still it's good to not have to be at the mercy of the carriers.
  • " It had massive issues on the 950 series. "
    Massive? I disagree. Most users seem to be quite happy with it. We are not being flooded with complaints in email, forums, reddit, or twitter, so I cannot reach your same conclusion. Also, crowing? It's the first time they did this, why would it be perfect? They'll learn going forward and adjust. That's not anything unique or even interesting when you consider what was accomplished.
  • "massive" ok...that might be much as I don't have any numbers or percentages of who had issues with the update, but it did have issues, as you all (Windows Central)  even had a front page post about the issues (which was very helpful, thank you) Yes, in theory it's great step forward and a first step for Windows I agree with you, but as far as future adjustments I hope you are correct and that they make those adjustments and make it a smoother. 
  • The vast majority that are not seeing an update simply don't realize there's even an update available. And for those that do know *and* the phone doesn't see an update available, I think the vast majority of us (me included) know that a fix is being worked on and it's Coming Soon™. Kudos to Jason at Microsoft for his perseverence working on this through the night last night (and if he happens to read this comment... dude, go get some sleep... I know a lot of people are whining, but seriously, we *can* wait just a little longer).
  • Agreed. Comparing the first gen Windows 10 to a several gens of iPhone and Android will be unfair. Compare the first qith the first should be on par, and Windows 10 surpasses them all in terms of UI, design, and UX among first-gen mobile OSs.
  • Will it hit the x20 devices in February?
  • 2017, yes. :)
  • I am switching to OnePlus in 2016 :)
  • Better choice
  • Xiaomi Mi4 Then.
  • It's going to be Feb '16. Don't worry.
  • I'm so confused!!!!!! Is the Windows 10 Mobile RTM released or not?! Sorry to overreact, but I am genuinely confused.
  • Call it shipping version then or whatever describes what is given to the paying customer...
  • The day 950 shipping is the day the OS is considered RTM, even they said it's still in beta.
  • Okay it's not RTM, but when will the carrier approved OTA version be available for people that did not use Insider Preview? Later this month?
  • OTA version for non-insiders is available right now for Lumia 950 / XL
  • No update visible for 950 XL on Rogers, 2015-12-10
  • I meant "Is Windows 10 Mobile released to everyone?" That's what i meant.
  • WP8.1 devices have to wait until carriers approve it.. For unlocked phones, expect the roll out at the end of the month or early next year..
  • Even though people say that, i find it hard to believe. Same thing when people say Windows 10 is the last version of Windows. I think all of that is BS.
  • Not to the general public no not yet, if you mean Windows 10 mobile There are "insider program" which is a beta test for the system that anyone can join.   W10 is also now on the new phones that were released (or currently being released depending on what country you live in) from Microsoft (950, 950XL, and 550)
  • I hope that windows 10 mobile gets to first phase phones next week (14th Dec) as previously speculated. That too worldwide. (Waiting in India for the same).
    Yesterdays release was quite assuring.
  • Technically it is, at least on x50 series Lumia. The rest is still waiting for official release update to push except if you are Fast Ring Insider, you likely already have it. If you got build 10586.XX, then you technically got the RTM build similar to Lumia x50 series. If you still got WP8.1, then there is a waiting game for the official release for older Lumias. Expect at least starting next year. It will also depends the country you currently live in.
  • Too bad there aren't any carriers to worry about other than att
  • Um, UK carriers. Also I believe in France.
  • I believe in France too, it's a great country.
  • Lol. We believe in France, too.
  • Welcome to the the rest of the world - its nice here - we have Mobile carriers here as well.. as well as electricity and running water. There is more to the world than the USA carriers. That is all Yours - A Brit!
  • Hahahaha
  • And go to a place where you have no eligable sales/entries and VAT? No thanks ;) I kid, I kid.
  • You have running water?  *gasp*!
  • Unfortunately the update and several hard resets did not fix any of my Bluetooth related reboot issues on the 950 XL. So returned it just some minutes ago to be eligible to get my money back.
  • Why money back? Get another one
  • Because I'm anything but convinced that I would get a working one, following the discussions. I don't want to return another open box to my retailer. And I already spent enough time with it.
