The Division 2 guide: How to get Situation: Snowball exclusive weapon 'The Sleigher'

The Sleigher
The Sleigher (Image credit: Windows Central)

As of December 10, Ubisoft's latest content drop comes to The Division 2 in the form of Title Update 6.1 with a brand new seasonal event. Situation: Snowball is live through December 31, with an accompanying apparel event known as Silent Night.

Included in Situation: Snowball is a brand new, seasonal exclusive weapon known as "The Sleigher." This is no ordinary weapon, firing snowballs instead of bullets, and causing enemies to become confused. Confusion is probably an accurate response given the serious nature of life in The Division 2!

Here's how you get it.

How to get The Sleigher

The Sleigher isn't your normal weapon and it's going to be interesting to see how agents make use of it in-game. But first, you have to get your hands on it. The good news is that it's fairly simple. The bad news is that it also relies on plenty of luck.

The way to get The Sleigher is to kill an NPC known as the "Hoarder," part of one of the smaller factions, the Ambushers. You may know this character as the "Loot Goblin" normally. Throughout the map, Ambusher crews have random chances to spawn wearing Santa hats. These are the ones you want, and killing the Hoarder with the Santa hat on will guarantee a drop of The Sleigher the first time you kill him.

In my experience so far, The Hoarder has actually appeared without any other NPCs nearby, and is fairly easy to spot. Look for a guy running towards you wearing a Santa hat as in the clip above.

The Sleigher

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

After that first kill, future encounters will still have a chance to drop the weapon, but you'll be subject to the RNG gods from there on out.

So, that's the good news out of the way, but what's the bad news? There really isn't a set location on the map you can always guarantee to find The Hoarder. There's no mission, just find him in the open world.

So far I've encountered The Hoarder twice in the space of about an hour, so it's not terribly difficult, but still relies on luck. I spotted him in the clip above in an alley outside DZ East, and the second time, again in an alley, but this time up in West End close to DZ West.

The Sleigher should also drop at a gear score that fits in with the rest of your build. If you're on World Tier 5 at or very close to 500, you should get a 500 gear score Sleigher drop.

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