HP Elite x3 pre-orders are live again at U.S. and Canada Microsoft Store sites

The Microsoft Store sites in the U.S. and Canada are once again taking pre-orders for the HP Elite x3 smartphone following a period where both sites showed the phone as out of stock.

Pre-orders for the 5.96-inch "superphone" began in late August on both stores, with the U.S. site charging $799 and the Canadian store pricing the phone at $999. Since then, both sites have shown the phone as "out of stock" for periods of several days. The listing show that orders taken today are still scheduled to begin on Monday, September 26.

HP's U.S. site began taking orders for the Elite x3 on Sept. 5, but quickly ran out of stock just two days later. The site is still not currently taking new orders for the smartphone.

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John Callaham
  • I heard Microsoft is delaying the phone so they can verify that it will work on IOS and Android. Oops.
  • Oops I mistakenly bothered to read your pointless comment.
  • It's just a sarcastic joke. Dude still loves WM. Relax. Heck, so many of us have been faithful, and dedicated, fans for so long, and we've put up with a lot. Still here though. Still sticking it out, hoping for better days.... We should be able to throw a joke, or two, in MS's direction, from time to time, without being shunned.. SMDH. Lol. I actually think people that can make fun of themselves are the most secure, confident, and balanced people. It's not trolling (unless the post says "posted by WC for Android), rather humorously addressing MS's soft spot. It's OK. MS has thick skin, and if they don't,,,,,, then they need to show a different side. That's all. ⛽⛽⛽⛽ :-()
  • Yeah that's cool, though these days sadly more of the time comments like that are trolling, my sarcasm detector is on the blink this evening! :)
  • Touché.. Both comments were warranted. Lol
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  • I also initially thought he was trolling
  • So what. What are you some troll police. Get a life
  • Gotta love that one rod lol!
  • Couldn't have said it any better myself brother!!!
  • You deserve gas!⛽
  • Good luck saying anything even borderline " not guzzling the cool aid" and u get slammed for being a troll.
    Constructive criticism is a reason for people to scream for u to get banned.
    Pity, as a frustrated long time fan sometimes I want to vent, as we all know MS are prone for frequent irrational and fked up decisions, but this site isn't the place to do it. Should be.
  • I feel you.
  • Stop feeling him, Rodney.
  • As the one with the highest rate of being banned, I concur.
  • Lol
  • After seeing images of this phone, that screen don't look all that great but then that is images of the phone. An executive phone screen needs to pop in a brought range of lighting conditions from sunlight to dark rooms especially for a mobile device. From what I heard of the 1520 of which to this very day I don't understand Microsoft neglience to not refreshened this line it had a great screen.
  • The 1520 with its assertive technology makes it the best in outdoor readability.
  • Agree. Haven't seen a screen like that since.. My 1590 screen is more enjoyable to look at than my 950's is, even at lower resolution.
  • Joking or not its the joke that's been told 1,000,000 times how about some fresh material around here
  • Ohh, lighten up.
  • I think you should take your own advice
  • Lol.. Quadruple touché.. That's touché².... Although that advice you're giving would mean more coming from someone more neutral on the topic... I mean, we're both "black kettles" here..
  • I agree :)
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  • Man you know you can't make jokes. WM users are a angry bunch
  • Well, since your comment will probably get 1000 TD's, I might as well crash it with an unrelated reply to get my point to the top...
    Anyways.. The x3 is an extremely modern, capable, and state of the art device, at the very least from a hardware standpoint... But, my personal opinion is that this doesn't make it a "SuperPhone". Yet, that's not a bad thing, not at all. I love this device, and if there is no "Surface Phone" a next generation x3 will most likely be mine, unless something even better comes along... But, to me, in 2016, superphone would be something that would take other device ranges more than just one device cycle to catch up to. I mean, the term "SuperPhone" is setting a high standard. In my opinion I'm talking at least 6-8 gb ram, and a SD30, or most likely x86, support in 2016. At least a next generation 41mp camera, some next generation battery technology, 4k photovoltaic screen at least 6.2", 250-500gb SSD. Dual SD card slots, dual USB-C inputs, quad premium front facing speakers, and dedicated amplifier, and anything else you can find on the highest model smartphones in 2016... That, to me, would be a superphone in 2016...
    IDK, are my expectations very high, or is this what you tech fans are REALLY looking for in a world class W10 mobile phone?
  • A Superphone would be great, but I'd take a Clark Kent phone if they would release one that worked on Verizon!
  • We did have a Batphone.. Remember that?
