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How to update your older Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile

As you may know, Microsoft has finally begun rolling out the over-the-air update for Windows 10 Mobile to a select number of older Windows Phones devices. Here's how you can find out if your phone is eligible and how to download the update if it is actually available for your device.

1. Check the list:

Only a small number of Windows Phones can currently support the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade. Here's the list of phones as it stands right now, but keep in mind that Microsoft will likely update this list in the coming weeks and months.

  • Lumia 1520
  • Lumia 930
  • Lumia 640
  • Lumia 640XL
  • Lumia 730
  • Lumia 735
  • Lumia 830
  • Lumia 532
  • Lumia 535
  • Lumia 540
  • Lumia 635 1GB
  • Lumia 636 1GB
  • Lumia 638 1GB
  • Lumia 430
  • Lumia 435
  • BLU Win HD w510u,
  • BLU Win HD LTE x150q,
  • MCJ Madosma Q501

2. Download and use the Upgrade Advisor app:

If your phone is indeed on the list above, your next step is to download and install Microsoft's Upgrade Advisor app:

Download Upgrade Advisor from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Upgrade Advisor

After you open the app on your Windows Phone, all you have to do is tap "Next" to see if the Windows 10 Mobile update is available to download. If it is, you should see the app display what's below:

Upgrade Advisor

3. Download the upgrade

After you tap "Done" on the Upgrade Advisor app, the last step is to go to "Settings" on your Windows Phone, then go to the "Phone Update" selection to check again for the Windows 10 Mobile update. You should be able to start downloading the upgrade if it's ready.


By the way, there are actually two separate downloads. One will update the device to build 10586.107. When that download is installed, check for another update for the final Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.164

Thanks to Karim for the screenshots!

