How to reset the Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2

This won't be an issue for most people, but if you switch phones frequently, you'll also need to factory reset the Microsoft Band 2. The good news is that it's really simple. We'll show you how to do it.

  1. On your phone, open the Microsoft Health app, tap the hamburger menu, and select My Microsoft Band.
  2. Tap unregister your Band
  3. On your Microsoft Band 2, press the power button and tap Settings (gear icon)
  4. Tap the Power icon
  5. Swipe left, and tap Reset device.
  6. Tap Yes to erase all data

That's it! The Microsoft Band 2 should now be back to factory settings. You can follow the steps to pair the Microsoft Band 2 with Windows 10 Mobile if you need to connect the band again.

As a reminder, the Microsoft Band 2 also works with Android and iOS devices. However, Cortana only works on Windows Phone, and the keyboard for composing messaging replies only works for Windows Phone and Android, but not iOS.

Most users won't need to reset the Microsoft Band 2, but this will come in handy when you are switching phones, trying to solve a problem, or if you need to restart the setup process.

Microsoft Band 2 Review

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  • Had to eh?? Lol
  • How do you get one in Melbourne, Aus? How to locate band 2? Eh... And they wonder why they are 3% by the time they get any products to us the tech is outdated, how is it that one of the biggest company's in the world has no supply chain? Bloody near impossible to find any microsoft shit in Australia. Shit
  • Same in India...still waiting for Band 1 hehe
  • Hey guys sorry for the OT.... I m the dev of Band Sensor Monitor, Clear my Band etc... Many of you wrote me my Band 1 apps don't work with the new Band 2.0..... Unfortunately it s still unavailable in my small but supercool Country (Italy) and I cannot pick up one to test... I ve a beta but I d need some testers who have time to sideload and try it....
    Please write me at support[at], replace the with @.
    Thank you !!!
  • Good man you are...
  • I am having issues getting clear my band version 1to work on windows 10 mobile 10581. I've reverted once to 8.1 and updated back to 10581 and done several hard reset 3 times with no luck. I've restored each time and the issue persists.i really would like it to do a clean install but I suspect I may have to. I have a 1520 on att. Any advice? Thanks in advance
  • Question: currently my Band 2 is paired with my android phone and it has all my data, if i were to pair my Band 2 with my Nokia 1520, would my data on the android sync over to my Nokia 1520? Posted via Spaceship One
  • Yes if you do a sync before moving the pairing, you can move between windows phones without resetting too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's a bit to easy, wish the reset would go behind a pin, two factor, or similar protection, also on the phone