Amazon-owned live-streaming website, Twitch, has kicked off a new promotion for Rainbow Six Siege, with a collection of free in-game loot up for grabs. Tied to its premium Twitch Prime subscription service, the partnership brings three installments of exclusive items across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Whether you're unsure about Twitch Prime or need help getting this limited-time loot, keep reading below.

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What is Twitch Prime and how do I get it?

If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you already have Twitch Prime. In countries where Amazon Prime is available, the subscription is required to use Twitch Prime features. In 2018, the service is available in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Japan, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

If Amazon Prime isn't available in your region, an active Prime Video subscription grants access to Twitch Prime. This service is available worldwide, except for China, India and "embargoed territories." No matter how you approach the promotion, an Amazon subscription is required for the skins.

If you haven't yet linked your Amazon account and your Twitch account, you need to do that first. Head to the Twitch Prime homepage linked below and follow the on-screen steps to complete this process.

If you don't yet have Amazon Prime, remember you can get a 30-day free trial.

Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime packs explained

The Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime collection is comprised of 17 exclusive cosmetic items, distributed in three randomized monthly installments. Spanning four playable Operators, uniforms, headgear, weapon skins, and weapon charms are available.

The Twitch Prime collection is split into monthly drops from September 2018 through November 2018. Rewards come in the form of "Twitch Prime packs," which each feature one randomized item from the collection. With no duplicates, all three Twitch Prime pack allocations grant access to the full set.

Kicking off the promotion, linking your Twitch Prime and Ubisoft accounts unlocks eight packs to open in-game. This is paired with a bonus legendary-tier "R6 Ultra Fanboy" weapon charm exclusive to the promotion. October's packs are now available, and additional packs will appear in-game to complete the Twitch Prime set in November.

While the 30-day free trial unlocks Twitch Prime Packs today, you'll need an active subscription until November 2018 for the set.

How to get Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime loot

With Twitch Prime, linking your Ubisoft accounts unlocks your first drop of Twitch Prime packs. PC players should use their Uplay account, while Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users should use a linked Ubisoft account. Once set-up, follow the below steps to claim your Twitch Prime loot.

  1. Navigate to Rainbow Six Siege's Twitch Prime page.
  2. Click Log In/Sign Up.
  3. Sign in with your Twitch account.
  4. Select Authorize to enable Twitch Prime Loot for your account.
  5. Click Connect Your Ubisoft to Claim Your Loot.
  6. Click Link when prompted to merge your Twitch and Ubisoft accounts.
  7. Sign In with your Ubisoft account.
  8. Click Confirm my account.
  9. Select Click here to claim your exclusive items on Ubisoft Account.

With your accounts linked, eight Twitch Prime packs now await in Rainbow Six Siege. Future packs will be added automatically.

Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime complete skin list

Due to the randomized nature of Twitch Prime packs, you'll only gain access to eight cosmetic items in September 2018, and four in following months. We've wrapped up a complete list of available items, which unlocks over the coming months.

  • R6 Ultra Fanboy weapon charm (Legendary)
  • Hibana Red Highlight headgear (Rare)
  • Hibana Red Highlight uniform (Epic)
  • Hibana Mimesis Garnet for Type-89 (Rare)
  • Hibana Red charm (Rare)
  • Finka Orange Highlight headgear (Rare)
  • Finka Orange Highlight uniform (Epic)
  • Finka Mimesis Ember for SPEAR .308 (Rare)
  • Finka Orange weapon charm (Rare)
  • Ela Purple Highlight headgear (Rare)
  • Ela Purple Highlight uniform (Epic)
  • Ela Mimesis Garnet for Scorpion EVO 3 A1 (Rare)
  • Ela Purple weapon charm (Rare)
  • Bandit Green Highlight headgear (Rare)
  • Bandit Green Highlight uniform (Epic)
  • Bandit Mimesis Lime for MP7 (Rare)
  • Bandit Green weapon charm (Rare)

Have you claimed your Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime loot? Drop into the comments section below with your favorite skins.

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Updated October 11, 2018: Refreshed following the release of October rewards.

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