  • When will i get windows 10 for my lumia 630? If i don't get windows 10 for my Lumia 630, i will never buy a windows device, i will switch to ios or android..
  • I'm starting to doubt that 512mb devices will get Windows 10.....
  • be patient.. if you want use Insider to install W10M....
  • If you want the upgrade just switch to production in the Windows Insider app, then go to setting and select upgrade.
  • I'm currently on insider build 1511. How do I get to the release build? Already switched the insider app to production line
  • I'm currently on insider build 1511. How do I get to the release build? Already switched the insider app to production line
  • when i reach the upgrade advisor page on store and press get the app, it says you cannot download this app, this page is for information only,   lumia 735
  • Like WP 7 user now its time for WP 8.1 512mb ram, we are neglected. MS highest selling phone in ur mobile history is 520 n 630 it's 512 ram mobile we need WP10.
  • You can install W10 on your 520 dude. Nothing is stopping you at the moment. Also good luck with Android where most of the phones are still stuck on 4.4 and v7 is currently in preview.  
  • Android 4.4 can attach documents to e-mail replies... Android 4.4 has the same Office apps from W10M
  • What's your point?
  • If you can afford a new Android phone, you can afford one of the phones on the list that can receive the update. Stop being over dramatic.
  • Actually you can probably buy a couple 640's for the price of a comparable Android phone lol.
  • the most people have problem with their batteries on android 5.x so being on android 4.4 is seems to be a better option but android is open source so you can always search xda for ways to install a custom rom
  • I have W10 on both my youngest sons 520 and my middle sons 630. Just use the production ring insider build.   All WP7 useres were left in the dust, only the W8.1 Lumia useres that choose not to install W10 are being left behind.
  • We are talking about official release, and further receiving new builds. Nobody cares that you now have it installed as Insider. I have installed it too, but i want it officially, and with support.
  • First, there is no difference between production ring on insiders and offical releases. Secondly you still might get an official relaese, MS is adding phones in waves. You just have to relax a little.
  • is the production ring meant for firmware updates?
  • you said windows phone users were left in the dust.  Windows phone 7 was released in september 2010 thats nearly 6 years ago, I certainly wouldnt want to stick ios9 on a iphone 3gs cause thats kinda close to the same thing.  I think 6 years suport for phones is a litle much, batterys by then are often either needing replacing by 2-3 years or the phone begins loosing to many modern abilities. Also windows 7 users were left behind at windows 8 not 10, 10 is new and windows 7 was gone a long time ago.
  • No, they just want to release for 1 GB devices first. They have to make sure it's a pleasant experience for 512mb This comment was posted on Windows Central for Windows 10 UWP.
  • I hope you are right buddy.... w10m still feels like beta for me on a lumia 720. poor battery life, sub par performance and applications that are not optimised for 10 tends crash frequently...
  • Yeah it's not really ready yet...
  • Exactly and thats why microsoft have said they wont release it on phones where it is a issue, a move i personally agree with and apreciate.
  • On my 720, it's horrible.
  • Go to android where you wait a year for the latest update
  • yup still no sign of marshmallow on my S6 Edge and nothing listed on my carriers website for it and that was a 2015 flagship device.
  • I've had Marshmallow on my G4 for about a month now. It varies by OEM. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Samsung galaxy though great phones are one of the worst to get new os updates from the android lines.
  • Actually, the Galaxy S phones are fairly quick to get updates. The other phones maybe not so much. It all depends on the carrier really. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Point is S5 will not get any new updates. Android support is about one year for flagships and maybe two for Nexus. Microsoft updated 18 or so models to W10M
  • Have they said the S5 will not be updated? That device is two years old now and I would be surpised if it doesn't get Marshmallow. Samsung has been ok with updating the flagships. The difference though, is the Windows devices that don't get update are truly left behind. As I understand it, new apps will not be compatible with Windows Phones. Not making an excuse for Android, manufacturers should update their phones, but the apps will continue to be compatible for the forseeable future even if your device isn't updated. Many parts of Android are also updated in the background and this is becoming more and more true. Android N may be making some big changes here.
  • Phone was released how long ago??? Just buy a 640for $39 and call it a wrap.
  • $29 at the Microsoft store!
  • Come on people. Are you kiding me? Lumia 520 is old as my grandma. There are a lot better devices now. L640, 540, 730 make and upgrade for God sake and let that device roth in peace. It is already 4 years old.
  • That's only the first wave of smartphones that will get windows 10 mobile. If you own a 512ram phone and install windows 10 on it, you will see the phone freeze sometimes and that happens, because the ram is full. After optimizations the OS will be less demanding(on the hardware side)and, finally, we will get windows 10 mobile. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • True