  • You go! boy! Way to stick it to the man. I totally feel you on this. I wish more people would exercise their rights as the consumer to take crap back. Don't get me wrong. I love my 950xl but I've already replaced one of them. And you can bet I'll return this thing if I get even a suspected hint of possible hardware failure or defect. To all the rest of you who are like .. "you should just X Y Z.. you're a hater.. blah blah blah"... forget you! Taking that craaaap back!
  • One more thing android is lack of.
  • That makes the score about Windows Mobile = 8 vs Android/iOS = 560
  • Who cares? Slow & steady wins the race!!
  • W10m is Slow? Yes.
    Steady? Umm, Nope.
  • Steady updates from now on hopefully.
  • The only thing iOS and Android have are apps... If you are app centric is a big deal. If you arent then Windows 10 has those other guys beat and then some... The one exception is native payments... I wish I could tap and pay.
  • Android is better in almost every way. You have no options for a premium device, only plastic ones on Windows Phone. Device choice in general is almost non-existant, there are basically only two these days. You have no way to customize your device, even iOS is more customizable through jailbreaks. You can even make your phone look like Windows on Android. You have no browser choice and the only one available is truly terrible. Windows Mobile is also really slow. Sure the animations are smooth, but they last forever and you still have to wait after they are finished. Live Tiles are really frustrating to use. If they happen to show you something interesting, there is no way to direct access the content. You are stuck opening the app and hoping it is easy to find. Sometimes you can't find it all. They are also not interactive, so quick access to music controls or other buttons are non-existant. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do you feel better after getting that off your chest?
  • None of that is true, so take your pissy post and shove it up your lower orifice where it belongs, you trolloing piece of crap.
  • Im still waiting an update for my Ativ SE :(
  • Microsoft has forgotten that that phone exists. I had an ATIV S and it never officially received 8.1.
  • Um, I think you mean *Samsung* forgot. Microsoft released the update.
  • Microsoft is the company that decides which phones get the insider preview. So microsoft has forgotten. Samsung has forgotten as well though.
  • add the carriers even. the OS was provided but was ignored. if samsung truly want their old phones to be updated to windows 10 mobile, a collaboration development should exist and the hardware drivers should be provided by samsung. i guess there wasn't any communication initiated by both parties (even worst - even the manufacturer didn't even try to provide drivers for w10m).
  • Same with my old huawei w1
  • I got 8.1.1 officially on the lte aws variant
  • ATIV S on Bell Mobility in Canada officially received the 8.1 update.  :)
  • Sprint never updated my Samsung Ativ S Neo either, so I joined the preview program, after it was stable, and did it myself.  Si happy I have the Lumia 950 now, though.
  • Blame vzw
  • Bought an Ativ SE about a month back although i have a Lumia 925 already, cos it was available for only $155. Updated to 10586.29 directly from 8.1 using the hack described in the forums, got internet sharing working too using the registry hack. Happy with the purchase, here are the pros and cons vis-a-vis the 925 - Pros - 1. much better call quality, 2. much better battery life, 3. removable storage, 4. better display and higher specs in general Cons - 1. No Tap To Wake, 2. No Glance and other Lumia-specific features. The phone is performing solidly, with incredible standby life, good overall life and absolutely no heating. Not a single complaint with any feature or app, in my opinion MS has absolutely nailed it with 10586.29
  • When will Microsoft roll out Windows 10 for all Lumia phones ???
  • Sounds too good to be true especially given all the lack of update issues I've suffered in the past with my carrier AT&T. But this would be awesome news and glad I finally updated to W10M last week. My L830 is seeing the 10586.29 update as of yesterday but still unable to download or install it. It keeps timing out with some error and says to retry later. Busy servers or is this the same issue as the 950's not gettting it. Note I did not install Insider Preview after a hard reset on W10M and did not rejoin the fast ring.
  • My 950, is overheating as it trys to download it, and 4 other updates, like Groove.  It is hilarious that it eventually tells me I have low storage!! Heading to ATT today to see what they say.  Been a great phone so far.
  • Still havent seen a update for my lumia 950xl...
  • My continuing to use Windows phones hinges on whether WiFi calling (along with band 12 support on T-mobile to an extent) is implemented on future phones.  As WiFi calling doesn't seem to be built into Windows 10 at this point, at least not like Apple and Google have done, I am not sure this is a good thing for those of us who rely on it.  My 640 is still running fine for me but I am stuck on 8.1 because it was supported by the carrier.  On an OS that commands about 3% of the total mobile phone population I could see carriers saying screw it and not working on things like WiFI calling or VVM.