  • +1 Verizon for sure my icon is aging sweetly though lol
  • If there is no Surface Phone, there certainly won't be any Windows phones. That will mean Microsoft gave up and development of W10m has been halted. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's not true... MS/WC has said time after time; if MS doesn't make any hardware they still will continue to develop W10... W10. That's like saying if MS decides to stop making all Surface hardware they will halt development on Windows. No. They are a software company first, and always have been.
  • Have you seen the sales of OEM devices that this site recently posted? They barely register in the thousands. They won't keep up it up with those numbers.
  • We were gaining ground before, and that's was with insufficient marketing... It can be done. As people grow old of Android, and iOS, there is a need for something new more and more everyday..... If anything, MS just may get a chance because of that fact alone. But, MS has to spend serious cash on terrific marketing, and pit WM as "The Next Big Thing"... It can be done.
  • It was never gaining much ground, especially with OEM devices. Nokia and Microsoft moved away from Windows phones for a reason. Only the cheapest of phones was selling and not in big numbers. It wasn't sustainable no matter how much marketing they did. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It was gaining ground, although at a slow pace, but it was consistent and steady... Gaining ground is gaining ground, and the long slow road is better than no road at all... We could be at 7-8% buy now if MS continued to release terrific devices. That's over 10% by the turn of the decade. 10% would be huge, considering iOS has less than 20%... The problem would've been W10 mobile not being ready, but it could've waited. MS could've stuck with WP8.1, and continued to develop it until new devices were released with W10M for the first time this fall.. That's what they should've done.. I believe MS was too fast to implement 10 on mobile. And, like I said, WP was growing with horrific marketing. You telling me it wouldn't have done even better with great marketing? Please. WP should be over 10%MS by now.
  • They dropped it because it wasn't gaining ground. After 5 years it had only reached 3.6% and that was selling a $30 phone. Even the mid range phones were not selling at all let alone the flagships. All those 520 buyers didn't upgrade to the 730/830/930. It was going nowhere. If there was any chance, Microsoft wouldn't have killed it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wrong. It was just about to break the 5% mark, and was on the incline. Every quarter was higher than the last. That was the spring/summer of WP8.1... Now, I admit that it wasn't increasing fast enough for MS to keep factories open, but they also didn't take the correct measures to make sure it was a success... Basically, what I'm saying is that whether WM succeeds, or not is depending on how it is managed, not because the whole thing is ****** flawed from an OS, or hardware, standpoint. Things could've been better with what MS had at the time.. Even with an app gap, we could've done better. If adoption was on the incline back in 2013-2014 (and it was, look it up) and the project didn't have full attention, then it could've done better with proper attention. There's no arguing with that.. Either way, it's not going anywhere in 2017, so there's nothing else left to do but wait, and see what/if MS comes to the table with a new high end device, and see how they manage that. Even a fool wouldn't disagree with that.
  • Android and iOS are pretty staid. Android hasn't really offered anything groundbreaking for a while now. And because it is becoming stale, OEMs are having to creat more powerful devices full of stupid device gimmicks. iOS is dull. I run it on my iPad mini and its very smooth but jeez, ain't it time they got someone over 5 to design some different icons???? NOT posted using WC for Android!!
  • What innovation is Microsoft bringing? Windows 10 Mobile is barely almost identical to WP7! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol.. WP7❓❓❓❓ You cra cra
  • They look and act almost identical. Really the only difference is the notification area. You talk about innovation, but there is nothing Microsoft is doing that is more innovative than Android or iOS. It is still quite far behind. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Question.... What are Apple & Google doing that's more innovative than MS? Ok. I'm not saying that MS is killing it on the innovative side, rather all three are innovating at the same rate... I mean, MS does have a high level of synergy with W10 across all products, and that's something that's a first. I really don't see how they are behind on innovation.. Behind on apps? Yes. Adoption? Yes, but how is iOS, or Android, more innovative than MS with their mobile OS... Go ahead name some things that they've done with their OS that just blows MS innovative, in comparison, out of the water...
    Personally, I don't think we can say that about any of the OS's compared to the others. They all basically do the same thing. Run apps, make phone calls, and message.. Typical smartphone ****. Now, if MS, Apple, or Google, came to the table with a device of the like of what I mentioned near the top of the article, that would be something special.... An x86 smartphone running full blown W10, that worked like a charm? That would be new. The thing is that MS is almost near that with continuum, and there is a chance that a "Surface Phone" could be just that. MS isn't behind on the innovative factor. No way.
  • I thought all negative posts using WC for Android were to be deemed as trolls???? ;-)
  • He is trolling!!! Read his last comment.. That's nonsense. Lol
  • Sorry. I will start posting from my L1320. Will that be better? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ok, that's fair. Just your opinion. You're not being rude, or overly opinionated. Sorry.