  • Not just 512MB devices. The x20 series (except 1520) wouldn't be getting the upgrade. And those already on Win10 through the Insider app will likely not be getting further builds beyond the current .164.
    I'm so hurt right now.
  • I was okay if they have told us before.. But they made us test their fckin OS which was buggy as hell and we did spend a lot of time giving feedbacks.. They just wasted all our feedbacks...
  • Our feedback is exactly why it isn't coming to certain phones!
  • Yup.. I just wasted time testing this fcking OS on 512MB devices.. We gave feedbacks so that they will fix issues., not for them to ditch it .. I've other phones that support W10M.. I'm angry that they ditched those who tested it and they are working on ROMs for Android devices to run W10M.. Are they ******* kidding me!!
  • They have time to make apps for android, ios. They work on Garage. Still they dont spend some time in optimizing the oS for 512 devices? windows is definitely unworthy of another try.  
  • Garage projects are things Microsoft employees come up with in their free time (which is their good right)... That has nothing to with spending time to optimize W10M for devices with 512mb RAM. Devices with 512mb RAM is also Nokia's legacy. A wrong Microsoft corrected as soon as it took over Nokia's handset division, as all devices released after the acquisition (even the ultra low end ones) came with 1gb RAM as the bare minimum. That being said, 512mb RAM Lumia's are almost all over 2 years old (some even over 4 years) and most are low end/midrange devices.
    So shut the f*ck up and just upgrade already, you long got your moneys worth!
  • No, you idiot, they took your feed back and came to the conclusion that devices with only 512mb RAM where not capable enough to handle Windows 10 Mobile.
    They, in no way wasted your feedback, that the end conclusion is not to your satisfaction is not Microsofts problem.
    Anyway, it sounds like you where an Insider for all the wrong reasons to begin with!
  • How do you know that? Was it posted somewhere?
  • the 1520 will get it.  I think i also remember microsoft stating a fair amount of time ago that they were strugling suporting 512mb devices and devices with less than 8gig storage on them? 
  • MS officially ditched 512MB devices from W10M .. We all who provided feedbacks for months are fools.. Fkcing Feedbacks
  • if you had a 512 device im sorry but thats like a very cheap budget or old phone, how can you find it resonable for microsoft to suport phones that old.  Why not spend saome money and buy a new cheap budget phone or  just stay on 8.1 which worked great on older devices?  Peoples expectations are way to high in this area.
  • NM
  • There is no windows 10 for 512 mb ram phones
  • It's not looking likely you will, MS seem to be releasing it only for the devices they feel will offer the best experience, and that'll be it.
  • i have CyanogenMod 11 on a Galaxy Mini im pretty sure if a dude on XDA Forums can make Android 4.4 work on a 384mb ram and a single core clocked at 600mhz devive a company like a Microsoft can make Windows 10 work on 512mb and x20 series devices
  • It already does work on 512mb devices in the insiders preview.
  • 512mb does work on w10. if you want, upgrade your phone through windows insider
  • Microsoft wanted 1billion Windows 10 devices right? And they decided to ditch The Lumia 520? Interesting.....
  • They didn't decide to "ditch" the Lumia 520. They said months ago that the update would come in different phases. Since some things need to be adjusted for every device, they simply decided to update the most recent phones first, but in the end every phone is supposed to get the update. Having the update ready for every phone at onced would have meant everyone would have had to wait longer, so I'm happy that they did it like this, even if my phone (Lumia 1020) isn't supported for now, at least some people can get it now. ​Also, if you want the update right now you can get it with the developer preview. Some people are already running it on their 520. Just know that it's still not 100% optimised and there might still be some bugs.
  • No. Microsoft said that "Customer Experience" on these devices have been bad, and instead of fix, they will just.... don't release it.
  • Yes, they said they wont be releasing the update for 520.
  • I have the same thinking. My perception is most old devices will W10M but at a later date. Anyway I asked Gabe for a precise answer on that.
  • You won't get a Ios device for the price of a L630, nor a good enough Lagdroid. ;) waste of money. Wait for 10 of get insider preview =)
  • my Xperia E4 cost 100 euro same price as Lumia 630 and it had never any lag problem plus it can play games like FIFA 15 which was not available on Lumia 630 and also they are cheap iPhone 4s available
  • You won't get Windows 10 on your 630..
  • LOL, all windows phone will get Windows 10 upgrade.
  • No.  They won't.  That there is the list.
  • My sons 630 already has Windows 10 lol
  • No, it has W10 Insider Preview.  And since the IP is being revoked for this device, he will not be getting any future updates.  Furthermore, if he has to re-flash the phone for some reason, he won't be able to even get the IP back on there.
  • He will. Up to TH2. Insider preview builds are exactly the same. It's just a mind thing.
  • Actually my sons 630 is in the production ring so it gets the actual production W10. Besides, they said "At some point in the future these devices will also stop receiving updates to the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build." You talk like MS said that updates stop today. Who knows how far in the future that will be. Could be years down the road with the slow speed that MS works by.  
