HP Elite x3 pre-orders go live on HP's U.S. site for $799 [Update: Ships Sept. 7]

Update: HP's U.S. online store is now listing the HP Elite x3 as shipping on September 7 for orders that are put in today

As promised, HP's U.S. web store is now taking orders for the HP Elite x3 smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile. The price for the phone, which comes with the Desk Dock accessory, is $799 (opens in new tab).

There's no word yet on when shipments for the phone will begin from HP. People who do order the phone from the site are also getting a couple of extra promo offers. One is for a discount of up to $40 off select Bose speakers when you buy the phone, while the other is for getting the HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-One for only $29.99 with the purchase of the Elite x3.

The Microsoft Store U.S. site just pushed back the ship dates of the HP Elite x3 from Sept. 12 to Sept. 26. We will keep you informed when shipments begin for the phone in the U.S.

Thanks to AlexanderJJJ for the tip!

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John Callaham
  • Soooo glad I bought the 950XL while it was available for USD 380 at B&H. These constant delays are nothing if not annoying.
  • You probably got an Asian version which means It doesn't support USA 4G LTE(Band 1900, 1700, 800, 700 MHz) but other countries are difference, (band 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz). Which means your highest speed in USA is 15-50 mbps and can't max to 100 mbps
  • Actually I got the phone in the US. Studying at Cornell has its advantages ;)
  • Initially, I was also skeptical of the purchase, as it was too darn reasonable to not think there would be some catch to the purchase. However, after having the phone for the past 03 weeks, I can say with relative confidence it was a good purchase decision. Battery life has been the only "issue", with the phone lasting about 15 hrs with Windows hello and Hey Cortana enabled (they're battery hogs), but even that gets mitigated when you can charge the phone to 100% in less than 70 minutes (I charge my phone from 20% to 100%).
  • No, B&H usually sells phones that work with US bands. Like they would have "US compatible LTE" on the listing. They wouldn't have that on the listing if that's not the case. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And really, what would you use 100 Mbps for? I can almost see no difference between 720p and 4K on my 950 XL
  • does the 950XL still suffer from random reboots? And does the notification that you need to restart still keep appearing? I plan to buy again.
  • Nope. Hasn't happened to me so far. Though for reference,
    I'm currently using the latest production build of windows 10 mobile.
  • No and no. Nothing of the sort.
  • Yes, seems to be affected more often when I have wifi enabled. Fully updated just short of the latest RS2 builds. But yes, I still get random reboots, and will have to restart it a couple times in order for the glance screen to work correctly. If it were any other phone, I'd have traded it in by now, but I can't stand iOS nor Android. I do love this phone and Continuum. I'm keeping it till a better upgrade comes around, or, drop down to the 950... they don't seem to have the random reboots as the XL.
  • It's raining W10M phones!!
  • Eh? This is probably one of the two that you can buy outside of Asian market ;-)
  • Not to mention the fact that the flagship was available at 1/2 the price of what HP is selling their phone for ... ;).
  • Well, I considered getting the 950XL, but I will wait a bit for prices to go down on the HP. By the holiday season, we will probably see some nice price drops.
  • No, I don't we'll be seeing a price drop because it is tailored for the Enterprise and a price drop in this category won't make sense this early in the release.
  • I'm with you on this one. Having had a tinker with them side by side, the 950xl is staying for a while. The x3 is very nice, but is it 50% more nice?? I'll stick where I am and see what happens in Q1 / Q2 2017. By then the honeymoon period will be over and many will realise that its 'just another phone'. Should be cheaper then as well, and maybe MS will bless us with the 'rumoured' device.
  • Do you think that HP will drop it's price that much? Remember that this is aimed at the enterprise market where prices don't fall until a new model comes out. And if people want 'just another phone' they would go out and buy an iPhone/Android ;-)
  • Well, if you need applications on the HP virtualized environment and the benefit of the lap dock, plus the continuum mode using the dock and your monitor at your work desk... 50% is not overpriced at all, actually it's a great deal.
  • You can buy a nice laptop for that much money and not have to pay to virtualize anything. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not in an enterprise environment. The per machine costs more than double the off-the-shelf price. -Warranties, imaging, service contracts, set up.
