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Dying Light 2 is brimming with easter eggs, nods to movies, games, and such, and collecting them all is a task in itself. Some are easier than others, but one which can be quite elusive is the Pyramid Blade.

This two-handed sword is a nod to the Silent Hill franchise and the Pyramid Head character, and it's a seriously powerful weapon that hits like a train.

Getting one will require an amount of RNG success but instead of roaming the streets of Villedor hoping to stumble on one, there is one place you can go and a method you can employ that will guarantee you a Pyramid Blade. Here's how to get one of the more elusive weapons in one of the best Xbox games of 2022.

How to get the Pyramid Blade in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2Source: Windows Central

The Dying Light 2 Pyramid Blade might be hard to acquire, but there is actually a really simple method to getting one. One guaranteed place to get yourself a Pyramid Blade is at the vendor at the Fish Eye Canteen in Central Loop. Obviously, this means needing Old World Money to buy one, but with perseverance, you'll see one appear.

The thing to do is visit the vendor during the day. If there's a Pyramid Blade, great, snap it up. If not, you need to reset the vendor.

Head down to the rest spot at the Fish Eye (it's fairly close to the vendor) and sleep twice so you wake the following morning. Go back to the vendor, check again. Rinse and repeat this process until you finally get a Pyramid Blade.

It's not the most exciting thing to do, but it works and it shouldn't take too long.

The Pyramid Blade

Dying Light 2Source: Windows Central

Unfortunately it seems the Pyramid Blade from the vendor tops out at Level 6. It still hits hard — I've been using it against Level 8 enemies and it's doing work — but it's a little disappointing that it doesn't seem to be available at a higher level.

That's not to say it definitely isn't. Folks in the official Dying Light 2 Discord have seen one at higher levels and legendary quality, but these could also be from modded games on PC. On console, it looks like it's Level 6 or bust.

You also can't mod the Pyramid Blade or apply the Korek Charm to it so once it's used, it's gone forever. But at least you can always buy another even if it takes a little while to get the right stuff at the vendor.

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