  • Microsoft announced this list months ago and said that those devices would get it first, but that every phone was supposed to get it eventually. They could have waited a couple more months to get it ready for every phone at the same time, but people with more recent phones would have been penalized for no reason. Instead they decided to do the update in different waves so that people can get it as soon as it's ready for their device.
  • Same here. If not getting W10 M for my Lumia 630 going for Android.
  • You can already get Windows 10 on your 630!!
  • if you want at low price i would recommend you  Moto G or if you like iPhones maybe you will be able to grab a 4S in low price
  • Thanks for suggestion. But will go for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
  • You people are not worth for using microsoft phone.Go to hell for people who wants to switch to anroid or ios
  • what microsoft phones offer me more than android or ios im a gamer and there is not even a steam app available for windows phone
  • Yeah, what ever.
  • Just like the past upgrades the optimization for 512 MB will take some time. Not making an excuse, but you can also buy a 640 for $50 US. That's what I have and I love it. Posted from Windows Central App for Windows 10
  • You can get a 640 for $30 from BestBuy or Walmart.
  • I have a 535. And it runs Win 10 pretty well! I1m currently cleaning it up, doing soft reset and SD card reformatting. (I hope W10M can handle SD cards with NTFS. I'm tired of the 4gb file limit of the default FAT32 formating.) Not rolling back, 'cause I didn't find a working USB cable at home xD But the Insider builds are the same. I just wonder where the firmware update is. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10, on HP 250 G1 notebook
  • Dude....just what do you need biger than 4GB? seriously, are you watchin 1080P HD DVD Rips on your non hd 4.5 inch screen? LOL
  • 5 inch :P :D But nope, I'm downloading ISO files for pc games on my phone with torrent sometimes and then copy it to my notebook :D Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10, on HP 250 G1 notebook
  • what is the torrent client you use? does it do background downloading?
  • I actually use two. But none of them supports background downloading. One of them is wptorrent, I use it for downloading music. It downloads all the files to a system folder, which can't be reached from file explorers, but after downloading, it sorts the downloaded content to your music, videos, etc folders automatically, and it supports download when the phone is locked, or the screen is off, but it must be in the foreground when you lock your phone or turn your screen off. The only downside of it is, that it doesn't recognize some file types. E.g. ISO files can't be sorted with it, so it stays in that sysfolder, and can't be reached. That's why I use torrex too. It can't download, only if the app is in the foreground, and the screen is on, but it downloads directly to any folder chosen by you. So it's better for ISOs and stuff. Sadly, there's no ultimate torrent app for Windows phones yet. But the situation can be solved with these two.
    P.S.: Commenting on the WC site sucks on mobile. But the app is crashing on it always, when I try to log in. I hope they'll fix it really soon. Until that, I have to bare with the site and it's looooong loading times. :D
  • not everyone lives in US
    Here the cheapest is 95 euro the 3G version and 115 the LTE version
  • Still cheap as a mothercheap. Please, tell me how much costs an android that works like an 95 euro windows phone? 400?
  • my Xperia E4 is running for a year now with 0 lag it used to cost 100 euro but now its only left on few small store at price of 120 euro but other store still have the Xperia E4g which is better at 110 euro and they are also the Moto G series with the 2nd Gen start at 107 euro
  • Are you some kind of troll? I used the m4 aqua for a week and caused 1000 problems and lags. In fact, all 8gb internal storage android devices are...GARBAGE! So, tell again, which device is better? The 640 was declared the best budget device of 2015, i wander why... Don't try to lie to people that an older version then m4 is better. What is wrong with you anyway, would you like be payd or something?
  • M4 Aqua has less than 4gb internal memory that what they adverstise that not problem for me since i have 5.5gb available on E4 and also when i seach for top budget device techradar has the OnePlus X at first place
  • seriously ultimatums.....sad story bro anyway all devices 8.1 can update to windows 10 but the OTA update is coming out in waves, this is the first wave. the second wave will most likely hit another day after they make sure that there is no issues with the download and update process. 
  • Not really, from what Gabe said there will be no second wave. I really wish this wasn't true.
  • When did he say that?
  • And? You think every Android update will work on the phone you purchase? Many old flagship Android devices aren't supported on the latest updates/upgrades. Don't think that every Windows Phone should as well. The 630 is no slouch, being a 600 series, but it's mid-low in many aspects.
  • But even iOS devices still receive updates down to iPhone 5 (iPhone 4S though likely won't get any either than iOS9). Those devices aren't even have monstrous specs either, actually iPhone in general never been in the bleeding edge specs.
