How to get the Windows 10 April 2018 Update final release before anyone else

Microsoft is planning to begin the rollout of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update in April, but if you're eager to upgrade, you can download the final version before it's available to everyone, using the Windows Insider Program.

The Insider program includes three levels of readiness known as "rings," including Fast, Slow, and Release Preview, to allow developers and enthusiasts to get early access to upcoming features and improvements, to provide feedback to help shape the future of Windows 10.

While the previews available through the Fast and Slow ring usually contain bugs and things not working correctly, the Release Preview offers stable versions of new feature updates.

The Release Preview ring was designed to only test fixes, drivers, and apps, but because every major update has to pass through every ring, as soon as the April 2018 Update is considered complete, it'll also be available in this ring.

In this Windows 10 guide, we walk you through the steps to get the final version of the April 2018 Update before the official launch.

How to get the April 2018 Update using the Windows Insider Program

Technically, you're still getting a pre-release, but it's actually the final version of Windows 10 minus some quality updates, which Microsoft may have to push to patch minor issues during the preview release period, before unleashing the update to the masses.

If you want to be among the first people to get the Windows 10 version 1803, do the following:

Warning: This is a friendly reminder that during an upgrade things can always go wrong, no matter when you choose to install a new version of Windows 10. It's recommended to make a full backup of your PC before making significant changes to your installation.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Update & security.
  3. Click on Windows Insider program.
  4. Click the Get started button.

  1. Click the Link an account option.

  1. Select your Microsoft account, and click the Continue button.
  2. On the "What kind of content would you like to receive?" page, use the drop-down menu, and select the Just fixes, apps, and drivers option. (This is the Release Preview ring option.)

  1. Click the Confirm button.
  2. Click the Confirm button again to agree to the terms.

  1. Click the Restart Now button.

Using these settings, as soon as the Windows 10's April 2018 Update is available on this channel, it'll download and install automatically on your device before anyone else gets it.

Alternatively, once you complete these steps, you can always go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and click the Check for Updates button to force the download.

Opting out of the Windows Insider Program

After the feature update is installed on your device, you can continue in this pre-release channel, or you can opt-out without having to reinstall Windows 10 on your computer and keeping the April 2018 Update.

To remove your device from the Windows Insider Program, do the following:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Update & Security.
  3. Click on Windows Insider Program.
  4. Click the Stop Insider Preview builds button.

  1. Select the Keep giving me builds until the next Windows release option.

  1. Click the Confirm button.
  2. Click the Restart Now button.

After rebooting your device, you can continue using the new version of Windows 10 while still receiving follow-up quality updates.

Wrapping things up

Using the Release Preview ring you can get early access to the final version of the April 2018 Update, but it's always a good idea to wait until it's generally available and downloads automatically through Windows Update.

That's because during the preview release period and the early days of the official release, the new version of Windows 10 isn't fully compatible with every device, and the chances of running into issues are much higher.

It's worth noting that once the new version of Windows 10 becomes available through the Release Preview, the code will be the same available in the Fast and Slow rings. At this point, if you're an Insider, you don't need to switch rings or reinstall Windows 10, you can simply use the steps mentioned above to opt-out of the program to stay in the stable version.

Important: Microsoft is slowly rolling out the update in the Release Preview ring starting April 4, but it's expected to be fully available in this ring on April 9, 2018.

When are you installing Windows 10 version 1803 on your PC? Let us know in the comments.

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  • When (what day) the public roll out is available? So if you join the insider after April 9, get the SCU and then opt out, will you be getting insider ring builds until the next Fall Creator Update time?
  • No, join you get the SCU, and get out and you can keep SCU. If you stay you'll not get builds until there's a new build available in this ring, which likely is going to be final build of the next fall update. You won't be getting those buggy builds available in the Fast or Slow ring.
  • Frankly, I’d much rather be the last person to install it. Let others be the beta testers.
  • So that's a competition, I'm in... I am going to install it after you.
  • It’s now been delayed due to some issue being found. This is why I am never in a hurry to install these. Since I am not a Fall Creator, I did not install that until January. Neither am I a Spring Creator, so I might get around to that sometime in July.
  • I installed it on a mates computer, well three of his computers, but I had to take it back off one of them last night. but I did not use insiders, down loaded it ins ESd format and used NTlite to convert it to ISO and then used universal usb to stick it onto a pen drive.
    It seems ok, him and his partner uses the Windows eco system a fair bit. they have three machines, one in spare room number one, the other is in spare room number 2 and the all in one in the living room, that is the one I had to revert back to the older Windows 10. they share the machines, the two in the spare rooms are the same, everything is the same, I know I built them. The time line looks good, but again they are into MS eco system, so software like office works well. I put my video editor on one of their machines just to see and timeline do not work with it.. Not that I am in a rush to update mine to be honest, I did see a couple of problems, now and again when click on the task view button, the screen would blank and nothing would display apart from the task bar, had to click it again to get the screen back. I would not use timeline myself anyway.
  • What about doing it through the Windows Upgrade assistant that's they way I've done it previously, will it be available to do it by?
  • yeah you can go that route for clean installs if you're into that :)
  • It's installing now
    ready to put it through its paces =)
  • I've always installed the public release. 🙂
  • Thanks but I'll wait.
  • I've 1803 about 3 weeks now I think from march 16, build 17122 I believe. I received 17074.1002 march 3 after restarting Windows 10 and installed a clean latest version16299.
  • Release Preview ring is for testing updates to the current public release of Windows 10, not the next one. The Spring Creators Update has just gone online for Release Preview ring so it is the best way to get the SCU now. However, Fast and Slow rings have already received the same build so those are no buggier than what is on Release Preview at the moment. Keep in mind that Release Preview does not normally receive the next version of Windows but instead receives updates to the last one. It works just like the Windows 7 and 8.1 optional roll-ups do before Patch Tuesdays.
  • You can update your Windows, or you can check it to that site:
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    Dutch Language
    Italian Language
    French Language
    English + Office 2016
  • I used this method, and I'm writing this using the SCU right now. Although, I did not have the option to keep giving builds until Windows releases. For me, that option was an option to completely stop Insider builds.