  • Well played, son!
  • I see what you did... Nevermind. His name is "Richard Devine".. Carry on.
  • Haha you win the internet today.
  • I won't get this until firmware issues are resolved. Hopefully they will be.
  • I am typing on one right now.
    So far I'm disappointed as the OS seems very buggy. Hoping the anniversary update irons a lot of this out.
    Really missing glance.
  • Me too. I really hope another OEM doesn't regret joining us. I wish them all the best.
  • 10586 was buggy. I'm on Windows Insider fast ring now- far better. Get the odd reboot, but to be honest its no worse than my wife's Lumia 950 for that. I'm not missing glance at all having retired my 950XL. Fingerprint scanner is great for quick access to everything I need to see quickly.
  • Please, install WInsider and go to at least the anniversary update. The original W10 installed on it is too buggy. I'm currently running the anniversary update and it's a lot better.  Some lags are still visible, but no crash since.
  • Many will miss glance from Lumias going to other Oems
  • Phone just came out but its bottom left corner looks like phone is few years old
  • the fingerprints on the glass?
  • These are supposed to be for the enterprise and business people travel quite a bit. If the Marriott app is any clue how many business people are using Windows mobile, we are in trouble. There are only 3 reviews for the app and each time it gets updated, it becomes worse and now it does not work due to "it appears there is a connection problem". I can't continue in this ecosystem without an American Airlines app, Marriott app, Concur app (that works good), and so on.
  • Hmm.......Marriot app works well for me
  • It's tricky but hopefully the apps will come over time. Probably not for a while but I think Windows as an ecosystem will be number one eventually.
  • How hard is it to pin or use a browser shortcut?  I've been doing that with Paypal since they removed their mobile app.  Do we really need an app for every website?  The websites we do use should have mobile versions anyway. 
  • Just remember folks, even though they are on pre-order they arent really on sale (at least until they can get a good review)......
  • Damn, I am surprise how the naysayers haven't written an article to an end MS mobile and HP since no matter how good the OS/phone. To them if it is not apple or google there nothing else.
  • Where have you been? That's the story of WP... Already been written a thousand times over.
  • Weird that they keep flipping the switch on and off to buy. I am kind of confused by this.
  • Sorry. $800 for a non x86 phone is not worth it. Maybe surface phone will fix this.
  • There will be no "Surface Phone". Wake up.
  • Yep. This phone is probably the last nail in the coffin. I gave up the 1520 after years of hoping MS could even remotely catch up on apps. I'm happily cruising along on my 6" screen Android Marshmallow with all the new apps and better functioning MS apps. It's a ridiculously better experience and I still get to middle finger Apple. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • x86 Intel phone chips are dead. Intel has shut down the line up. Only tablet and above from now.
  • I concur. Too damned expensive at the mo. No real reviews, no longer than a week reviews. Everyone is in the honeymoon period at the moment. It's the greatest thing since sliced bread etc. Alas, the honeymoon will be over before Xmas, and then many will realise that £800 is a shed load of money for what is 'just another Windows phone. I shall reserve my phone allowance until 2nd Q2017, when my contracts start expiring. In the meantime, the 950xl is an utter bargain!!
  • What about the damn Lap Dock??! Haven't heard a peep about that in a very long time. Last you guys reported that it was coming out sometime in October and that bundle would cost around $1099-1200.
  • dude...Dan literally talked about it in his review/not-a-review article this week. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is MS/HP advertising this phone in US/Canada or is it just people who follow MS know about it. Zac said in one of his tweets that even the HP support guy had no clue about Elite X3
  • It has been widely covered that there is no advertising for this device. They are reaching out through business.... Oh nevermind if you haven't read the countless articles to date, this probably won't make a difference.
  • It has been widely covered that there is no advertising for this device. They are reaching out through business.... Oh nevermind if you haven't read the countless articles to date, this probably won't make a difference.
  • It has been widely covered that there is no advertising for this device. They are reaching out through business.... Oh nevermind if you haven't read the countless articles to date, this probably won't make a difference.
  • another 20 in stock....will sell out in another 4 wks!
  • 4-5 max
  • downvote for the truth I guess...
  • Any chance it will come in countries except us and canada (india)?
  • It launched weeks ago globally. Not sure about India but in Europe it's been on sale for some time already.
  • I am on WP8.1.I am just curious.Is it possible on w10 mobile to set opening tabs on edge in BACKGROUND yet?And is on edge automatic text wrap aviable so u don't have to scroll from left to right like a cretin when zoom in?THese simple thing still bothers me on wp8.1 u know.
  • Would like this phone. It cant be worse than s7 edge Posted via the Windows Central App for Android