Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync now available

Just a follow up on that Hotmail with Exchange Activesync support--word is, it is now Active Live err...working.

The settings are pretty straight forward if you are familiar with setting up an Exchange account on your device. Simply enter this info and you should be good to go:

Server / URL:

Username: Enter full email address, for example:

Domain: Leave this blank

SSL: Enable this

Certificate: Accept the SSL certificate when prompted

Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks: All can be enabled


Daniel Rubino

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  • Now works on my Samsung Omnia i9XX.
  • Dont forget to mention, no HTML email on WM devices but it works on the iphone. MS showing their support for WM!
  • no HTML support on WM Devices? I've had HTML email on my WM device for years...from the looks of this, it appears to be since WM 6.0 (so for 6.0, 6.1, and 6.5):
  • Yes, HTML email is supported on WM devices however Hotmail has implemented a version that wont display HTML on WM, only the iphone. More than shameful since with the Windows Live application HTML email is supported but Hotmail EAS wont.
  • You can sync tasks though, can't sync those on a iPhone ;)
  • I did all this with my iphone 4... sent myself a test email to see if push was working... works perfect... only problem is this.. i have 38 messages already in my inbox, but when i go to native email app, it just shows new email, not previous emails already sitting in my inbox, maybe this is wrong place to ask? gotta go to tipb? thanks
  • lol nevermind, i found problem. problem was that there was an option called "mail days to sync" i only had 3 days selected, should have selected no limit (old emails were from a while back) i'm an idiot :D
  • agreed, you are lol
  • No html support? Useless...
  • Anyone get this working on WM5? I've been trying to find a way to leave domain field blank... Maybe we need to find where Activesync settings are in registry and blank out domain there...
  • I'm looking for anyone having error 0x8000FFFF with Hotmail ActiveSync. I've already found a number of users with the same issue and I'm trying to collect as much info as I can to give full details to Microsoft Hotmail Team. If you're having the same issue, post here a note with the following details: 1. Windows Mobile phone brand, model, full OS version & build number and system language. 2. Which items can you synchronize (if any): Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. 3. During account setup, in "Enter Email Address" screen, do you see any pre-selected checkbox to "Attempt to detect Exchange Server Settings automatically"? (see - picture #3 for details). 4. Do you get any SSL certificate to accept? 5. Which is your LiveID? Hoping that might help us with Microsft, I thank you very much.