SteamSource: Windows Central

Steam is a massive PC gaming platform run by Valve. It's trusted by millions of people worldwide to deliver a quality shopping and playing experience, and for the most part, it's easy to navigate. Those who've recently made a switch to PC gaming, however, might need a bit of a helping hand to get started. If you have a code for a game redeemable through Steam, there are just a short few steps to follow before you can start downloading. Here's how to redeem codes on Steam.

How to redeem codes on Steam

While you can browse Steam from a browser, most people are going to download the Steam client to get the most out of the experience. Once the client is installed on your PC and you've created a Steam account, follow these steps to redeem a game code you received elsewhere.

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  1. Launch Steam from your desktop, Start menu, or taskbar.
  2. Click Add A Game.

    Click Add a Game.Source: Windows Central

  3. Click Activate a Product on Steam.

    Click Activate a Product on Steam.Source: Windows Central

  4. Click Next.

    Click Next.Source: Windows Central

  5. Click I Agree.

    Click I Agree.Source: Windows Central

  6. Type the Product Code.

    Type the product code.Source: Windows Central

  7. Click Next.

    Click NextSource: Windows Central

  8. Click Finish.

    Click FinishSource: Windows Central

From here, you can choose to install the game on your PC, or you can leave it be. The game will forever be a part of your Steam Library, ready to download and play at your convenience.

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