HP and SteelSeries partner for new OMEN PC gaming keyboard, mouse and headset

HP has announced a partnership with PC gaming accessory company SteelSeries. They will collaborate on a new series of OMEN-branded products, including gaming mice, keyboards and headsets. All of them are slated to go on sale in mid-September.

These new products are in addition to HP's new OMEN gaming PC desktops and notebooks it will sell this fall. The HP Omen Mouse with SteelSeries will be priced at $59.99. Here's a quick look at its features:

  • Pixel-perfect movement: Extreme precision with zero hardware acceleration, true 1:1 tracking, and best-in-class CPI adjustments.
  • Relentlessly engineered: Proprietary SteelSeries switches maintain their tactile feel for over 30 million clicks.
  • Lighting at your fingertips: Intelligent RGB illumination, capable of 16.8 million colors, gives you nearly limitless customization.

Omen Keyboard

The HP OMEN Keyboard with SteelSeries will cost $99.99. Here's a quick description:

  • Light up your game: 5 zones capable of 16.8 million colors gives you nearly limitless customization.
  • One-touch combos: Program the 88 built-in macro keys for easy combos with just one keystroke.
  • Expand your arsenal: Command total control with 2 integrated USB 2.0 ports and dedicated media controls.
  • Ghost killer: 20 keys in the most-used gaming areas support anti-ghosting so every command is executed.

OMEN headset

Finally, the HP OMEN Headset with SteelSeries will sell for.$79.99. Here's what it will offer:

  • Balanced soundscape: Hear the key frequencies important to competitive gaming and never miss a critical sound.(2)
  • Professional-grade comfort: The lightweight headband and padded ear-cushions evenly distribute its weight for supreme comfort.
  • Retractable mic: Pull out the mic for team play, and retract it safely into the ear cup when you solo queue.
  • 3.5mm mobile adapter included: You can also use your headset with a mobile device, PS4, or the latest Xbox One controller.

In related news, the company also announced plans to offer an OMEN X by HP Curved Display:

Display quality affects the overall gaming experience and to round out the OMEN ecosystem, HP is introducing the OMEN X Curved Display, which adds a new level of realism and immersion for end-users. The curved display is the first from HP to offer NVIDIA G-Sync Technology, integrating the latest technologies and more choices for customers seeking wide viewing angles and a smooth gaming experience.

HP did not offer an image or any further deals on this curved display, nor did it reveal a price tag. It will go on sale sometime in early 2017.

John Callaham
  • one. logo. change. ...can make a difference
  • It's a butterfly. No, it's a crying Pokémon. Or is it a Rorschach inkblot?
  • Yup! That's a skinned Rival, Apex and Siberia. Having said that.... I would still buy it if I had the $$$
  • it's good with the keyboard what's that extra USB
  • Most likely power and the writing itself. My keyboard have that
  • The extra USB connector is to power the two USB ports included on the keyboard. I have the Apex M800 and it's awesome.
  • They look flat-top chicklet keys on the keyboard, and not tall enough to be a mechanical keyboard. That would not be good for a gaming keyboard. Does anyone know if they are, or is that just a poor rendering?
  • It's a Steelseries APEX ... might not be mechanical