The HP Elite x3 at Microsoft Store UK is already getting a small price cut before it launches

The UK Microsoft Store site has lowered the price slightly on the HP Elite x3 smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile before it ships to customers later in August.

The UK Microsoft Store (via Neowin) previously listed the 6-inch HP Elite X3 for £749, which included its Desk Dock accessory. Now that same listing shows a price of £706.80. That matches the one found on the UK HP site. HP also lists the phone with the Desk Dock accessory as well; previously, the price was for the Elite x3 on its own.

Ship dates for the phone on the UK Microsoft site have also been pushed back slightly; previously they were to begin today but now they are expected to start on August 22. HP's site shows that the Elite x3 will still ship in 5 to 10 days. Another third party phone retailer in that country, Clove, has actually increased its price for the HP Elite x3, from £680 to £700 on its own. The site shows that it expects its units to be delivered on August 19.

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John Callaham