How to join and invite friends in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 can be played solo, but it's designed with groups of people in mind. If you happen to come across an event taking place or are unable to progress past a certain point, you may need to team up with some other players. Here's how you can invite someone to your game or join someone else's.

How to invite someone to your team

  1. Press the menu button on your controller.
  2. Press the Right Bumper for the social menu once the map pops up.
  3. Navigate to Recent or Friends.
  4. Select the person's gamertag.
  5. Select Invite to Team.


  1. Approach the player in question.
  2. Hold A as prompted to invite them to your team.

How to join someone's game

  1. Hold the menu button on your controller as prompted after they have invited you.
  2. Select Join Team.

Why should I team up with other people?

Fallout 76 is designed as a social experience. You can certainly play it solo should you choose, but a lot of activities were made with groups of people in mind. There will be times where you'll find yourself easily outmatched and desperately hoping for some backup. By teaming up to take on more difficult challenges, you also get to reap the rewards of receiving better loot as well. Plus, watching a nuke go off after a hard day's work just isn't as satisfying unless you have some pals to enjoy it with.

Even if you decide to team up for a session, you can always choose to go your separate ways afterward without adding them to your friends list. However, should you find that you happen to connect with some buddies you've teamed up with, it's always a good idea to make some more friends that you can team up with whenever you want.

Jennifer Locke

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