HP announces ENVY 8 Note, available November 8 starting at $329

HP has announced an all-new 8-inch tablet, the ENVY 8 Note, which is designed with productivity in mind. The tablet will feature a 1080p display, run Windows 10, have the ability to connect to Verizon's 4G LTE network and much more. HP will be selling a 10-inch keyboard dock for the tablet, allowing you to quickly reply to emails, type documents and more while on the go.

Some of the other features of the new tablet include a micro SD card reader, micro USB 2.0 OTG port for charging and connecting accessories, a 5MP front-facing and 2MP rear-facing camera and high quality audio.

The HP ENVY Note 8 will be available in the US on November 8 from HP directly, as well as select retailers. Pricing starts at $329 for the tablet and stylus, and if you want to add the keyboard the package price would be an extra $100, at $429.

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Press release:

HP Makes ENVY 8 Note Tablet Great for Productivity On the Go with Revolutionary New Keyboard

Small tablet with nearly full-sized keyboard offers premium notebook feel and boasts stylus-based note-taking experience

Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 7, 2015 – HP today announced the HP ENVY 8 Note, a tablet-first device that offers customers unprecedented mobile productivity with a 10 inch keyboard and intuitive note-taking capabilities.

"Customer feedback on previous generation tablets focused on how they like to use tablets for productivity on the go, so we created a device that offers the portability of an 8 inch tablet with the productivity of a small notebook,"said Michael Park, vice president and general manager, Mobility, Personal Systems, HP. "The HP ENVY 8 Note combines the portability of a Windows 10 optimized tablet with a nearly full-size premium keyboard that doubles as a protective case for the tablet."

The HP ENVY 8 Note is beautifully designed 8 inch diagonal tablet that is just 7.7 millimeters thin and weighs 0.8 pounds.(1) For customers who want the flexibility of a tablet and the functionality of a notebook, the HP ENVY 8 Note enables customers to travel light with the tablet alone or dock with the optional 10-inch HP ENVY Note Keyboard Folio. The premium keyboard folio is made from aluminum and offers the same 1.5 millimeters of key travel as HP's most premium notebooks. For the full productivity experience, the keyboard base includes both an 89 x 34 millimeter click-pad and a slot designed to hold the tablet in place in either landscape or portrait modes, so you can crank out a blog post, edit a presentation or revise a spreadsheet. The innovative keyboard base can store the tablet into the back for protection and portability.

The HP Envy 8 Note also includes HP Instant Note, an intuitive software experience to complement the stylus that comes with the tablet. By simply pressing the pen button, a note pops up to start writing. HP Instant Note captures content and embeds links to webpages eliminating extra copy and paste steps. The note is automatically saved in OneNote and can be accessed via HP Notes Hub, a timeline view to access content and events.

The HP ENVY 8 Note is designed for customers to be connected and productive on the go. The HP ENVY 8 Note is powered by an Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8300(2) with Intel® HD Graphics, clocking from 1.44 GHz up to 1.84 GHz in turbo mode, with up to 6.25 hours of battery life.(3)

An 8-inch 1080p full high-definition(4) (FHD) (1920 x 1200) diagonal display delivers crisp and vibrant viewing experiences. The display is layered with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 to give the tablet durability for the mobile customer. HP ENVY 8 Note runs Windows 10 in tablet and desktop modes, giving customers access to the Office Mobile suite to get things done when at home or at a café. The HP ENVY 8 Note has a built in high speed LTE module ready for customers to connect virtually anywhere with Verizon 4G LTE, the nation's largest, most reliable 4G LTE network right out of the box and choose from a variety of Verizon plans.(5)

For customers who want to capture that perfect family moment or video, the HP ENVY 8 Note comes with a 5 mega pixel Autofocus rear-facing camera with a high quality sensor to take crisp and beautiful photos. A 2 mega pixel front-facing camera allows customers to take great selfies or for video chat using Skype. With Audio by B&O Play, customers can immerse themselves in their video conference, music, or movie.

The HP ENVY 8 Note has a micro SIM card slot, a micro SD card reader and a micro USB 2.0 OTG port for charging and connecting accessories. The keyboard also has a micro USB 2.0 port for charging.