  • According to FAQ both the 950 and XL support VoWiFi and VoLTE. Beyond that I'm not to sure as it appears that Wifi Calling is merged with the phone app in carrier branded roms (yes, I'm simplifying it alot here).
  • Here is a great thread I recently came across which appears to explain in pretty good detail what's holding up WiFi Calling.  I'm in the same boat as you, so I hope this is accurate and that it get's resolved quickly.  Pertinent info is the 6th post down (as of the time of this writing) from Travis, supposedly a MS employees.
  • The understanding is it only works on single sim variants
  • I have always wondered why the carriers get any input at all. Seems to me the radio stack should be simply a driver. If I have a 3G/4G modem in my laptop, it connects Windows to AT&T/Verizon just fine without any OS integration. There's no reason smartphones shouldn't be the same way.
  • Radio stacks used to be/mostly are mini OS that run and do low-level functions in the background.
  • I'm taking the 'blackbox' to mean that regardless of who's radio stack it is...on whatever device (WP, Laptop, Tablet, Xbox)...that provided the Win10 Api calls work to the radio stack...its all good now?  Is that the takeaway?  That no part of Win10 holds radio stack software, only api calls to the stack?
  • The carriers like control. It's easy for them to force someone to buy up to a new phone if they withhold updates. I still have a huge grudge against AT&T for leaving my first WP stuck on the dissapearing keyboard version of Mango... But in all seriousness, they also take on the responsibility of providing all the support for the phone, which I suppose is an acceptable argument on their part for why they should get a say in it. But sadly it does more harm than good...  
  • This is awesome news. I went with getting a 950 through AT&T since they actually had it available, and I didn't want to deal with the visual voicemail nonsense on dual-sim phones. I was worried that AT&T would hold up updates like they did with WP7 and 8, but now I feel a lot better about getting a carrier-branded phone.
  • Have you been able to update to .29?
  • .29 is downloading now on my AT&T 950.  Had to go the reset route though.  It hung on downloading and said low storage.  After hard reset, download seems to be going fine.
  • Hallelujah!!!
  • I do not know if it was the .29upate or the camera update that came yesterday also. MY 950 is much better at focusing now then on monday.
  • "this looks to be the hallelujah moment we have all been waiting for.​" The hallelujah moment I have waiting for is the app gap to comes to an end..  
  • Im really tempted to install the insider preview on my 930 but I'm kind of scared joining the insider program.
  • I am running it on L930, all fine. You can opt out after the install.
  • And how is the battery life and the performance?
  • Battery life is similar to 8.1.
    ​Performance is very good.
    I only have an issue with the MS weather app, the live tile works, but when I open the app, I always get an error message. (I didn't do a hard reset after I installed the update, maybe that would help)
  • Okay thank you. I'll give it a try.
  • Try Accuweather. Its working fine.
  • Some part of the articles are just assumptions. World over unlocked phone updates n dont affect carriers. And they would be fools if something wrong in a phone affects their system. What happens when they are developing a phone with untested software and they insert a sim ? Does that affect network?
  • My assumptions are the smartest assumptions.
  • You should think before writing such articles than simply trust someone's opinion. You are not even able to answer the question, so now we know how smart the assumption is.
  • This is all so exciting! I am happy to hear AT&T is at least working with them and hopefully this will mean new updates continue rolling out without any fuss. 
  • Will after upgrading to 10 via insider preview my apps and games remain on my Lumia 630 or will get erased and corrupted.
  • You'll have your belongings as it is.
  • Thankyou
  • And please tell how much data will it take for the upgrade
  • Upto 800mb.. And for installation you need appox 1.4gb free space..
  • Nope. Only when you roll back to 8.1, but you won't..
  • Thank you azer_m
  • "Black boxing" the Radio Stack. Everything makes so much more sense now. Awesome stuff!
  • Can we please have that wallpaper please???
  • Thank you
  • Difficult to overstate the significance of this, it genuinely is a fine fine feature. Great news!
  • Yup, it is.
  • When Microsoft will have Insider on all Android, I will consider that kind of phone. Until then. ^_^
  • Talking about carriers... Some friends have told me in the last couple of days that my calls haven't been getting to them. It rings on my side, but no missed call shows up on their phone. Does anybody else experience this?
