How to fix a stuck Windows logo during the Windows 10 Mobile build 14342 install

Lumia 950 XL
Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Windows Central)

After Microsoft accidentally rolled out a pre-release version of Windows 10 for PC, the company is now once again aligning the version of the operating system for PC and Mobile with the release of Windows 10 Mobile build 14342 to the Fast ring.

The new update brings swipe navigation gestures for Microsoft Edge, Apps for Websites to allow certain sites to open with an app and a lot of new fixes. However, a small number of users has also been reporting that an issue where the phone may get stuck at the Windows logo screen during reboot after the installation of build 14342.

Microsoft is aware of the problem (opens in new tab), and it's proactively investigating to find a solution for this issue. In the meantime, the company is offering two temporary solutions to get around the problem.

How to fix the install of build 14342 on Mobile

According to Microsoft, you can fix the Windows logo stuck at reboot in two different ways.

This first workaround involves being patient. The company said that if you come across the issue, then wait between 30 and 40 minutes when you see the Windows logo stuck on the screen to allow the handset to complete the data migration and installation of the operating system.

If waiting didn't fix the problem, the second workaround is to force-reboot your phone. You'll do this by holding the Power + Volume Down keys for at least 11 seconds.

Once your force the reboot, your phone will vibrate, boot again, and it should continue with the installation.

In case, your phone again stops at the Windows logo screen, don't do anything else, as it'll eventually complete the installation. However, make sure your phone is connected and charging during the process.

It's important to note that if you don't wait and try a hard reset, your Windows phone will fail, in which case you'll need to use the Windows Devices Recovery Tool to recover your handset.

Users running into this issue have been reporting that the Windows Recovery Tool successfully detected the bricked phone and the software was able to reinstall the original version of the mobile operating system.

Have you come across this issue on your Windows phone? If yes, let us know in the comments below your experience and on which phone you came across the problem.