  • The x3 has features that are unique to it. It is only just another phone if you don't use those features, in which case you would be a terrible shopper.
  • What will the common consumer see vs 950 XL: 3.5 GB vs 3 GB? Who cares. SD820 vs SD808/810? Again, no one cares. Zero speed difference. Nice front facing speaker? Nice, if still irelevant for most. 0.3" bigger screen in a much bigger overall device? Off. Finger print scanner? We already have a quite reliable Iris Scanner.
  • It's been said here a million times that this device is not for the common consumer, and apparently not you since you even missed an obvious one in 64GB storage. The big ones are access to the x86 virtualized infrastructure, ruggedness, encryption, lapdock, and the pogo add-on possibilities. This device has huge potential in large corporations. We'll just have to wait and see if it pans out.
  • "reliable Iris Scanner" looool
  • When it comes to Windows Phone these days, the term 'flagship', 'exclusive', 'Enterprise market' all rhymes with self destruction temporarily placed on ice. Hell will have to bend in hyperlapse and inceptive mode for anyone in their right mind excluding those still wearing the Loyalty or Windows Phone tshirt around town. The platform ship is now on a downward spiral to destruction. It's only a matter of when Mr. CEO makes it a public admission / announcement. Titanic mini boats better be ready to take survivors off to a different island.
  • Oh my. How horrible. I'm so frightened now. What am I going to do? SMH
  • @xirsteon; What are you talking? Your going to see many OEMs with WP coming out shortly and remember WP was growing but it was Microsoft who chose to stop the marketing not the consumers. WM10 have been steadily growing in it's develoment and now HP is putting their product to market though targeting the Enterprise with this device.
  • I hear you. All those burnt over and over early adopters from the days of wp7 are all still here. What good id a mobile platform if it can't retain its users / market share YoY?
  • It wasn't growing. They were stuck at ~3.5% market share and that was just because of the 520. Only being able to sell such a cheap phone wasn't sustainable and Nokia was leaving. Windows Phone was going no where, that is why Microsoft scaled back. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You're welcome! :) I pre-ordered mine! :D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • cool..you just got a "ship when available" notice when you pre-ordered yes?
  • Correct! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I might be waiting for nothing, but I'm waiting for the announcement of the surface phone.
  • May the enterprise sales / drive / momentum be with HP. Amen. /s
  • If I didn't get the student discount at MS, I would have canceled and gone with HP to get the extra goodies.
  • Still waiting for HP Canada to drop my demo unit off... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • I bought my Microsoft Lumia 950 XL with the microsoft display dock(free) at the the price when it was first out. Now connect to tv with HDMI with usb wireless mouse and keyboard and removable HD and Netflix like a pc to watch movies and use offices to do work. Dock has 3 usb ports.
  • I have usb 3.1-C Micro SD adapter that is small enough that can use as storing photos, videos, and documents. Sometimes watch some videos when I'm on transportation without using my Lumia internal memory and the SD. That adapter is very flexible.
    On youtube, They compare Lumia 950 XL with other smart phone and say it's slower os but they did not know this phone has to run 2 OS that need to real and not background multitask. Which you can make phone calls, take picture with the phone while you do work on your "workstation". It is not just a smart phone, it is also a "smart desktop" OS(no phone can compare).
  • I thought I heard a rumor at one time that you could get a pen with it? is that not true?  
  • W​ell that is not what they told me. When I spoke to someone at MS about my preOrder, they told me mine would still ship on the 12th.  I asked was the 26th the second shipment date and they wouldnt confirm that. I thought maybe they had received enough preorders for the 12th, so now they were trying to fill up for the 26th.
  • $799.... twice the price of an iPhone SE in the United States. Good luck with that pricing. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why would someone who wants a HP Windows Phone be interested in the price of a iPhone SE? Such a peculiar and random comment.
  • With less than half the specs, that sounds fair. You're comparing apples to oranges.