    Don't know if it's a 950 or at&t problem :/
  • After build 10586.29 i had been experiencing missed cals and sms es. Had it solved with a reset to factory settings. So, they are introducing bugs rather than fixing them!
  • Verizon has become the old AT&T.  A stale monopoly of old products.  Their customers will be leaving soon.  Not just because of Windows phone, all phones.
  • Bring back HERE apps to the windows mobile store. NOKIA LUMIA users are very disappointed.
  • And Lumia Camera!!!!
  • Anyone else having trouble with the update? Mine refuses to download and I receive a message that I am low on storage which is not the case. Lumia 950.
  • Mee too
  • Same problem here Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Received an error while updating my 950. Low storage... Make some room... Huh, 23GB free is not enough for this update!
  • Can't even get the first one right. Also, my 950 is sweltering hot and burning through battery since trying to update.
  • My battery is draining like crazy too and stuck at 0%... Restarted several times and gets hot within minutes! Daniel please help, what are we supposed to do? Says low storage every time I restart now.
  • Lol I guess wu is now a uni app in the sense updates are heavily compressed
  • Everybody thinks that this is a good thing. This is probably why no carrier wants any of the new Windows phones. Not the best move.
  • Yeah, has nothing to do with the <3% market share, lol, it was this that pushed carriers over the fence.
  • Well of course the market share also has to do with it.
  • Ding dong the witch is dead, finally carriers are becoming in significant when it come to phones
  • All phones??  Nop, my unlocked 950 XL still shows 10586.0 and I've been checking since yesterday and no update!!
  • Yeah, well, that's an issue not a purposeful choice ;) read the end.
  • I can add that none of the updates (like the camera update or Groove) are not available for me... So I wonder if I have to do a hard reset (something I would prefer not to do) or wait for Microsoft to solve the problem with update .29??
  • I want that lock screen image. Anyone know where to source it?
  • Ask Dan on twitter or reddit
  • Or here Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am no fan of the US carriers, but I can understand their position concerning the testing of the radio stack. AT&T granted Apple full control of updates to its phone because they were so eager to have this device exclusively for several years. And they paid a big price for it. Remember the early iPhones had really bad radio stacks and AT&T got all the blame from iPhone users for dropped calls and poor audio quality because iPhone users just knew the fault had to be AT&T because Apple is always perfect. And Apple never said a thing until several years later when they quietly acknowledged how poor their original radio stack was and that it was likely the real cause for all that poor performance. AT&T wasn't about to stop selling the iPhone but I doubt they have ever forgotten that experience and wouldn't dare let any other OEM get away with what they allowed Apple to do.
  • Was it like were going to receive unfinished builds forever?
  • I dunno, when did 'iOS' finish? Also, did Google ever finish making Android? You see, these are very silly sounding questions, right?
  • I for one couldn't care about this, I am an average consumer who needs his phone for work (930), hence I won't join the insider program. When is Windows 10 going to be released to Jo blogs like me? Windows 10 was released in July for desktop, the average ***** on the street would expect it to be the same for phones, this is just sad it taking this long.
  • Yes it is sad.. Now you sit over there and CRY :D
    The Lumia 950/XL are running the same build as insider builds why would you even care about the official release.. If MS is reasy for prime time using the same OS builds as in Insiders , just go for it.. Get on to insider preview and get the latest update ( RTM kind of update..Oh wait, I'm not supposed to use the word RTM :p )
  • Wait a bit longer, my XL has some bugs like Groove issues, settings crashing,and random restarts. Not massive problems, but inconvenient ones. Not battery issues though, and 10 is great overall.
  • Its not the same for other phones though.. Everything runs like a charm even on my 512MB test device.. Must be an issue regarding 950s..
  • Must be. :P
  • Yeah its sad but life is full of disappointments. The os isnt ready for daily use for core things like browsing & battery life is meh
  • On the whole "carriers approving updates, since it possibly could break communications" yes, it has happened before on iOS (I think it was around iOS 8.0-8.3x) where networks on ATT became a bit spotty due to a quick update from Apple without rigorous testing from carriers. It was a minor bug however.
  • Good point.