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  • This build is buggier than the old one for me! Did not have this issue but a lot of other issues and had to hard reset. The most annoying is keyboard not opening in edge on various sites search boxes.
  • I like this build better than the provious one. Please name a site with that problem so I can try it and we can open a feedback if it's not a problem related only to your installation.
  • Just found out that I'm not even able to comment on a post .
  • Yup I confirm that part of the textbox are not working on FB. Lucky us we have a great app for that :)
  • I wouldn't use the word great but hey it's ok!  
  • Just the fact that I can type 'a' 'w' 'y' in the search bar of edge makes it great :D :D
  • text boxes didnt work for me on the latest preview release build tbh
  • Yes this build is more stable then previous version Posted from the still best Lumia 640 running build 14342
  • Yes this build is stable then previous version
  • *More stable, *than. It's okay, we understood everything. Thank you for the comment, by the way.
  • I'm just saying that its always surprising to read comments about bugs and some of the comments people do mention the same device I use... I'm just happy that my device feels stable. Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • I still cant believe that despite the numerous bugs people do experience my L640XL has alway run W10M Tech Prev fluidly... And this time no difference. I'm just waiting for new features. Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • Yes, that's very true.
  • I had to do a SR om my 640 XL, but then all went well and I like this build, running smoothly and the screen almost every build better
  • You guys help us in giving a better windows 10 experience thx insiders XD
  • The build is fine, unfortunately the store became very slow. On the plus site Edge browser is faster than ever.
    Lumia 640 XL
  • Yeah, me too having same Bug and this build appears more buggier than previous ones..
  • Still does not fix the missing action tabs.
  • Was stuck on a build from last fall took an hour to get it to emerg flash
  • Second way worked for me...
  • My L540 updated without any brakes ...
  • MS followed the problem since the begginning on their forums. Maybe you are referring to WindowsCentral authors? This site is not microsoft.
  • Maybe you should direct your hatred of MS to them. These boards have no connection with MS. Maybe you could leave some feedback for MS, which is what the insider program is about
  • 950 here, no problem luckily! 
  • works just fine too on 950 XL =)
  • Works fine as well on my L640XL Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • I'm on the latest Release Preview build, and it has made two phones unresponsive. I was able to fix my original 950XL, but the replacement is stuck in an endless loop. It vibrates when I turn on the device, never shows the Microsoft logo, screen stays black, and it constantly vibrates. I've tried the recovery tool, but the device doesn't get to a point where the tool recognizes it. Other than getting another replacement I'm out of ideas. I'm definitely not installing the release preview until a new version is available.
  • When you turn on the device, hold the Volume Up button to put the device into flashing mode. WDRT should be able to recognize it from there.
  • I am having the similar problem with a lumia 830 but solution may be similar. 14332 wouldn't install and so I tried to hard reset, this would not work with the about section or keys. Then after one attempt it bricked the phone and got stuck - it would get to the Nokia logo then reboot. In order to get the recovery tool to see my phone I had to first disconnect the phone and remove the battery (and leave it out). Then open in the recovery tool and click my phone was not detected. This puts the tool into a "searching" state. Hold the power down button BEFORE plugging in. Above they mention power up so it may be different on your phone. Once I did that the tool detected my phone and allowed me to try to emergency reflash it - it seemed to stop the rebooting loop. FYI This only worked on the 2nd attempt at the emergency flash in my case. First attempt the phone rebooted too early I think. After the flash succeeded I was left with just a big Nokia logo on my phone screen but the recovery tool now picked it up and showed an OS I could install. This is where I am at but im having a NIGHTMARE trying to download the old OS via the tool. The download just keeps failing every few mins to every few seconds. I keep clicking retry and the amount downloaded is slowly going up but at this rate I could be here for 12 hrs clicking retry lol - I have a stable 100mb connection so I know it's not that. Anyways, hopefully some of this may help you out. Good luck.
  • Thanks everyone. I decided to get a replacement from the Microsoft Store by me. Once they saw what it was doing they were more than happy to replace it. I'll try those recovery methods if it happens again, but for now I'll stay away from the insider program until a new version is released to the release preview ring.
  • It happened to me as well. I've waited 37 minutes and dis a reset and it took back to the installation process. Isn't MS aware of this BEFORE they actually release it???... Agghg it's like MS don't give a crap about the 10 users left using outdated old hardware like 950 XL
  • Please leave the Insider program or at least move to slow ring, you clearly didn't understand what this is about.
  • My Lumia 950 XL got stuck ...
    I had to hard-reset with Volume up/Volume down/Power/Volume Down button combination. Woks fine now. I wasn't planning to do the clean install though...
  • It got stuck I just rebooted
  • I left my phone updating in the night and int the morning it was with the Windows logo. I just removed the battery and continued.
  • I love these Lumias for that reason. You CAN do all the fancy button sequences......................or......just take that battery away from it for a second. :)
  • Wish I could have done it with my 625 an year ago when It randomly just went off. I knew, that taking the battery out might have solved it, but just couldn't because the battery was inbuilt, and alas, that my friends was the last day it breathed; also it happened to be the same day as my birthday, what a gift right?!
  • I hard rest and it worked fine
  • Yes, and was a brick on the start screen for about 30 minutes waiting for ALL apps to re-install.
  • It wasn't really a reinstall, a reboot would have fixed it for you without the wait :)
  • The hard reset 3 times didn't work for me I had to factory reset