  • That's because Android is bloated with so many things, and iOS is nicely polished. It's like comparing Windows to OSX, on desktop. I don't know, the iPhone 5 has a really good SoC, mainly their S line.
  • Iphone 4s with the latest ios build works like 1800 carriage pulled by a chihuahua. 5s is not to far either. That one adds two more;).
  • Yet an old lumia still works better, i dont know why ppl are crying !!!
  • Bwahaha
  • hell my iphone 4s got the ios 8 update and i wish it didnt cause it couldnt rollback like insiders.  Ios 8 killed my iphone 4s battery to about 2-3 hours lol and that was a new replaced battery lol.  I certainly dont want a iphone 4s with ios9 and i also wish apple didnt release ios8 for the 4s, thats why i left apple.  Apple felt like every 2 years you had to updated and change your phone or things just because unreliable or simply broken.\ From my point of view not releasing windows 10 on devices that struggle with it is a good thing and one i definatly apriciate.   Hell they are lettign some of you still try insider on it if your curious lol, best of both worlds.  Its not offten i agree with microsoft desisions but i dont see anything wrong with how they are doing this now.
  • They are Custom Roms if you have ever go to XDA you would know that they make Xperia Arc S and Neo V to run Android 6.0
  • Yup, they could have trimmed the OS down to work fine. Then again, we have Nokia's version of Windows Updates. Lumia Black for example.
  • Bro, we can't even load certain websites on our Lumia 630! Flash/plugin heavy websites always crashing with 512MB. I'm ready to put my Lumia 630 in the bin next month. Its been great value and I never expected to be on Windows Phone for this long. But I'm ready to say goodbye - my 630 will never get Windows 10.
  • If you are ready to dump it anyway, why not just install the insiders preview and check it out?
  • Exactly. I found so many dear websites no longer work on this phone in Internet Explorer. Too bad they do not work under Edge in Win 10 too.
  • Patience is a virtue
  • No, patience is a Virgin !
  • And I also 
  • Maybe upgrade to a better phone rather than expecting the cheapest phones to power the universe.
  • not everyone wants to spend a fortune on phone
  • How old are you? Or better said, how old you think we are? Now let me guess, you own an 630, don't want to buy a newer better phone (640, which now costs like 40 euros and is 10 times better) so you cry about how ms ditched bla bla bla. But you will jump to and ios(700€) or android? Only good devices android has start from like 400€. So let me ask again. How old are you?
  • lol with that act you seems more like the age you believe his in my country the 640 cost 115 euro for 130 i can get a Moto G which runs Android 6.0 the latest version of os and it doesnt lag or anything my friend has also a grab a used iPhone 4s for that price
  • So, somebody that talks with "lol" judges how adress to others! Now this is a good one;)! As for 4s? You got to be really joking, ever used an 4s? Especially on the latest os? Is pretty much an 630 on windows 10. Just without glitches. So why would somebody be so dumb to buy one used and with the battery that always was a crapp, now even crappier? It amazes me the mentality of peoples this days. Moto g, yeah right, i know. At the beginning they all don't lagg, the problem starts after some weeks;). Anyway, Everybody with their brains, or: To each his own....
  • guess you are not watching streams on twitch
  • hahahaha,   you lost me at iphone 4s, get serious man haveing a iphone 4s is like me going back to windows mobile 5.6 with my titan 2 phone or a palm pilot lol.
  • i used my friend iphone 4s and the only thing it had its slow times on booting things once something has boot its works like a charm
  • The word is out, 512MB devices wont get W10M,  @coreyd_0512 We do not have plans to put W10M on devices with 512 MB ^TJ — Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) March 17, 2016 Do you think anyone cares if you ditch MSFT and get Iphone. 
  • Probably, as then there's only you and me left !
  • PFFFTT... like something equivalent to Lumia 630 in Android world ever got updated... double standards much
  • Moto G 2nd gen which has almost same specs got from 4.4 to 6.0
  • It's like you are asking for iOS 9 on iphone4...
  • Same is the case with me. We had enough of Microsoft.
  • Same thing from my side
  • Ok
  • Not available for my 925 either, but from all accounts, I don't think we are missing much.
    8.1 is awesome and from what I read, so far W10 is a mixed bag of results.
    I would rather wait until its perfected than jump in early and have a glitchy android like experience.
    Patients my friend.
  • Have patience!! Remember that Microsoft has said that all Windows phone 8.1 devices will get the update
  • Overkill Software had also say that Payday 2 will have no microtransions but look they are got added during Crimefest which celebrate the game birthday
  • Lol the entitlement.
  • same here
  • You can still have w10m through inside preview if you don't get the update. Plus point would be, Ms will roll out firmware update too. So it should work fine. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • No w10m for the lumia 630 :(
  • As if androids upgrade perspectives are any better then with Windows?!
  • Go get ios or android and be left behind!!!
  • Downloading bits now, Telcel Mexico Lumia 735 SS - lets see :)
  • Awesome
  • now downloading .164 - 107 worked fine on the 735 (so far) loving it! Seems more modern UI than 8.1 at first glance ....and faster (LOL)  
  • Ooh cool
  • First comment on a big news of the year