HP Elite x3 'limited stock' now available from Clove for August 25 shipments

UK-based Clove now says it has a 'limited' amount of stock available for the HP Elite x3 business-themed phone with Windows 10 Mobile. Orders that are sent in for the phone should ship on Thursday, August 25.

Clove is selling the 5.96-inch HP Elite x3 for £700 (including VAT) but is not selling the phone's Desk Dock accessory, which will allow the phone to connect to a large PC monitor and be used like a Windows 10 PC with its Continuum features. Since the retailer is already warning it has a "limited stock" of this phone, it's likely it could sell out quickly.

Ship dates for the HP Elite x3 have been somewhat slippery. Earlier this week, the Microsoft Store UK site informed pre-orders of the phone that shipments have been delayed until September 6.

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John Callaham