  • Same here
  • Yes I had that problem days ago when I installed official windows 10 Mobile, I had to wait for 15 minutes ..Don't interrupt the phone..Keep it charging and it will eventually complete
  • I ran into it and managed a restart. I'm not sure what button I pressed thereafter to get it to show the download process, but it poofed into existence and all was well.
  • Mine got stuck on the logo for over four hours. Did a reboot and it worked(ish) I now have a load of apps that won't open , with an error message saying the app needs an update in the store. When I go to the store, the app is up to date. Anyone else with this issue? Any ideas? L950XL
  • Just reboot once more :)
  • Unfortunately that hasn't worked :-(
  • mmmm worked for me, actually I did a soft reset (vol up + power) but I don't think it should change much.
  • Still not, I'm afraid.
  • Soft reset is almost like a restart :) no need to be afraid.
  • It hasn't worked. Hopefully they'll sort it in the next build.
  • I had similar with Napster and another couple of apps, an uninstall and re install of the broken apps did the trick
    ** 950xl and loving it !!
  • I don't like that workaround though because data is lost when apps are uninstalled and reinstalled. It's fine for things like paypal or amazon but for things like my bank I have to jump through hoops to get the app authorised again.
  • No idea then, good luck...
    ** 950xl and loving it !!
  • This happened to me as well, including the authenticator app, which is a pain to lose data.
  • i restarted the phone holding only the power button because i tought it was a bug, i ****** up the phone?
  • anyone knows if i bricked the damn phone?
  • I did that one time after 10 minutes, then let it sit for nearly an hour before I did that again. After the second time it seemed to work properly and continue the upgrade as expected.
  • Doesn't look like..use wdrt
  • Manual reset, using buttons.. Should work, did for me Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Mine got stuck for around 45 mins, a reset didn't work, several attempts didn't on fact, so I removed the battery, that got it going again, midst apps on start screen and store were pending but eventually resolved themselves...
  • Feels like Battery drains a bit more on this build.
  • I went from 100% to < 40% in a couple of hours doing nothing. The phone is warm for some reason and nothing going on that I can see. Currently at 8% because it apparently drained to nothing. Hoping it actually charges. Battery drain is crazy on this build.
  • I concur about the battery drain. Installed on my Icon and have been charging for five hours and just got to 50% and very warm. I did a hard reset after the install but hasn't fixed the battery issue
  • Same here with my 1520. I haven't seen the battery issue be this bad for me in a long while.
  • I had it with my Nokia 930.  I think I narrowed it down to mobile data being on?!  Turned it to flight mode, charged the phone (all OK) and now WiFi and GSM on (but no mobile data) and it's OK still.
  • My phone was stuck at the windows logo all day from 8am to 4pm, until I reset it...
  • Stuck at 64% for very long time but eventually passed and finished.
  • i don't know when windows 10 official update gonna be bugless..... there are still few bugs which annoys non-insiders..... battery drain issue is big one. there is unusual message notification bug present in .318 build..... does anyone has same issue ? _ Using awesome L730(10586.318)
  • You'll find help in the forums... (anyway no OS out there is bugless, main branch looks pretty stable with some minor bug lately. And you will never get back 8.1 battery life, that OS did half the things win10 does).
  • Any tricks for restoring Quick Actions? Besides a hard reset?
  • Nope either never rearrange them with this build or hardreset.
  • Which phone are you using?
  • Lumia 830.
  • Messenger not working properly connecting and dissconnecting L930
  • Lol wish I had saw this last night did a restore updated and then all good.  Thanks for the tip regardles WC greatly appreciated!
  • You and me both.  I spent a good portion of last night rebuilding my phone after resetting it when it seemed 'stuck'.
  • Me too... On the other hand, I needed a hard reset since it has been months since I've done one and I am on the fast ring. Bing on lock screen was broken for me. Now I is fixed.
  • Mine is working but it is a little bit slow and I dont know whether its a known issue or it's my device?
    Lumia 830 on the latest build
  • I did hard reset
  • I did hard reset
  • I have not downloaded the update yet, but will soon
  • Had to soft reset 5 times total! First got stuck for 20 min, soft-r than it was stuck at the start screen so had to soft it again.. But now glad to say its working!
  • Yeah... I had to remove the batter and restart. After that the installation finished successfully. 
  • I'm on the "be patient" stage. Got a lumia 830, this is the first major problem ive gone through using the insider preview whilst updating lol. 
  • I've had the same problem for the last 3 builds. Left it for over 2 hours before pulling the battery to reset, although the soft reset worked this time.
  • I had to do a soft reset after waiting over 45min. Worked a treat for me.
  • I had all of these issues. I ended up recovering the phone. Wife is pissed at me for messing with her 1520. I of course, want it to appear buggy so she takes my 950 allowing me to get an xl.
  • Soft reset (vol down + power) worked for me. Still boggles my mind that bugs like this aren't caught during dev and listed as a possible issue in the changelog.
  • That's what you are for.
  • This has happened to me , I did all the steps mentioned many times over last night. What I had yo do was a manual button combo for the hard reset. It turns out that it did install and I was able to restore to that up. All other media was gone of course.
  • Where can I get that wallpaper? Look good
  • I didn't have any problems with the update on my AT&T 950. Before the update it would freeze several times a day. So far no freezes or restarts. Works for me.
  • I had the same problem with Lumia 950XL and was easily fixed after soft reset. Glad can plam music over Bluetooth with no DRM issues.
  • This version of the build on my Lumia Icon killed all my battery life and the phone is running HOT!
    Anyone else having this issue on the Icon?
  • Same issue here I went to the bat management and it was the Microsoft Health using 70% battery in background
  • Yeah said Health was using 45% on mine...But man I'm charging it and it is taking forever for it to hold a charge. You think it's bc I rooted it with the XDA stuff??