The HP ENVY 8 Note is compatible with a number of accessories to complement the experience and are offered separately including the HP in Ear Headset and the new HP Roar Travel wireless speaker, power charger and phone speaker in one. Available soon on the HP Store.

Pricing and Availability (6) The HP ENVY 8 Note is expected to be available in the United States at www.hp.com/go/envy-note and select retailers on November 8, 2015. Starting price for the tablet and stylus is $329. The Tablet, stylus and keyboard folio is $429.

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  • Looks like a nice tablet, but what's with the name? I know 8 used to stand for Windows 8 but now it doesn't make sense
  • 8 inch
  • Does the stream 7 and stream 13 come with windows 7 and 13 than ?  - yes.. it is the bloody screen size 
  • Oh ok seems fair
  • C'mon, let's be constructive.
  • LOL Windows 13! But yeah, let's be constructive. 8 here now stands for sizes, just like Dell Venue 8 Pro.
  • 8 inch
  • After MSFT's range of amazing devices announced yesterday, I'm curious to see HP, Dell's, Lenovo's comeback....if any
  • I don't expect a "comeback" so to speak, more of some options to fit smaller budgets.
  • Those bezels..
  • the upper and lower bezels, ok, but the sides are actually rather thin and nice.
  • No listing of ram in the article or release???
  • Microsoft did not announce mid range device. I have to replace my Lumia 720 with a nice mid range lumia.
  • This article is not about Lumias, though. Or even phones, for that matter.
  • 640 is a few months old & they announced the 550 yesterday.
  • Isn't the 640/XL a nice mid ranger?
  • 640/640 XL is the current midrange phone.
  • 735.
  • I know right...when is HP going to make another phone??
  • Yeah hp and dell when the heck they will make phones. Android tablets are a flop for oems
  • Any information on the type of pen technology?
  • Single USB port for data and charging seems a backward step when a USB-C port would allow both simultaneously. A big NAY!!!
  • An OTG adapter will take care of that, they had to keep price down I guess......at least it will charge simultaneously, unlike the Dell V8P
  • Get the Dell adapter. Gives full USB and charging simultaneously on my V8P.
  • They should make a 10 inch version.
  • Can't Microsoft make windows 10 able to receive texts amd calls? An 8 inch win10 tablet with a phone capability would be nice ^_^
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  • My friends actually use their 7" Android tablets to make calls and I think it looks ridiculous but I would like the feature added. I'd use it with headsets.
  • Just why? that's awful dude
  • If I had to.
  • What type of active pen is it, it just says HP Active pen..... If it's Wacom, or NTRIG, this thing is a good buy, if it's the same tech as Dell's active pens, then its not going to be good at note taking
  • Jared you have the cameras switched in the second paragraph
  • This could be a great device for students. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sweet it's finally announced. Heard about this a couple weeks back. Will be sweet as a companion tablet to use in meetings etc. The pen on the version I saw has a reversible nib, so you could write on paper next to the tablet and whatever you wrote appeared on the screen :)
  • This and Dell's 8" tablet fill the gab for a Surface Mini pretty well. Surface Book, Surface Mini and Lumia 950 would be the perfect combo (maybe a band).
  • Nice!
  • No charging via USB Type-C? Fail.
  • I was so waiting for a quality note-taking device with 8in. The quality of the old Lenovo Thinkpad 8, but with a pen. Yes, would like it to use USB Type-C instead and I don't care about the keyboard-dock-thing which, thank God, is sold separately. I'm pretty much buying this one.
  • No 4g LTE for other networks? Come on HP
  • I dunno, I feel like this missed the marked for what I want in an 8 inch tablet. ( which I'm really waiting for a good one to buy )
  • The HP press release seems confused about whether it is 1920 x 1200 or 1080.
  • It looks a lot better than the stream 7.
  • Could anyone review this? I'm so in love with this device:
    Pros: Form factor. Seems sturdy and classy. Not plasticky. Pen solution integrated. It's finally a note taking device. And has LTE (only hope it the unlocked version to work beyond Verizon) Cons: Horrible keyboard solution. But at least is sold separately. No available accessories (like folder cover) at the same fancy level at this moment. Expected low battery times.