  • Less than half the specs? You can bet your dollar that the iPhone SE processor will significantly outperform the Snapdragon 820 in the Elite (the same processor has already given the Galaxy Note 7 a real spanking!). The camera will almost certainly be significantly better too...as will the headphone audio and the speaker. More importantly, you can get a quality iPhone SE and a quality laptop for the same price as the Elite X3 on its own. The X3 pricing is just unrealistic - especially for a mobile OS that has a threadbare app store and near enough zero marketshare. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Half the cores, half the RAM, 1/4 the storage, no dock(which is included in the price), no ability to run full citric, no mouse support. Not to mention the fact that anyone buying the x3 for what its designed for wont pay $799.
  • While you can certainly make an argument for the X3's specs, core count means **** (actually more cores just means wasting a developer's time if the same performance can be had with fewer, as is the case with iPhone).
  • "...same performance can be had..."  How well is the iPhones performance on a full monitor with keyboard and mouse?
  • iPhone SE + a Core i5 laptop still costs less than the X3. So the iPhone works better as a phone, and the laptop works better as a computer.
    The X3, sadly, just isn't as compelling as its specs would have you believe. Performance is pretty average, the camera is sub par....and yet it still costs the same as flagships on both Android and iOS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was not talking about the same experience, but both the CPU and especially the GPU in all Apple SoCs have been excellent.
  • you haven't really tested an SE for more than 5 minutes have you? The X3 is slow, lags, camera hangs and focuses very slow, overall windows 10 mobile on it is a joke.
  • You are comparing apples with coconuts...
  • You are comparing apples with coconuts...
  • U don't know what you saying dude
  • HP should build a consumer model of this phone especially built for multi-media with high quality camera that they can license tech from Microsoft. The question is what carrier will support it.
  • The answer is none. HP has no relationship with carriers and no experience selling phones. Carriers aren't going to bite. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Neither are the companies! Wake up! what company on earth would spend 800$ and in Europe 800EUR on a windows phone??? when they can get way much better at a way lower price. Don't give me the continuum virtualized apps crap, 99% of the companies already have notebooks for employees, they don't need a phone to run virtualized apps, especially when that phone is running a broken OS. Companies rely on costs, 0.1% will ever think of buying this instead of a notebook and a much cheaper phone. Keep dreaming, this phone will be a failure as the previous windows 10 devices...filled with bugs and plagued by a mediocre OS also at a riddiculous price!
  • Your argument is completely invalidated by the fact that no company will HAVE to pay $800. Business accounts and volume orders will result in discounts. I can't understand why people can't grasp the concept that the average consumer does NOT pay the same as enterprise customers.
  • Axmantim me ole beauty...
    Corporations get discounts, yes. But if the headline price for the X3 is $800, then there's only so much scope for discounts.
    For most businesses, I'd hazard a guess that they'd prefer to pay less in total for a better performing phone + a better performing laptop.
    (After all, to get the best out of the X3, you need the laptop dock anyway...at which point, you may as well just have two devices!)
    More to the point, there will be very little (/no) end user demand for a phone like the X3 when iOS is so much faster and more accomplished as a phone. I mean, it isn't even running the AU update!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What kinda discount might they get? 10%? 20%? Anything over $300 is too much for this phone. Even at $300 sales will be minimal. If HP was serious about this endeavor they would price the phone to sell. They aren't Apple and this isn't premium hardware. Overpricing it to make it seem exclusive doesn't work with faux metal and Windows Mobile. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So, earlier today it was "delayed" Sept 26, per info on the Microsoft store. Suddenly, 9 hours later, it ships tomorrow? I mean that's good and all, but I think it highlights a pretty big problem with Microsoft.... They absolutely SUCK at selling through their online retail channel. Their supply chain is questionable and unreliable and their front line tech support / customer service knows absolutely zero beyond what's on the website. When I ordered my Surface Book i7/512, I went through an absolutely mind bogglingly bad experience of phantom delays and misinformation. Seems like nothing has been fixed. I've never had problems like this ordering through Apple.com.... Just sayin'        
  • remember when Microsoft launched err...botched the launch of Lumia 950/XL? yeah...
  •   I agree with you 100%.  I ordered on Micrsoft when the item was first available for pre-order about 2 weeks ago so I was not very happy with the push back to the 26th.  So I just ordered direct from HP had have it being next day shipped. However, I can say that I have ordered a number of Surface Pro's from the Microsoft Store for my compan yand actually received items ahead of promised shipping dates.  I'm curious to see if HP devilers on this promise or if the date gets pushed back as well.  If it doesn't ship on the 7th, I'll cancel this order and stick with the Microsoft Store order.  If it delivers, then I have plenty of time to cancel the Mircosoft order.