  • Just remove Microsoft health and try to reinstall it.
  • Maybe
  • My wife Lumia 640 the solution was only remove the SDCard and Reboot. None of the published methods worked
  • I bought a refurbased Verizon "ICON" to upgrade from my aged Verizon Nokia Lumia 928. I think I will wait for at least 2 more insider builds before I use Any Windows 10 mobile insider builds. I have read some bad reports about the "Icon" having troubles with Windows 10 mobile insider builds. I wonder if this build causes the same problem when installed on a Nokia Verizon "ICON" I may wait untill mid June to put Windows 10 mobile insider builds on My Verizon "ICON" because by them microsoft software Engineers should have Windows 10 Mobile very stable for the Verizon ICON and other Windows old and new Smart phones. I still think Microsoft should have got ether the Lumia 950 or 950 XL on Verizon because Verizon network has NO Windows 10 Mobile Flagship smart phones that run Windows 10 right out of the box.this Hororible fo Verizon Windows smart phones fans s
  • This build is CRAP! Time for a hard reset and roll back to a production build.
  • Went smoothly on a labratory 950XL. However, I have a Rotation Lock issue. At first I thought the "sensor" was bad because the phone goes straight to landscape mode in all apps that support it. This is even when holding the phone in normal portrait mode. However, if I close the suspect app(s) and then hold the phone in normal portrait orientation and turn Rotation Lock back on, I can open the apps and they do NOT jump to landscape mode. I assume that indicates the sensor is fuctional? Strange indeed. Otherwise, the phone is running crisply on this build.
  • My 1520 got stuck. I tried hard reset also but still didn't work. Had to go back to windows 8.1 and then come back up. The phone almost didn't make it. It failed once during recovery. But thankfully it responded the second time.
  • I have Lumia 730 i have installed the update but my phone nat stuck do tell me when its stuck Syedashfaq
  • "wait between 30 and 40 minutes " I waited for about 2 hours while my 1520 was stuck on the Windows logo screen. A soft reboot brought the phone right back to the same screen where it remained until I implemented the recovery tool. So, 3 hours later (3:30am) my phone was back on the current non-insider Redstone build. Awesome:(
  • I have performed the reboot after waiting 1 hour. Now I'm another hour in :(
  • See my post at the bottom and see if that helps. For some reason it worked for me
  • Lumia950. Hard reboot + connecting to power helped for me
  • After updating, the phone app wont launch it says error 0x800073CC and tells me to reinstall the app, when i install it ot gives me an error saying that it will try later.
  • L830 - this happened to me, and I waited for about 30 minutes before giving up.. didn't know I had to wait 10 more minutes! Anyways, soft resetting did not help at all so I performed a hard reset and all is GOOD
  • AND I thought my phone, 1520, was starting to fail and needed replacing! Anyway, I did a reboot twice and the installation continued on.
  • Had this problem on my Lumia 735. Wish I had seen this before I used the EWDRT.
  • Just leave it for an hour or so, reboot. Problem solved.
  • Force restart with volume up and power did it for me..
    Though this build is very buggy. Many apps are crashing frequently
  • I have a Lumia 1520 and it hung up on me for about 30 min then finished the install. It works great. I love the new build.
  • So I had all of the problems above and none of the solutions above worked. I got a message saying that " my phone was locked for security reason, and it would need to charge for two hours" well after at least 8 hours and a soft reset the message remained. The only thing I found to get past it was to sign into my Microsoft account and go to the " Find you phone" and remote locked it with a new code. For some reason after I put the new code in it worked. Hope it helps you guys as well.
  • I need help can you help
  • What I did was take the battery out. Leave the phone completely powerless, no battery, no charging. Give it an hour or so, then just reinsert the battery and start it up as usual. Worked for me ^^
  • Lumia 930. Stuck at Windows Logo for 30minutes. This build better have good bug fixes to make people waiting for over half an hour.
  • Anybody has issues with the notifications? Notifications dont come up on my 640XL after the new update.
  • My Lumia 950 made a smooth transition to the new insider build, which is pretty awesome. Where did u get that wallpaper from?
  • What I did was take out the battery in my Lumia 830, and leave the phone completely with no power for an hour. Once I put it back on and started it as usual it was up and running in no time ^^
  • This is happening again on the latest 14342.1004 update for my 950.
  • I have updated my Lumia 650 DS to latest 14342.1004. after that unable to open Cellualr & Mobile conenctions. event not able to receive and send SMS. I tried to do soft reset but no luck, same issue happened for older Redstone builds aswell. that time tried all possible ways finally using recovery tool flashed to 10586.xx build. Any one facing the same issue, Help is very much appreciated.  
  • I updated in Lumia 930. It got stuck up in windows logo for more than 30 mins. I did a soft reset as noted above and could get the start page. Still most of the apps are showing as Pending. I hope everythign will be installed properly in another 10 mins or so. 
  • Dang, my 950 XL is stuck on the Windows logo :( It's been at least 30 minutes now...possibly longer...going to give it 30 or so before i force reboot's burning up though.
  • Where did you get that wallpaper from?
  • Hi, I am using MS 950 XL in UAE, last night I have updated (AU) and from the morning the phone freezing, Skype donot opens, WhatsApp hangs.. I restarted several times, But still having sme problem. Sometime cannot release screen saver even. I am struggling bcse its my primary phone. Please, requesting your appropriate action at the earliest time. Waiting for your response. Regards, - Karthik.
  • Same issue when installing Windows 10 Mobile update build 10.0.14393.693 on Microsoft 950 phone. Have waited for way more than an hour on stuck Windows logo after restart. Then have reset the phone with power + volume button down and thankfully after restart it has continued smothly with data migration and completed the update with no more issues. ​I think MS is still not testing the funal builds enough prior to the final / GA releases.