HTC ditches apps - Attentive Phone, Sound Enhancer, etc. move to Settings

One interesting observation from the new HTC Radar and Titan is that HTC have been able to move their add-on "apps" such as Sound Enhancer, custom camera options and Attentive Phone to Settings--that is these will no longer be apps to download but instead will be baked in the OS directly.

That's a good move for HTC as it seemed kind of silly to have separate apps for those--who wouldn't want those options? It also signals that HTC is able to inch a little closer in modifying the OS. It will certainly be interesting to see what other OEMs do with this ability.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Hmm that is interesting. And do we know if this will be on all phones, or just HTC ones? I believe Nokia was contributing to the OS, but in a way that all manufacturers can gain from. I hope that is the case here as well.
  • These features--just HTC. In fact, HTC may have rights/patents on attentive phone. But other OEMs can do their own changes, including Nokia, perhaps even going deeper.
  • Nokia has a similar feature on their Symbian^3 devices, so hopefully, Nokia will include them on their WP devices as well.
  • Fujitsu Toshiba also added custom settings to its phones.
  • just don't let them access the ui to force sense onto it. sense on metro absolutely sucks.but i like the settings-extension.
  • Totally agree!Settings-extension is great...but please don't let'em add sense.I am sure Microsoft won't let that happen anyway
  • Hmm wish Samsung would have some of these..
  • And so fragmentation within WP7 begins. Hope MS doesn't let this get out of hand.edit: Negative votes because you hate the idea of it. Hardware manufacturers customizing the OS is never a good thing. Imaging if you bought a Acer laptop and it was missing a part of windows and replaced it with their own idea of how it should be.
  • I see your point, but so far, the only things that are modified are the actual device options by the OEMs, and extra used-to-be-called bloatware from the carriers. I have no complaints yet. I do see how things could progress to a point where we don't want them to go.
  • over a sound enhancer and attentive phone setting option? not even and besides I would sometimes goto settings to look for these anyway.
  • Hardware providers changing the OS per device or set of devices is precisely where it starts. I would hope that it doesn't go beyond this also.
  • I have a Mozart and I put a HTC mango rom rtm will i get an update on official mango release to have these built in?
  • I'm fairly certain that these feature are device specific, not manufacturer specific. I hope I'm wrong.
  • This article says landscape is still not supported in Mango. is that ture? I thought Mango was supposed to add universal landscape support.
  • The WP7 homescreen does not rotate to landscape. Only apps if they are built to support it. IE: messaging does(albeit poorly/ cant see anything), the browser does, etc.I wish it would.
  • I like the idea of moving these into settings so they are more readily accessible, yet at the same time I hope all of these "tweaks" the OEM's are adding will not result in a major fail of Android, customization = delays on OS updates and carrier approvals. I prefer to keep the OS update(s) rolling along smoothly.
  • Agreed. WP7 is a Microsoft product. I don't want nonMicrosoft people tinkering and changing the experience.
  • The problem is that these apps have already been pulled from the marketplace...before this integration has taken place...FAIL.