How to upgrade the RAM in Synology DS918+

Synology DS918+

Struggling to carry out more intense processes on your Synology DS918+ like 4K streaming and other tasks simultaneously? You likely need some more RAM for installed software to use. Luckily, this is a simple process and takes only a few minutes to complete. I'll show you in this guide how to upgrade from just 4GB of RAM to 8GB or even 16GB.

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How to upgrade your DS918+ RAM

We don't need any tools since Synology includes the bay keys with the NAS and the two RAM slots are located near the entrance after the bays have been removed.

  1. Take out the four hard drive bays.
  2. The RAM module slots are located on the side where the power button is.

  1. Take out the newly purchased RAM modules from its packaging.
  2. Take out the existing RAM module from the horizontal slot.

  1. Carefully insert the modules into the slots, making sure they're the right way up. Match the notch to that on the modules.
  2. Re-insert the hard drive bays.
  3. Open up Synology Assistant.
  4. Click the cog icon in the top-right.
  5. Enable "Memory test".
  6. Right-click the DS918+ on the list to start the memory test.

You will now be able to take full advantage of 8GB of RAM. The official word from Synology is only 8GB can be installed, but owners of the NAS have said 16GB appears to work just fine — and the processor supports a maximum of 16GB RAM.

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You're going to need some RAM since we're upgrading this component.

The DS918+ already comes with 4GB of RAM, but we recommend picking up the 8GB kit here because it's never a good idea to mix and match your modules. If you have two modules from the same brand and identical family, you are almost guaranteed compatibility.

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