  • Going through my corporate website I can get this for $710! Awesome! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • $710 that's a deal I may have to consider that. But from all the reviews I have seen the X3 I may wait to see if the get all the bugs out first. I think I will opt for a 950xl to replace my 950. $499 with a free continuum dock on Microsoft's website. Or $400 on B&H photo but it's an international version. I think I would just rather spend the extra cash and get a US version. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • With B&H, they replace the manufacturer's warranty with their own for a year. The LTE and all works just the same. Go with them, no tax unless in NY and fast shipping. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just today I got my local Microsoft Store to price match B&H. Walked out with a 950XL and display dock for just $431.
  • You are one lucky one! Didn't know that they can do that. Whoa.
  • Why in blazes would I spend $800 on a meh device like that when the same amount would get me a Surface tablet?  Particularly given the less than impressive specs (particularly the camera) of the x3?  That is WAY too expensive for a phone. WAY too expensive.
  • That! You don't get the point. For a phone is really expensive. But if you use the HP virtualization environment, the desk dock in your office, and the lap dock in your business travels it's quite cheap. If you don't need any of this, better take an 950, half the price with better camera.
  • How much does the virtualization cost? Why pay to virtualize your apps when a Surface will run them natively for free and is a much better experience as you aren't using a gimped Windows RT for your desktop environment? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This comment makes no sense to me.  A phone and a tablet are completely different devices with completely different functions.  Or would you put the 12" Surface tablet you would buy instead in your pocket and make calls with it?  Saying a Surface tablet is the same use case as a Windows phone is a little ridiculous. Also, it's not really expensive, comparatively.  It's a flagship phone, with flagship specs.  Similar tier phones on Android or iOS are exactly the same price (or more expensive for some version of the iPhone and Galaxy phones).
  • Why in blazes would you keep commenting on something you don't understand at all (particularly when you've been proven to be wrong about it int he past). Face it, you have no clue what you're talking about and obviously have 0 business sense. This is WAY too stupid a comment. WAY too stupid.
  • Hey OP! Printer goodie doesn't work on pre-orders. You may want to update that part. However, mine does have a ship date of Sept. 6.
  • Well, I was going to order the x3 for work. But HP chased me off. I tried to order via PayPal (which has my business account hooked up). The order still requires you to enter shipping. After shipping, it asks for payment. If you hit paypal, you authorize and go back to shipping. It's an endless loop. So I hit up live chat. It was a disaster. "Hi, I'm trying to check out but paypal is causing an infinite loop." "You can use PayPal credit by logging into your paypal." "No, I'm trying to use regular paypal. But the site is broken. It's locked in a loop when I try to checkout." "You should log-in with your regular paypal." "No, you're not listening. I AM logged in, I CAN'T check out. I'm trying to preorder the Elite x3." "The Elite x3 isn't available until September 12th." "OK, you literally don't know anything about your site or products. I am cancelling my order."
  • I was actually able to order the phone without the printer. If I added the printer, I could not check out. So I removed it, and got a ship date of 9-6.
  • Were you using PayPal? I didn't add the printer but still got stuck in the loop. 
  • Nope I used a CC. No issues.
  • Great information.
  • Wen review? WC phone pictured shows already wear and tear, review should be imminent? Or do we have to wait for a few months until software side is hopefully ready enough for review.. Lets see if new not yet even announced iPhones get reviews first.
  • Folks get ready for a posiable big SHOCK ! if Microsoft techs cannot make an Intel or AMD CPU Windows 10 mobile smart phone. then the rumorwed coming "Surface smart phones will use ARMS CPU's and work in "continuum mode" simarlarly like the HP Elite X3. they wont directly run ANY legacy Desktop PC win32/x86 programs but could run them through a cloud based interpreter program of some kind. Maybe that is why the Surface smart phones are taking so long to come to the market place .Microsoft has to set up a way for an ARM's CPU Windows 10 mobile smart phone to run Desktop PC legacy programs. hmm can they pull this off OK. I hope they can. I wish them success !
  • So. Will mine ship today? We shall see.