  • And dont forget the data that their 1st few generations caused alot of network congestion & peeved alot of hotspot providers
  • It happened on Windows Phone too, especially the 920 1308 update. LTE was affected on AT&T and Rogers and Microsoft had to hold-off until a fix was in place.
  • I don't really understand where this article was going. I live in Canada and use Fido on my Lumia 830. Was this article saying that Microsoft will now force updates without going through service providers?
  • Yes.
  • Is Windows 10 Mobile available to the public yet?
  • Once the official rom drops for said devices
  • Thank you!
  • Hey, does anyone have the HTC One M8 on Verizon with WIndows Insider and if so, is it stable and what are the issues.  I want to try it out on my phone but I'm pretty sure Verizon won't update it any time soon.
  • Well when they actually manage to bring hey Cortana to my phone without me having to spoof the profile I would suggest that example would be removed as it only seems to apply to a select few models.
  • Ok so when is microsoft pushing firmware updates? I hope before the geneal release of windows 10...without firmwares,win 10 mobile is a far...and i have been on insider program from day one
  • IMO, i think MS purposely kept it to one carrier necause the OS isnt ready for the masses yet.
  • It tried to update my Lumia 950, but said there was not enough memory!! 5.38GB used of 29.1GB.  What is up with that?  So went ahead and moved a few apps, that totaled well under a GB, and am trying again.  Just gave me low storage again!!  What gives!!??
  • GREAT! Greetings from Portugal
  • There's an important element to also consider here: Usually a phone needs a lot of testing to make sure it is ready for a carrier's network. This is usually done by the carrier. Now, much like what's happening on PC's with OEM's and OS updates, MS seems to be doing most of the job, relieving the carriers from the burden and the referent costs.
  • Like we didn't already know lumia was updateable how about other OEMs?
  • I just love it when I see in my Microsoft Account page summary, all of my devices are on the same build. =D
  • Daniel LOVE the work you are doing here. This, however is pretty clear. I will attempt to break it down.. "Plausible alternative argument: Carriers just don't care about Windows Phones and pased​" The before statement and that entire paragraph seem to miss the point. Microsoft made it ver clear that they chose to go with AT&T in a non exclusive, "exclusive." MICROSOFT: "We’re refocusing our channel strategy, narrowing it in the short-term and planning for broader operator availability long-term. While there was interest across the board from U.S. operators, currently we’ve made the decision to have AT&T carry the Lumia 950, and then sell both the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL unlocked through our own channel in Microsoft stores. In Europe, Deutsche Telekom will carry the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, and we’ll have more to share about other carriers shortly." To add credence to this, both T-Mobile and Verizon stated that if Microsoft wanted the phones on their network it could be done. I guess no one really cares about Sprint anymore. T-Mobile "To be clear: We did not turn down the new Windows devices. MSFT gave to AT&T. If Microsoft wakes up, we’ll talk about T-Mobile carrying," Verizon: "Because there has been little consumer demand for Windows 10 Smartphones, Verizon has chosen to not carry the Nokia Lumia 10 in its retail channels. However, if Nokia still wanted to make the device available to Verizon customers, it could have the device certified for use on the Verizon network through Verizon’s Open Development program. To date, Nokia has not chosen to do so,” the remark states. In this case, Verizon is referring to Microsoft when they say Nokia in the response letter." Clearly there is nothing stopping Microsoft other than themselves. It would appear to me that the clear and obvious explanation for Microsoft being able to freely update Windows 10 mobile is there being a change in archetecture, akin to BB10 as noted above, allowing the updates to go through sans the "need" of approval. Personally, i think the Microsoft strategy is DUMB and they should have made their new "flagship" phones available as broadly as possible.
  • Please bring the features of 3g only setting...
  • Mmmhh I post a couple of comments here and in post about groove but I cant find them. Assuming they were not canceled, I guess my app is not working properly. So this is a test. Daniel maybe you can enlighten me?
  • So this post now looks to me properly uploaded. Like the previous ones. I will check it later...on the pc version
  • Daniel, Thanks for the well written hink its letand decoding of the tweets and info, both direct and in-direct from Microsoft. What you have written makes a lot of sense when you consider that if the radio stack is indeed separated and in a black box. That clears up a lot of the questions that i had and makes the path a lot easier to see going forward for the devices that will have or get windows 10 mobile the conventional way. I think its less clear for those who may use the insider preview to move from 8.1 to 10; time will tell for that... i saw some people saying they got the update also yesterday...  Step1 accomplished, now we just need more steps and more devices in peoples hands, especially those who are keen to own them but are being delayed due to lack of info on when they will get them - yes, i am one of those fans.
  • MSFT may just say, we will release the updates without any permission from carriers and thats it. One independent example is Insider Program. I have been using Insider builds from the beginning of the time in TeliaSonera (Estonian Telecom Corp.) network and i must say never had any problems with my Lumia 930.
  • their is a lot more prblms with the navigation bar.
    navigation bar does'nt hide smoothly as it was in win 8.1
  • Alright//still revieiwng this...on a 950 AT&T unit...excellent Wi-Fi...still trying to D/L..update was picked up!  
  • I'm still stuck at 0% with a hot 950 and burning through my battery, Daniel Please help! Battery down 50% in one hour just sitting there!
  • I can't wait to upgrade my new 640 from 8.1 to W10 Mobile, that way my Surface and Phone will be running the same apps. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later (this month).
  • Hey Rubino, you still haven't give us that Windows 10 wallpaper :O
  • I have rolled back to wp8.1 if I get in to windows insider user & get latest build 10586.29 and again when ms will rolled out public release for wp10. So what should I do. Be part of a insider ir get back to wp8.1 to get public released. Anyone have any idea.
  • My Lumia 950 XL is not getting the update to .29.... I am not using the Insider app any more because I don't want previews from now on. So this update is available only for insiders?
  • Any timeline for official public release of windows 10 mobile?
  • When windows 10 update roll out begins!! Any idea?
  • When is the official update rolling out? MS said it would be in the month of Dec and boom, it's already December and a week has passed :/ And Lumia730 has not been listed in the official devices that to be updated to W10 but Lumia735 is there, so what's the difference?
  • Needed firmware for better performance
  • My unlocked 950XL with an ATT SIM card has not updated yet.  Am I missing something?
  • We still need the Official W10M with FIRMWARE updates to make it Optimized for our Mobiles devices.
  • @Daniel Rubio could you tell us what is wrong with this not enough storage issue, I keep getting this message all day and is making the phone very hot and battery runs low, please!!!!!!!
  • User: MS can push
    MS: All right, no build today
  • My L535 is doesn't proceed past "downloading updates 0%" exactly as shown in the image above titled: "What's different in Windows 10 Mobile". I used another phone for WiFi tethering but still the same result. I wonder when MSFT will allow updates over cellular networks, based on the user's wish.
  • When update is coming for my Lumia 930 ? I live In Eurupe....
  • If I was to update my 930 WP8.1 to W10M through Insider (fast ring) and then opted out after updating, would I get the normal non-insider updates coming through or nothing at all until I opt back in again to the Insider program? Also, will updating to W10M delete everything from my phone? .... Or is it best to just sit and wait for the official W10M release?
  • So now Apple and MS are the only mobile phone vedors with both Maching Hardware/Software AND Update controls. Google/Android or BB not so much
  • Still no signs of update on my 950XL.  USA- first shipment of phones.
  • ok, so one OS....  this means that bugs that get fixed are prioritized now by sheer numbers?  Will the phone bugs still get fixes?  For example, maps... desktop people seldom look at traffic, but phone people look at it a lot.  Will the fact that there are 19000 votes for the font being too small on the desktop overshadow the 40 votes on the phone for the same font being too large.  
  • YES!!! Completely agree! I rather Microsoft push it out than Carriers. I just need bandwidth from them! I don't need Carriers touching my updates!
  • Same build number as desktop. Two different OSes
  • I think the "forever" part is a bit too much, ugly hardware and unfinished software and very high priced made me return my 950. Maybe if it's the Surface phone with windows 10 pro the "forever" part will stick.
  •    It's going to be strange, not waiting eight months for an update while carriers are delaying, I mean testing.
  • For those having problems with the update, I found this thread I have had to go for a hard reset    
  • Does anyone know when is the update (.29) released in Canada? I bought a 950 and the update was there, then it was gone about one hour later. I got the MSFT health update, great sound control though....... =D
  • It Doesnt ork on my lumnia 730, phones heats up after regular intervals without using  
  • We should all applaud and cheer "finally"! A right step in the right direction. Cheers.